A Lovable Evil by Dark One

Summary: Doctor Who meets Lara Croft amidst some strange happenings on an alien world
Rating: All Ages
Categories: First Doctor, Other Doctors, Multi-Era
Characters: The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (Author-Created)
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Published: 2003.08.24
Updated: 2003.08.24

A Lovable Evil by Dark One
Chapter 1: Change for a Time
Author's Notes:

Dave sat quietly in the corner of the TARDIS's console room contemplating his life. Mainly, he was trying to understand just how he had come to find himself in league with this man called the Doctor. Although the whole adventure had only ended only an hour before it seemed more like a year. In what felt like an instant, he had been transformed from a young naive boy trying to avoid an odious job on a boring star freighter into the companion of a time lord.

It was not at all an easy task, either, because by his calculations his whole world had been turned upside down. This was the first time he could actually reflect on the matter. All he could think of was that one-minute he was reading a book, secure in his own reality, and in the next, he learned that a race of killer robots known as the Daleks were out to get him along with everyone else. After that, everything was a blur to him except for watching his ship explode in space.

Maria, who was now the Doctor's other cohort and Dave's former superior on the freighter, was not unscathed by the incident either. Her strong will and fiery personality had been severely tested by the whole affair. In fact, from the time they had escaped the exploding vessel she had said nothing at all except to ask the Doctor if there was any where she could go that would provide her with a hot shower and with it an opportunity to think. He grudgingly obliged and she had not been seen since.

For his part, the time traveler busied himself silently around the controls of the ship. His class four inversion circuit had long since burnt itself out making it necessary for him to watch the console intently lest they find themselves dematerialized and adrift forever.

"I can't take it anymore!" Dave started, not realizing how busy the Doctor actually was, "I have to know. Why is it so big in here and not out there?"

The Time Lord glanced up from his work, half-irritated at being interrupted and half because he was startled by the sudden break in the silence. "Sorry, what was that?" he asked distractedly.

Rising to his feet, the boy moved to the opposite side of the room where the ship's pilot standing, still focused firmly on the gauges in front of him. "The TARDIS," he explained, "is bigger on the inside than on the outside."

The time traveler, still in a very distract state, glanced around for a moment and then at his companion. "Yes, I suppose it is," he said at last returning his face to the controls.

"Well, why?" Dave questioned.

Again the other lifted his head. A smile of confidence fell over his face and a gleam shimmered in his eye almost as if the Daleks had suddenly agreed to be a force of peace in the universe. "You wouldn't understand," he answered.

It was probably the most annoying answer that he had ever heard. Even so, from the little that he actually knew about this man he was sure that it would be a lost cause to argue the point any further. Instead, the boy moved on to another question that had been vexing him even more anyhow. "Do you think Maria is alright?" he asked.

"I'm sure she's fine," the Doctor answered, his eyes now firmly fixed on the gauges in front of him.

"How can you be sure of that?" Dave asked in a voice that sounded more concerned than even he expected. "She's liable to wander off somewhere without thinking."

The Time Lord lifted an eyebrow. "Liable to wander off?" He laughed. "That sounds more like you."

"Me?" the boy asked curiously. "I'd rather just sit here and do nothing. I don't think you know us as well as you think you do."

The Doctor lifted his head from the console once again and stared into his companion's eyes. His face bore a strange expression as if he knew something strange was about to happen. "I know the two of you far better than you think," he whispered.

The young man stared back at the other in wonder. He was just about to ask what the Doctor meant by that statement when the doors behind him flung open revealing Maria. She looked much better than she had before too. After having a shower her face, which had been covered in dirt and sweat from crawling through air ducts, glistened, magnifying her dazzling blue eyes. Her wet hair fell back behind her and lay flatly down along her back. To fulfill the transformation she had shed herself of her old ship's uniform in favor of a short skirt and a white blouse causing her to look somewhat like an innocent schoolgirl. "I would have been back sooner," she explained, "but I nearly got lost."

The Doctor smiled knowingly. "Very possible," he admitted, his face still buried in the console, "but I'm would have found you eventually."

The girl glared back at the Time Lord with disdain. She was very sure that, in time, he would have found her. The only problem was that she was not sure how old she would be by then.

She was just about to say as much too when Dave, who wanted to avoid an ugly scene interrupted. "That's a new look for you," he said, smiling as widely as he could. "I don't think I've ever seen you like that."

"It's certainly better than that old uniform," she admitted, stroking the skirt. It was not her favorite look by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she pretty much hated it but given the choice between it and what she had been wearing, she was thrilled for the change.

The Doctor looked up yet again from the monitor to see what the other two were going on about. "Where did you get those clothes?" he asked curiously when he saw the young lady.

"I found them in a closet," she responded. "I hope you don't mind."

The Time Lord quickly turned his head back to the panel in front of him. "Not at all," he told her, "I just didn't expect you to be wearing that for some time. Still-"

Dave glanced back and forth between the young lady and the time traveler. "What's wrong with it," he asked, irritated with the Doctor's tone.

"Nothing at all," answered the other half-consciously. All of a sudden he had begun to work more frantically at the controls than before and in a matter of seconds he had turned into a nervous wreck. His face scrunched itself into a tight mass as his hand moved swiftly over the buttons and knobs of the TARDIS and small drops of perspiration began to form and roll down his face toward his nose.

Puzzled, Maria glanced over at her companion as if to ask him what had spooked the Doctor so. The boy shrugged his shoulders in ignorance. As far he knew there might have been nothing wrong with the man at all. They had, after all, only known him for a very short and even then it was under some very unusual circumstances. Even so, he had to admit that the Doctor was acting kind of strange.

"Are you alright?" the young boy asked, trying to figure out what it was that the time traveler was doing.

"Time space transference!" the time lord yelled in excitement, nearly sending the two youngsters through the ceiling.

"Excuse me?" replied his female companion, lifting an eyebrow.

The Doctor glanced over toward the other two in astonishment as if he had forgotten that they were there. "Don't you see?" he explained excitedly, "that's what causes it."

"Causes what?" Dave asked sharply. He was starting to get a little irritated about not knowing exactly what was happening.

"The transference, of course," replied the other.

Suddenly, it was obvious to Maria that the conversation was headed toward a state of confusion coupled with a couple of raised voices and she wanted to head it off before it got totally out of control. "Could you please speak in terms that are a little easier to grasp?" she asked exasperatedly.

"It's quite simple," replied the Time Lord. "A time space transference is going to take place soon."

"And now for the million dollar question," the young man jumped in, scrunching his face in thought, "What is a time space transference."

The Doctor rolled his eyes in annoyance. "It is a transfer point in time and space."

"Transfer point?" remarked the female of the group curiously. "To another time and space?"

"Correct," answered the traveler, moving his eyes back to controls in front of him, in particular, at a lighted monitor. "There we go," he said triumphantly, tossing his hand across the top of the screen. "A bilateral temporal transference point."

"A what?" Replied the other two, almost at the same time.

Once again the time lord rolled his eyes at his companions. Their ignorance was starting to annoy him even more than before. "I have found a transference point," he explained, this time in the driest voice he could muster.

Dave shifted his eyes back and forth between the two people in front of him. Neither of them said a word nor did they look as though they had one in mind. Instead, they were both staring at him, awaiting the question that they all knew was inevitable.

"So, what does that mean?" he asked, still shifting his eyes between his two companions. "Are we going to go back in time or something?"

Maria raised an eyebrow. "Now why in the universe would we do that?" she replied sarcastically.

The boy shrugged his shoulders. He did not know of any reason at all but since it seemed to be such an issue with the Doctor he figured that it was an appropriate question. "I don't know," he said smiling, "but I wouldn't mind going back to a date I had last summer with a very gorgeous blonde."

Suddenly, the young lad's eyes glazed over as if he were in some sort of trance and, for all purposes known to man, he was. So much so, in fact, that he did not even notice the evil glare from Maria.

"I don't think so," said the Doctor in response to the young man's fantasy. "But I am afraid that the two you will have to make a short trip backwards."

"What?" remarked the other two, again almost simultaneously.

The time traveler smiled gently at his two young companions. He could see that the whole affair was, at least at some level, very bothersome to the both of them. "Oh, don't worry," he reassured them, "I'll be there. Only it won't be me."

"Would you stop with the double talk!?" Dave boomed frustratedly as he pushed himself into the time lord's face. Just once, he wished that he could hear something from the Doctor and understand it without the use of an encyclopedia.

"There's no need to be hysterical," replied the other, pulling a small white bag out of his pocket. "Have a jelly baby."

The angry young boy stared in disbelief at the sack in the man's hand. Very rarely had he seen any one try to end a fight in such a manner and when he had been privy to it the result was always less than spectacular. In fact, he almost felt insulted by the gesture. How dare this man think that he was so weak that such a bribe would suffice to extinguish his rage?

Even so, the prospect of sweets was so inviting that he could not pass up the chance, no matter how angry he was. Quickly, he launched his hand into the bag and, removing a piece of the candy, thrust it into his mouth. "Could you just please just tell us what's going on?" he complained between chews.

"And do it so that we can understand," Maria added, crossing her arms.

The Doctor shook his head. "It's not that simple," he explained, "Let's just say that you'll be with me for a while but I won't see you ever again...at least not to my knowledge."

"Well, thank you very much," Dave said sarcastically. He was now more confused than ever and along with that he was starting to become a little frightened as well. Quickly, he turned to toward Maria for solace but she seemed to be in somewhat of a stupor as well. The fire in her eyes was now gone but it had been replaced by a flat pale stare of bewilderment.

Only now did it occur to both of them how uncertain their future was. They had only known The Doctor for a few hours but in that time he had managed to save both of their lives a number of times. What was his game now?

"Here, take this," ordered the Time Lord, removing a small, thin, square device from the control panel and extending it toward his companions, "This will explain everything to my counterpart."

"WHAT COUNTERPART?" Maria yelled with the last vestiges of her fiery personality.

Gently, the Doctor reached down and took hold of the young girl's hand and placed the device into her palm. "There's nothing to be upset about," he said calmly.

"Ah, yes, I see now," mocked the young boy, his fear and confusion turning to anger, "You're going to send us off to who-knows-where."

"Actually, I'm not going do anything," the traveler explained solemnly. "You see, ever since we left your ship we have been caught in the wake of a gravity well around the transference point I was telling you about. I have no control over the TARDIS what so ever."

Suddenly, Dave's confusion began to wane. He still had no idea what was happening but at least now he knew that there was no conspiracy going on. "Now wait a minute," he said, trying to bring his thoughts out into the open, "If you can't do anything with the controls then how do you know about the future?"

The time lord smiled brightly at both of his companions as if he were trying not to spill the beans about a surprise party. "Let's just say that this is the future."

Just then the TARDIS smacked headlong into the heart of the temporal transference point, throwing everybody off balance and sending both Maria and Dave rolling toward the side wall. At the same time, the whole TARDIS began to shake violently as if there was an earthquake.

For a moment, they could see the Doctor clearly, holding tightly to the control panel in front of him. But only for a moment, however, because a sudden bright light ripped its way through the time ship nearly blinding both youngsters.

In fear they reached out and took hold of each other so that they would not easily be separated. Their heart's pounded with fear and sweat poured from their bodies as they awaited the end of the phenomena around them. Several times both of them attempted to cry out to the other but were greeted with only a muffled message. Then, as quickly as it had begun everything stopped. The shaking subsided, the blinding light dissipated, and the couple once again found themselves on the bridge of the TARDIS.

In disbelief, they looked around at their surroundings. It was almost as if nothing had happened at all. The hat rack was still in the corner, the console was intact, and they were definitely, exactly were they had been all along. The only difference was that the Doctor had completely disappeared.

"What happened?" asked Maria.

Dave shook his head. Every thing was exactly the same as before except that he somehow felt like something was wrong. He just wasn't sure what. Gently, he unclenched his arms from around his companion. "I don't know," he answered curiously. "Are you all right?"

The young girl nodded her head affirmatively and carefully rose to her feet. "I don't understand," she said, "I thought that convergence point was supposed to send us back in time."

"He did say that didn't he?" the boy asked, pulling himself off the floor as well. "But I didn't think we would still be here."

"I know," agreed the other. "This is really weird." As she spoke she moved over toward the control panel in the center of the room. "And so is this," she continued as soon as she had gotten a clear view of it.

Curious, Dave joined her to see what was so unusual. The controls that he had been looking at moments before, over the Doctor's shoulder, had somehow changed. There were now switches where buttons had been and dials instead of switches. Even the monitor that the time lord had been observing the temporal transference point from was gone.

Suddenly his mind flew in a million directions at once. "Is this the right panel?" he said, glancing around the console.

"That all depends on what you want to use it for," said a sudden voice from behind. Startled, both youngsters whirled around in fright to see who had spoken. There, before them stood a very well dressed gentleman. He was a rather advanced in years and while he appeared to be a short man he looked as though he were very high in stature. This was due, in part, to the suit that he wore which was of a very old fashion variety right down to the string bow tie that dangled limply from his shirt collar. It seemed to give off an air of aristocracy about him. Then, to complete the image a long black coat was draped over the man's shoulders.

At the top of his head was placed a small black hat. It looked very much like a stocking hat yet it also seemed to be much stiffer than that. In fact, the best description of it is of a hat without a brim.

From underneath that, long, straight, white strands of hair hung loosely down his back nearly to his shoulders in the back. In the front it was cut short and pulled back neatly underneath the hat.

"Where'd you come from?" Dave blurted out suddenly, his heart still racing from being startled.

The stranger threw his hands up and grasped the lapel of his coat. "Where did I come from?" he repeated in a most offended tone, "Where did you come from?"

Maria's eyes widened. The last thing that she wanted was another discussion that went around and around in circles like the one that they had just had with the Doctor. "That's kind of hard to explain." She said. "You see The Doctor-"

"The Doctor?" interrupted the stranger with a curious look, "My dear child, I am the Doctor."

Suddenly, the young lady's eyes narrowed into a scornful scowl. "CHILD!" she boomed, "What do you mean child? I may only be seventeen but I am not a child and even if I were I am sure that I could tell the difference between The Doctor and someone like you who is probably nothing but a common stowaway!"

Dave cocked his head curiously to one side in thought. "Something about this seems awfully familiar," he told himself.

"So, a stowaway, am I?" questioned the man, ignoring the boy completely. "How do I know that you haven't stowed away, hmmm?

Maria's mouth widened into a huge smile, he had just walked into her verbal trap. "We can't be stowaways, "she chuckled smugly, "because we have this." Confidently, she lifted her hand toward her elder revealing the small square device that the Doctor had given to her.

"Oh, and what's that?" replied the man from behind a far smugger look than that of the young lady's.

In a flash, the girl's victorious expression fell into oblivion leaving behind it a look of extreme confusion and nervousness. In truth, she had no idea at all what the device did. The only thing that she did know was that it was supposed to explain everything to the Doctor's counterpart whoever that might be.

Out of desperation she turned toward her companion for assistance. Unfortunately, his only contribution was to say, "Now that's a good question."

This was soon followed by yet a second evil glare that made the young boy's blood run cold. His mind raced, looking for anything of value. That's when it hit him. Before it was given to Maria, the device had been lodged in TARDIS' control panel. Swiftly, he grabbed the small apparatus from the young lady's hand and shoved into the first slot that he saw. Then, with all the confidence he could muster blurted out, "We have no idea what it is."

This did not improve relations at all with his cohort. In fact, as soon as he had finished speaking, she somehow managed to morph the look that she had been giving him into something that looked far more menacing the dark one he had previously received. "But," Dave continued through his horror, "we think that it has a message on it."

"Oh, does it now," remarked the older gentleman, chuckling to himself. "And just what would that message be?"

Quickly, Maria swung her head around toward the stranger, allowing him access to her evil glare. "Well," she said, now frustrated beyond all belief, "we don't know but it fits into the panel so it must accessible from there."

The man nodded silently and made his way over to the panel where he proceeded to work the controls until a scrambled picture began to form on the view screen in the wall. It spun this way and that, as the old man attempted to correct its quality and in only a few moments he had managed to pull it into enough alignment to reveal a large image of the Doctor.

Suddenly, both Maria and Dave were filled with elation and, at the same time, a thousand questions, but before they could ask any one of them they were shushed sharply by their newfound companion. That being the case, they both stared up at the screen, listening to the message in awe. The problem was that all they could do was stare because neither of them could make head or tales of what the Doctor was talking about.

The strange old man, however, seemed to take it all in without so much as a second thought. Even during the part that consisted of nothing but a great deal of math equations he never moved his eyes from the screen.

"What was that all about," asked the girl when it had finished.

"I'll put very bluntly," answered the gentleman. "That was the Doctor that you knew. I am the same Doctor...just a little earlier."

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