Aftershock 12 - Doing Domestic by AishaLeHerisson

Summary: They have to maintain time at all costs. Even if it means hearts get broken along the way.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Other Era, Multi-Era
Characters: Adric, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Unspecified Companion, Unspecified Companion
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Swearing
Challenges: None
Series: Aftershock Era 4
Published: 2008.07.23
Updated: 2008.07.23


Chapter 1: Fulfilling Destiny
Chapter 2: Prydonian Traitor
Chapter 3: A Helping Paw From the Future
Chapter 4: Letting Go...

Chapter 1: Fulfilling Destiny

Author's Notes: Aisha tells Adric something big. Which requires them to adjust to family life with Nydor, no TARDIS, no Digo (their cat) and a new addition...

“So you see… I had to!”

It was late at night on a small deserted island in a tropical sea, and Aisha had led Adric out to tell him something. Adric had noticed lately that Aisha’s third self seemed to be putting on weight (especially last night during their latest session) and that their fellow TARDIS crewmate, Nydor Pian, seemed unusually smug about something when he wasn’t accusing one of them of doing something. But never had he put these two things together in his mind, now he saw with her revelation how it all fitted together…

“You’re… pregnant to NYDOR?” he cried. “But… why would you sleep with him?”

“You know that I’m the one to birth Susan…” Aisha said. “So I needed the paternal DNA and…” she broke off awkwardly. “You can’t… fire live rounds… if you know what I mean…”

“But… Nydor?” Adric said.

“I had a look over the timeline, he was definitely her father… Susan’s biological dad!” Aisha said, and then looked away. “You know that I didn’t WANT to sleep with him… but… time must continue…”

Adric sighed. “I don’t blame you… I just wish you’d told me about it first…”

“I was afraid you’d get upset,” Aisha said, putting her hand on his wing. “You know this means we’ll have to find a stable family environment when she’s born… that we’ll have to stop travelling till she’s old enough to go to the Doctor’s first self.”

“But where?” Adric asked.

“Gallifrey…” Aisha said. “It’s the only place…”

“But… they’ll remember us,” Adric protested.

“Not if we go back in time to when my father was still young,” Aisha grinned. “To before he even thought of stealing the TARDIS! Before we were ever forced to be the targets for the Prydonian conspiracy!”

“When are you gonna tell Ny this?” Adric said, looking back to the TARDIS.

“When we’re on the way there,” Aisha grinned…

18 months later

It was a busy Gallifreyian morning. At this point in the planet’s history the Citadel was well developed, but pockets of Time Lords and Ladies lived in small towns and villages outside the Citadel’s protective walls. One such place was built on and around a large hill. The shops and businesses were on the flatter ground, and the houses were built further up the hill, linked by steep stone stairs and stone streets. And it was up one of these streets a young man ran.

He looked about 18, and was dressed in the robes of a common Gallifreyian, but in a yellow colour hemmed with red. He also wore a silver star to hold his robe together as well as some plain brown cord ties. His normally longish hair was cropped short, and his brown eyes sparkled as he ran to deliver the message.

Adric knew he shouldn’t be smiling, given the news he was to deliver, but couldn’t help himself when he thought of how easily they’d blended in. Yes, he was alien to the people he ran past, but they didn’t know it. He mostly kept himself to himself, and stayed away from trouble. Even so, he feared someone from the future Gallifrey coming back here and recognising him, Aisha or Nydor. So he’d dressed differently (essential anyway, as he had to appear Gallifreyian), had made his hair shorter and hadn’t had his wings out for a long time. Nydor had grown his hair longer in a bid to hide himself and had taken to wearing a scarf around the bottom of his face at all times (not at all strange, considering sandstorms were a frequent occurrence in this little village). And Aisha? Well she’d had no need to disguise herself, her body had already done a fantastic job of that…

“Aisha! Got news!” he said, coming through the door of the topmost house of the street. “And it’s urgent!”

“What? What is it?” Aisha cried, turning from where she was playing with Susan.

Just after childbirth Aisha, knowing the danger going back to Gallifrey would be, had forced her body to re-generate. Her brown hair was long and tied in a plait down her back. Her blue eyes were tinted with green this time and she seemed shorter than her previous selves. The house the four of them (Digo had been left with some friends) had managed to get was right at the top of the hill, and consisted of one room. There was only the one bed which the three of them took turns to sleep in (although Adric and Aisha often still ended up sleeping together most nights), with the others sleeping with covers and pillows on the floor and Susan sleeping every night in her Moses basket with blankets. Other than that there wasn’t much furniture.

“Nydor… Aisha, there’s been an accident,” Adric said. “He’s… he’s…”

“Regenerated?” Aisha asked.

“Well, yeah,” Adric said. “And he’s not pleased with the way he looks now… just came home to warn you in advance.”

Aisha nodded.

“So, his attitude hasn’t improved then?” she asked.

“Nope. Still stuck-up…” Adric sighed, closing the door and sitting on the bed.

“I hope that his obsession with me’s been lost,” Aisha said, as she picked up her child and carried her over her shoulder. “I mean… I know at present it’s merely annoying… but Nydor’s always been a bit… sinister. Hopefully his new self won’t do something stupid if he has retained his love for me and his… problems with you.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” Adric said, lying back on the bed. “My back feels so cramped… can’t I just let my wings out for a quick stretch?”

“If one of those Citadel Guards burst in for another ‘quick inspection’ while you have them out, you’ll be for it,” Aisha reminded him. “You know how much they hate non-Gallifreyians in this time period. And I remind you that they WILL have restraints of loose metals that can hold you!”

“I was just asking,” Adric said, looking away.

“It’ll only be for a little while longer Addie,” Aisha said, as she rocked Susan to sleep. “Only till Susan is old enough.”

“And how long is that going to be?” Adric asked, turning back. “You’re always deliberately vague on that point. It’s almost as if you want to hold onto her as long as possible… but you know you can’t forever. Not if time is to be maintained.”

Aisha sighed; she knew that Adric was right. But her maternal instinct was just as strong as her duty to her ‘job’. Every time she was on the point of going out towards the place where her father’s youngest self lived, she was stopped by something her child needed. And she would always be too tired afterwards, telling herself ‘I’ll do it tomorrow…’

“I’ll do it tomorrow…” she muttered, thinking out loud.

“Yeah, but as we know, tomorrow never comes,” Adric said. “Especially when you’ve got a TARDIS and can skip over days, weeks, months, years at a time!”

“Yeah, but our TARDIS won’t return for a while yet…” Aisha said. “Not until it senses that Susan is no longer in our care…”

As she went back to settling the child in her basket Adric ran through the thoughts in his head. Gallifreyian life was all right, for once he knew what he was going to have to eat, and there were no surprises in day-to-day life… But it was boring. He missed having freedom, he missed his wings, he missed exploring some of the still unexplored corridors of the TARDIS when they had a ‘day-off’ (not so common nowadays) and he missed the love Aisha used to heap on him. Nowadays although he still got some, Aisha’s love was mostly for her child… And as much as he loved Susan like a father might… he couldn’t wait till she was at ‘Theta Sigma’s’ so that the three of them could get off Gallifrey and go back to their random time-travelling adventures. But for Aisha’s sake he squashed the feelings, and walked over to her where she was watching the sleeping Susan.

“She’s so cute when she’s asleep,” Aisha said, smiling.

“She’s like her mother then,” Adric said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

As they turned to each other and then shared a passionate kiss suddenly the door opened.

“Ahem,” said an impatient voice.

The lovebirds broke apart to see a strange Gallifreyian man standing there, looking barely old enough to be out of the Academy. It would have been impossible to identify him for Aisha, had it not been for the robes he was wearing and the glare on his face. She sighed.

“Afternoon Nydor,” she said.

“Hmph,” Nydor said, grabbing something before turning and walking out again.

As he slammed the door shut and both of the lovers flinched with the noise there came a whimpering from the basket. Aisha sighed.

“He’s woken her up again!” she said, turning to attend to her baby. “Some father he is…”

“I just wish I could give you children, then you wouldn’t have had to go through with sleeping with him,” Adric said, as he rubbed his cramped back.

“No… time dictated that Nydor was the father, so sleep with him I had to,” Aisha said, rocking Susan.

“One day I’ll give you a child of mine,” Adric said. “There’s got to be some way.”

“Yeah, I know,” Aisha grinned.

“Long as Nydor doesn’t get in the way…”



Outside Nydor was storming down the steps, his robes flapping in the wind and his scarf pulled up close to his dark reddy brown eyes. His face was one of pure fury.

“I’ve had enough of this…” he muttered. “I’m clearly the superior one, but she still refuses to see me in the right light! That Alzarian corpse doesn’t deserve her! Well, I’m going to get him out of the way… for good!”


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Chapter 2: Prydonian Traitor

Author's Notes: Nydor lets his jealousy get the better of him.
But what is Aisha saying to her Guardian Angel?

At the Capitol all the Time Lords were going about their business. At this point in time there were few female Gallifreyians in any positions of power, although they technically had the same rights to vote and to have equal wages as the men. It would be another three years before a woman (an ancestor of Romana’s) would join the council, and another ten before the President would be a Time Lady. However the females were working their way up already, and it was a Time Lady who Nydor had to get past to enter the chambers of the Panitopican Guard.

“Halt. Declare yourself and state your business,” she demanded of him.

Nydor paused, a look of pure loathing and twisted anger on his face. He wasn’t used to being treated like this on his own home planet. The small house that Aisha had made him share with her wretched boyfriend and her infant was just not fitting for someone of his breeding, of his high status. He’d protested before but the two of them had always put him down, not giving him the respect he deserved. Despite this, he still loved Aisha with a burning passion and since his own re-generation less than an hour ago it had mixed with his dislike for Adric till it became a mania, swamping all normal thoughts. On his way home, he’d been thinking about how close the two of them were, how they always left him out. And then he’d realised… Susan might not be his! Aisha regularly slept with the Alzarian, even at the same time she’d slept with him! That baby was nothing more than a mutt, a mongrel! Aisha had expected him to fall for the lie that it was his, well no more would he be the butt of their jokes. It was time once and for all to show Aisha the dangers of sleeping with alien trash and having his baby!

“I come to speak with the head guard. I have a feeling that there is an inferior being living in close proximity to me,” Nydor said. “And I am a Pian.”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir,” said the guard, suddenly polite. “I did not mean to cause offence. It is procedure you see…”

“Stop your babbling and let me in!” Nydor snapped. “The sooner I tell what I know, the sooner the scum can be taken and gotten rid of!”

“Yes, sir,” said the guard, opening the door for him.


Having listened to Nydor’s story, the head guard was confused and also interested. He paced around the room, stretching his legs and giving himself time to compose his words. He sat down and regarded Nydor.

“If what you say is true, then you have effectively been living with this ‘Alzarian’ for the past year and a half,” he said, looking deeply into Nydor. “If this is so, why have you not spoken up to us before Mr. Pian?”

“I was… too scared to,” Nydor said. “The Alzarian and the Time Lady who is harbouring him threatened to kill me if I said anything. But they have had a child together sir. A horrific mix, an unnatural mutant. And every day that child gets older sir… It needs to be taken, and so does the alien father.”

“But that’s not the only reason you came is it?” the head guard asked.

“No sir. I feared that if it were found out that… I was sharing a house with an alien, I too would be arrested for harbouring him,” Nydor said. “Even though I despise being a part of it.”

“You still could be arrested,” the head guard said, before getting to his feet. “However, you have done well in getting here to tell us. We shall protect you from any attack by this ‘Alzarian’, the young Time Lady and possibly the child if it proves to be a danger too.”

“Thank you sir,” Nydor said.

Outside listening to this chat, the Time Lady guard was worried. She knew Nydor, but he didn’t know her. She would be a part of the Aftershock crew’s future, and had learnt of Nydor and his betrayal. She frowned as he the young Prydonian gave away the secret that the crew had been trying to keep. She knew what she needed to do now.

“I have to tell Aisha,” she said, before running off.


Adric had gone down to the base of the hill, keeping his head down and trying not to draw attention to himself, although it was hard when his silver Guardian Angel star flashed in the sun and blinded people. Aisha had sent him down to get them more supplies, which meant that once again they’d be staying on Gallifrey until they were finished… As Adric browsed the stalls he heard whispering from behind him. He turned to see a group of people who lived a few doors down from theirs all talking. When they saw Adric looking, they quietened down, and used the passing of a guard from the Capitol (who was running up the hill) as an excuse to move off.

“Okay, that was weird,” Adric thought.

He turned back round to the stall and started to select some fruits, but suddenly the stall owner’s hand shot out and took the produce from him.

“Hey!” Adric cried. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t sell to scum,” the stall owner spat.

Adric backed off, as the man’s face was twisted with hatred. The crowds of Gallifreyians were all staring at him, all with identical expressions, some with a hint of worry or fear. Somehow, some way, they’d found out. They’d found out that Adric wasn’t one of them. He dropped the bag he had been carrying and pelted up the street, to get to Aisha, to warn Aisha! As he went people either ran from him, or tried to grab him. He phased through the arms of his would-be captors, the only thing on his mind that he had to get to Aisha, to make sure that all four of them could escape before the Capitol or Citadel found out. As he went past the guard from before he released his wings and felt more in charge having found his purpose once more.

As Adric came running in, he noticed something was wrong. Aisha was standing there, seemingly waiting for his arrival. The expression on her face was stormy.

“Aisha?” he asked. “What is it?”

“Adric,” she said. “It’s over.”

There was a slight pause as it sank in… Adric shook his head.

“W-what?” Adric asked, thinking he’d misheard her.

“I said it’s OVER!” Aisha shouted. “You’re not Gallifreyian and…” She turned away. “I have a family to look after now. I have Susan.”

“B-but what about us?” Adric said, panicky. “You’ve always… it was fate we met! Fate that I died just so I could meet you, so I could become your guardian angel, your BOYFRIEND Aisha!”

“I’ve made my mind up,” Aisha said, not turning but with a growl in her voice. “Get out of here Alzarian. I never want to see you again!”

Adric was speechless; he turned and ran out of the door again, slamming it behind him. He ran away quickly and so didn’t see or hear Aisha’s sobs as she broke down inside the small house…


As he fled down the steps between the houses the other residents of the quarters came to the doors, or windows as he ran down, making practically no noise. They seemed to sense he wasn’t Gallifreyian as they yelled abuse and hurled stuff at him, which he hastily dodged as he went.

“Yeah, run you traitorous savage!” yelled someone.

“Leave us alone!” another shouted.

“You deserve to die! I hope the soldiers get you!” Adric heard.

As he came to the end of the steps and ran through the wall into the wilds of the scrub-covered cliffs, he finally allowed the tears to come yet he continued to run. He just didn’t understand why Aisha had said those things. She’d always, ALWAYS said that it didn’t matter that he was Alzarian, it didn’t matter that they were different species. She’d believed in pure love, like he had. At least he thought she had… Susan was almost a year old now, if Aisha really felt that having him around was a danger to her, then WHY had she waited so long to say it?

What was going on?


In the house Aisha was just preparing Susan, she’d dressed her in the long blue robe she’d bought a few days ago and placed the giggling child into the travel basket that stood permanently on the table next to the single bed in the room. Suddenly Nydor burst in, looking excited.

“Soldiers!” he cried, trying and failing to sound scared. “Where’s that Alz… I mean, Adric?”

“Gone,” Aisha said. “They came for him didn’t they?”

“He… now they’ll arrest us!” Nydor cried, as the sound of marching boots came clearly from outside.

“I know…” Aisha said, as the marching stopped outside.

Nydor turned nervously round as the door was broken in, Aisha took a step back to protect Susan as the guards started to come in…


Adric was running, stumbling over the rocks when he suddenly heard the crash. He skidded to a stop and turned around, wiping his eyes to see what was going on. Inside the hill-based town where for the past year or so, the crew of the Aftershock TARDIS had lived, where the youngest member had been born and where he’d just been run out of soldiers were swarming… And they were entering into the top-most house where he’d just come… The soldiers were in the Aftershock crew’s house…

“No…” he said.


Inside the house Nydor had been putting up a terrific fight, screaming all the time that he had nothing to do with the fact that the Alzarian they’d come for was gone. Eventually he’d been arrested and now the soldiers were coming back, coming for Aisha. But she too wasn’t going without a fight. She knocked off their arms, she punched, and she struggled. Anything, she thought, to give Adric time to get away from here. Eventually though she was restrained by three soldiers and her hands bound together behind her. She was dragged up and away from Susan, as she was pulled out into the street towards a waiting transport at the bottom of the steps she was spat at and jeered. But one thing she couldn’t see was Adric. So as she was pushed inside the transport with Nydor she smiled slightly…

But as the door was closed Adric was flying above, watching. He wondered what he should be doing now… then it came to him and he flew silently towards the house…


“Right, got these two,” said the head solider. “Might as well dispose of the bastard child now.”

“Yes sir,” said another soldier, going back towards the house.


As she continued to cry and struggle the soldier entered the house, drawing his sabre… and then paused flabbergasted.

“Erm… sir?” he said.

“What?” came the cry. “It’s just an infant man!”

He came up the steps, fuming.

“How long does it take to…?”

He drew off as he saw that the travel basket, containing the baby Susan had vanished seemingly into thin air…


Outside the town walls Adric was flying as fast as he dared, Susan’s basket with the sleeping infant under him. He was finding it a heavy weight but he kept going. Aisha had only said those things, he told himself, to get him out of the way. She’d known the soldiers were coming, he knew. Now he’d make sure they wouldn’t kill the one thing that would prevent the universe from collapsing in on itself…


As the soldiers descended the steps, they were baffled. HOW could a child have gone missing just like that? They’d had people stationed at the door, and that was the only way in. How could someone have gotten in and stolen the child from right under their noses like that?

As they came back Aisha had buried her head into the side of the chair, eyes teary and closed. She didn’t want to see the bloody corpse that would be her dead child, so when Nydor nudged her she looked up, furious.

“What?” she asked.

“Don’t be such a wimp, they haven’t got Susan,” he hissed.

Aisha looked out, hoping this wasn’t some cruel joke. But it was true. None of the soldiers’ sabres had any kind of blood on, never mind Gallifreyian infant blood, and there was no corpse in a bag. In fact, they looked baffled. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank god…” she said, trembling with relief. “Thank god they didn’t get her.”

“I don’t know how you can care for that freakish infant anyway,” Nydor said. “Half Gallifreyian and half that Angel…”

“Nydor! Susan is YOUR daughter!” Aisha said, shocked. “You know that, I know that and so does Adric!”

“He was never any good for you, and stop your lying! I KNOW Susan isn’t mine! Admit it you whore!” Nydor screamed as the transport moved off. “Admit that Susan is Adric’s before the Panitopican Guards torture it out of you!”

“The Panitopican Guard?” Aisha said, then realised. “Oh Nydor, you told them about Adric! And your jealousy almost doomed your own daughter too! I just hope she’s alright!”

As Nydor turned away, Aisha looked out of the window, she knew that Adric must have come back, must have taken Susan before they killed her. She knew that right now she just had to trust her Guardian Angel to fix things.


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Chapter 3: A Helping Paw From the Future

Author's Notes: Adric gets help from a friend he doesn't know yet and Aisha is stubborn.

Outside the city walls, hidden in the scrub, trees and bushes Adric finally stopped. He put down the basket with Susan on a large flat rock and flopped down beside a tree. He'd prevented a time implosion, but for how long? And even if he could keep Susan alive, what about Aisha and Nydor? What could he do now to clear them, to prove that Susan was Gallifreyian and that he was too...?

“Oh, this going to be difficult,” he sighed, closing his eyes and stretching his wings, ruffling the torn fabric of his Gallifreyian robes.

Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the bushes, he was instantly back on his feet, trying to shield Susan. It was only when they got close enough to see him that he realised that maybe he should have drawn away his wings too, but it was too late now. They'd seen him, his wings and the basket Susan was in. The Angel prepared himself to fight.

“Calm down Adric,” said a gruff female voice, as the female guard from the Capitol came out. “I'm not here to arrest you or kill the young baby that will be known as Susan Foreman, despite the outfit.”

“I don't believe...” Adric said, then realised something and drew off. “Hey! How'd you know my name and Susan's future title?”

“Let's just say I am a friend from your future and my past my young friend,” she said, grinning and showing pointed teeth. “You are not the only alien upon this planet.”

“You’re an…” Adric paused, regrouped his thoughts and asked a simple question. “Who are you?”

“I said, a future friend. I’m not allowed to tell you my name yet, but you’ll know me when you see me, although I won’t know you,” she said. “I just happen to be a Lupis Crytomore. And I can help you with your problem Adric.”

“How? How can you convince the guards that Susan isn’t a mutant?” Adric asked. “They were going to kill her. I barely managed to get her out. And even if they had checked… with Aisha being not wholly Gallifreyian herself…”

“Take this,” the woman said, pressing a strange pendant into his hand. “It can mask DNA codes, making them appear to be those of another race… or they can make subtle alterations in the DNA permanently.”

Adric looked at Susan. “Does this mean that… if she isn’t a hundred percent Time Lady then this can make her one?”

“Yes,” the Lupis Crytomore nodded. “Do it fast, there is a troop of guards heading this way. You will need to take Susan to the Capitol, and allow yourselves to be captured.”

Adric choked. “But…”

“They shall not be able to kill you, Guardian Angel,” she grinned. “Or hold you. Convince them to check young Susan’s DNA, then escape. Everything will fall into place.”

Then she bounded through the bushes, disappearing. Adric could hear the distant sounds of the Panitopican Guard coming, searching for him and Susan. He looked at the pendant and then Susan.

“I’ll do it for your mother,” he said, fastening it around the child’s neck. “Even if she doesn’t want me around anymore…”

He picked up the basket and shot upwards, he sighted the distant Citadel and flew towards it.



“I can’t lie!”

“Tell us the truth! Where is the child? Why did you sleep with that alien? Why did you have his child?”

“I don’t know, because I love him and the child is NYDOR’S for Pete’s sake!” Aisha cried.

“Love? For an alien?” the guard said incredulously. “You really have gone bad…”

At this moment in time both Aisha and Nydor were in the Citadel, being questioned. Aisha was at the moment being asked the questions, and was bound. She was forcefully reminded of the time Abby Romana had kidnapped her on the orders of the Gallifreyian High Council, and as a result she was in a bed temper as she had been then.

“Tell us where the child is!” the guard tried again. “Tell me the truth and maybe you’ll get a lesser punishment!”

“I have told you the truth,” Aisha said. “I don’t know where Susan is. She’s just a baby.”

The guard glared at her, but Aisha, who was past caring what they did to her, glared right back. Eventually the guard looked away and Aisha smirked, she’d won the battle of wills.

“Take her away,” the guard ordered of another two. “We’ll resume in an hour!”

The two guards by the door grabbed Aisha’s arms and dragged her out, she didn’t struggle but she made it difficult to move her. Eventually they brought her down to the holding area, one held her whilst the other unlocked the door, then Aisha was roughly shoved inside. As she got to her feet, snarling, the door was closed and locked. Nydor looked over coolly from the bunk.

“Did you tell them the truth at last?” he asked.

“I have had it arguing with you,” Aisha said. “Sometimes I wish I’d never agreed to take you with us…”

“Yeah, I’ve known THAT for ages!” Nydor snorted, before turning away.

“You did your best to try and take me off Adric…” Aisha said. “That’s your problem. As a Pian you were used to always getting your own way, to having some measure of favour. But this is the real world Nydor. Wake up and embrace it before your attitude gets someone killed… If it’s not already too late…”

Nydor didn’t move or answer, Aisha sighed and walked over to the door to gaze through the small barred window. She just watched out of it, looking bored. But her mind was working, planning and trying to come up with a solution. She was now relying on the memories of her father, inside her head, to try and give them an escape plan (she would take Nydor too, even if he was a jerk and had gotten them into this predicament with his jealousy). But this time… not even her father had the answer; there was no solution. But even if the Doctor couldn’t have come up with a solution, why shouldn’t she? She was a clone of her father, but those impurities, the bits that made her an individual, meant she was NOT the Doctor, and she shouldn’t think of herself as him, as an extension of him… Odd, she’d discovered that way back when she’d been taken for testing in her first form, but she’d somehow forgotten it… She grinned wearily.

“Re-learning old lessons… odd what goes through your mind when you’re afraid,” she muttered.

Suddenly her eyes registered a flash of colour and a familiar shape that made her come to, her ears a voice that instantly snapped her out of her trance.

“I’m telling you! Test her! Her DNA is pure!”

“Adric?” she cried, trying to see past the far left hand side of the little window.

Suddenly she saw three guards restraining him, and dragging him past the window. She cried out in shock, then starting ramming the door. They had him! It was all over! But, where was Susan? Hadn’t Adric taken her after all? What was going on?

“Adric, what’s going on?” she yelled.

But Adric seemed too busy struggling against the guards to take any notice, as he was moved out of her sight Aisha’s hearts were racing, her mind on edge… But then she recalled the picture of him struggling and realised something. There had been no shackles on him, so why hadn’t he phased out of the grip of the guards? What was going on?


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Chapter 4: Letting Go...

Author's Notes: Will Adric forgive Aisha for what she said back in 'Prydonian Traitor'?

As they pulled him down the corridor he repeated his instruction, to test Susan’s DNA. He knew that it was the only way; he had to get them to see for the future, for Aisha, for the sake of Susan… As they came to a cell suddenly he had an idea.

“You say you respect other beings, even if they come to live with you on your planet,” he said, to the guard who was holding him. “So why don’t you honour my wish? My request. Test the baby, you’ll see that Nydor Pian was making it up!”

“And you?” the guard growled, as he shoved Adric into the cell. “Those wings looked awfully REAL said the eyewitnesses!”

“Test me too, after the girl,” Adric said. “Come on, what have you got to lose? It’s not as if I can walk through the wall and escape!”

The guard seemed to be thinking about it, his cohort nudged him and he jerked awake. He considered Adric, and slowly nodded.

“Alright fine, we’ll test the child’s DNA,” he said. “But if it IS a mongrel, you can bet that it’ll be destroyed as soon as possible!”

Adric scowled and watched as they walked out. He sighed, at least now they’d test Susan as Gallifreyian. He’d done what he’d needed to do, but he didn’t want to stick around for them to test him. Susan might now be pure, but he was certainly not. He stuck his head through the far wall; it bordered the outside. He grinned and shot out, fast as a bullet into the sky, to wait and see if Aisha would even bother to follow him…


Meanwhile Aisha had forced herself to stop worrying. Adric was here, and so was Susan she’d heard. He wouldn’t have let them take her as well, unless he had a plan. But what kind of thing could he have done to make sure Susan was going to be a hundred percent Time Lady? The maternal DNA wasn’t so…

“Oh god, I really hope you knew what you were doing man!” she muttered.

“Oh shut up, no one can hear you except me,” Nydor said from behind her.

Just as Aisha was about to march over to him and slap him around his bloated head, she heard the cell door unlocking. She spun and immediately backed off as a guard walked in, exchanging scathing glances with both Aisha and Nydor (at least they were together on the fact neither of them wanted to be locked up in this way, Aisha thought). Then another guard came in, and Aisha’s face broke into an involuntary grin.

“Susan!” she cried.

“Yes… we’re here to tell you that you are free to go,” said the first guard, looking as if he had a stomach ache. “We have detained the alien and on his request we tested your child. She is perfectly normal, so you may have her back and go.”

“That’s gr…” Aisha began, than paused. “I mean, thank you.”

The second guard handed Susan, now wrapped in a shawl, to Aisha and together the guards led Aisha, Susan and Nydor out of the prison. As they reached the outside however they heard a commotion, as the two guards leading them turned to look Aisha and Nydor ran for it.

“Hey! Come back!” one guard cried. “Tell us where your alien friend went! COME BACK HERE AND TELL US!”

“That means Adric’s escaped too,” Aisha said to Nydor.


“We’ve got to find him! He could be in trouble Ny!” Aisha cried, as they took cover behind some bushes.

“We’re free now, why jeopardise it by looking for him?” Nydor asked. “He’s gone Aisha. Deal with it, you’ll recover.”

“And HOW do you suggest I will do that?” Aisha snapped, as she hugged Susan close to her chest. “HOW do I deal with the loss of my soulmate?”

“Soulmate?” Nydor scoffed. “I’m here, and I’M your soulmate. The little house and our jobs are all we need! You don’t need that… alien trash!”

There was a silence, Aisha glowered at Nydor but the young Time Lord seemed to have no idea he’d seriously overstepped the mark with that last comment. Aisha shoved the keys of their house into his hand.

“Well then in that case you can stay here Nydor Pian,” she said. “You’re not coming with us when we leave this time. Goodbye.”

She spun on her heel and ran from Nydor, towards the gate and the rock cliff wilds outside the town walls. She would find Adric, and then she would complete the task she’d come here for and had been putting off for so long…


Out in the wilds it was getting dark. As the wind buffeted her and Susan, Aisha carried on, as she knew she couldn’t go back now. She had to find Adric, find him and apologise for what she’d said to him back in the house…

“Adric!” she called, as she ran through patches of long grass. “Adric! Where are you?”

She walked over the grass looking around for any sign of movement. As she came up to the ruins of a barn she started to call again.

“Adric, please!” she cried. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Please…”

She stopped as her voice echoed over the empty plains… she sniffed, her eyes beginning to prick with sadness. As Susan shivered and moaned in the shawl, Aisha sat down on an old collapsed pillar and cuddled her baby close to her. She made no sound as her tears traced tracks down her wind-beaten face…


From inside the only room left still standing Adric had watched her approach. She was calling out his name, desperately seeking him. He ducked down as she looked his way, although he didn’t know why. His heart (although he didn’t have one) ached to see her, but he wasn’t sure… he knew she’d been trying to protect him, but those words had stung, had deeply scarred his soul…

He watched from the doorway as she sat down on the pillar, and although he couldn’t hear her he knew she was crying. As he moved to step out into view, his foot, solid due to his grief, kicked at a stone that clattered down the side of the hill towards Aisha. He quickly ducked back into the shadows as she turned to the door, and he sensed her disappointment at not seeing him there. As he peered round the door again Aisha got to her feet and carried on walking, away from the room and away from Adric, holding Susan in her arms. And Adric knew he couldn’t let her leave…

“Aisha!” he cried, as he leapt down from the raised doorway.

Aisha turned to see him and her eyes lit up. She began to run towards him, but then paused, unsure. Adric wondered then realised that she was unsure about going to hug him because he might still be angry with her for the harsh words. He dispelled those thoughts by smiling and beckoning; Aisha smiled back and ran into his arms. One arm wrapped around his neck and the other remained holding Susan who stopped whimpering at the feel of two warm bodies around her. As she cuddled closer to Adric, the two lovers smiled at each other.

“I’m so sorry man…” Aisha said. “I just didn’t want them to get you…”

“It’s okay,” Adric said.

Then they were kissing again, as they pulled apart Aisha’s tears still ran but this time they were happy tears. She knew she had been forgiven.

“Thanks Addie…” she whispered as all three of them hugged close in the dark windy night.

“Well, I guess we have to find somewhere else to go now,” Adric said. “We can’t go back to that village, they’ll find us. We’ll have to…”

Aisha put up a hand and Adric paused, Aisha gave a sad smile as she hugged Susan closer.

“No, no more delays, no more hiding,” she said. “It’s time I did what I should have done a long time ago…”


When there came the knocking at his door he cursed, who could it be at THIS time? He hoped it wasn’t his friend, Koschei; honestly, they were out of the Academy now and sometimes he needed a bit of rest from all of the things they’d gotten up to back then. Now he was out he was supposed to be ‘responsible’, ‘mature’ and stay put on this boring world filled with hypocrites… sometimes he wished he could leave it all behind and travel…

“Alright, I’m coming!” he shouted, as the knocking got more insistent..

As he came to the door the knocking stopped, puzzled he opened the door. At first he couldn’t see anything, but then heard a noise from his feet. He looked down on the basket, containing a young female child dressed in a blue robe and a shawl. There was a note too. He picked it up and read:

‘Greetings Theta Sigma.
This child is your granddaughter, Susan. I am unable to care for her anymore, as it would just be too dangerous, me being who I am.
Who am I? I am your daughter. Your future child. Also now a fugitive from the Council in at least two different times…
Please look after my little girl Father, I just wanted the best for her and you were the best one to care for her. Do it for your little girl.

Your Child’

Theta read it with shock. He was going to have a daughter? No way. He couldn’t believe it… but he decided to put it out of his mind for now. He looked down on Susan, who was starting to stir from her sleep. His face broke into a grin.

“I don’t know why she thought I’d know anything about raising a child, but I guess I have to try,” he said, as he picked up the basket. “Come on Susan. I’ll take care of you now.”

As he went back inside Aisha and Adric were watching from round the corner. Aisha was trying hard not to cry.

“It’s for the best,” she muttered. “For the future… but it still hurts.”

“I know,” Adric said, as he held her from behind in his arms.

Suddenly they heard the whooshing and as they turned into the draft the TARDIS materialised in front of them, Aisha immediately ran forward and began unlocking it.

“Come on, we’ve got to go,” she said.

“That was quick,” Adric said, joining her. “One minute you were so sad and the next…”

“I’m still sad Addie,” Aisha said, not looking at him. “But I’m like my father was. I don’t dwell on my heartbreak, I bury it, and I try to forget… Because otherwise I’d go mad.”

“It’s okay to cry Aish,” he said, as she opened the door.

“Not if you’ve got a universe to save Adric…” Aisha said, before walking in.

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