Universe is cruel by abete_rosso

Summary: The Doctor and Rose live a fantastic life on Pete's World until one drunk driver shatters it all.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: Universe is cruel
Published: 2008.09.03
Updated: 2008.10.04

Universe is cruel by abete_rosso
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes:

Rose Tyler had a fantastic life. She had everything she wanted—family, friends, and good job. She woke up seconds before her son cried to let everybody know he was wide-awake and hungry.

“I’ll get him,” the most wonderful man beside her whispered in her ear.

She watched as the Doctor brought the baby and eased him into her arms. He sat then, watching his new family, a single tear rolled down his cheek, “I love you. You know that?”

Rose smiled at him, “We love you too, Daddy-Doctor.”

Daddy-Doctor. That was new. The Oncoming Storm was long since forgotten. As the weight of the Universe was taken from this Doctor he became the most open and cheerful person she’s ever met. He told her much about his past. Not everything. Nine hundred and something years was a long story to tell, but this time she didn’t need to ask. He talked freely. He even draw and painted. She loved the pictures of his homeland. Somehow the loss of all of that didn’t hurt him that much.

They enjoyed this life. Even lack of running for their lives didn’t seem that boring. There were many adventures of everyday life that they couldn’t possibly have before and they loved it. They enjoyed waking up in the morning together, quick breakfast cooked in turns, drive to work, lunch, evening out, night at home together. Routine in itself was new to them. When the baby came, life became even a greater adventure in its normality. Much less sleep, much less time for each other, much more love and much more new world around them, the world seen through their child’s eyes.

Jamie turned three when Rose got pregnant again. The Doctor was overwhelmed with joy at the news. Nothing could possibly be better. They drove to the Tyler mansion for a family dinner to announce the news when this whole world of happiness was shattered by a drunken truck-driver.
Nor Jamie, nor the Doctor made it. Rose was left behind one more time.


Time seemes to have frozen as she watches the second pointer on the large clock on the wall of her ward make it’s way through the white round with numbers and dots. “30…..31….32…” No thought runs through her mind, all banned by pain. Her mind is empty and the sound of the clock ticking echoes in it like in a big hall. She closes her eyes hoping that it’s all a dream and when she wakes up again her family… whole family will be with her… or she will be dead as well.


Jackie watched her eldest daughter through the window outside the ward. It’s been two weeks since the accident and Rose hasn’t said a word. Car accidents seemed to be the curse of her family. First she had lost Pete. Thanks God she had Rose. It was hard and all that bringing her up alone, but her little girl was her anchor. She’s never told her that… And now the Doctor and Jamie were dead. How was she going to make it better? How anyone could possibly make it better for her Rose?

“Mrs. Tyler?” Jackie snapped out of her thoughts to find Roses doctor near her.

“Dr. Jones, how’s she doing?” she asked the young woman. She was too young and inexperienced for her liking, but Rose and Doctor insisted on her being their family doctor.

“Well, she’s doing fine. Most of the bruises are healed already, her arm and legs are doing fine, though it’ll take another couple of months to heal completely and another month to recover her muscles. No internal damage done though. The baby is good, no regression, like nothing happened. There are two things I have to talk to you about though. No, don’t be afraid,” she hurriedly added as Jackie frowned at her.

“We’ve done the ultrasound in the morning. The readings are different from her previous one. Last time there were one heart, one baby. This time there are two hearts. Probably we just failed to notice the second one last time. Even now they are too close to each other. So congratulations, you’re having twins.” Martha paused as she saw the puzzlement on Jackie’s face.

“Oh,” Jackie thought, “you didn’t notice that because there was only one. Hope this little one doesn’t need tea to overcome the sickness.” A long time ago the Doctor told her that it was more than possible that their children could be capable of regeneration. It wasn’t abnormal for a Time Lord to have only one heart. The first incarnation always had one. He even thought that maybe he could regenerate too, but he didn’t want to check that one out. “Oh now I need to get her out of that trance… Doctor, I wish you were here to help me, and her… How’s she going to do it with a Time Lord child?”

“Mrs. Tyler, are you okay?” Dr Jones asked her tenderly.

“Yes, as far as I can be. Sorry. So what was the second issue?”

“Okay, I’m quite concerned about her emotional state. She hasn’t talked for two weeks now. I thought that probably you could get her out of that state. You’re family. When she starts to respond, I could call a psychologist to work with her later.”

“Yeah, I was just thinking about that. God help me,” she smiled weakly at the girl and entered the ward.

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