Who? by mystica88

Summary: The Doctor and his three companions are trying to have a simple picnic when everything goes wrong. Before they know it they are swept up in the planet's politics and fighting for their own and innocents' lives. First story in A Passing Phaze series
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Eighth Doctor
Characters: Anji Kapoor, Fitz Kreiner, Original Companion, The Doctor (8th)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, General
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing
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Series: A Passing Phaze
Published: 2008.02.11
Updated: 2008.09.14

Who? by mystica88
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: There is a new companion introduced and I swear that she will be explained by the third chapter so please be patient with her. This takes place between the books Anachrophobia and Trading Futures. It will be the first in a series with this new companion.

Chapter 1

There was no one around in the desert as the trumpeting sound of a TARDIS materializing sounded in the canyon. A tall, blue Police box stood on there, fitting in as much as a sea bird with the desert landscape.

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and took a lung full of fresh, though slightly arid air. He took a quick glance around before nodding his head to himself and strolled a little further away from his space-time ship so that his companions could follow.

Cassidy was the first to poke her head out. “So where are we now Doctor?” She looked out over an area that vaguely reminded her of the Painted Desert back home. Even though she had never actually been there, she had seen pictures and it made her slightly home sick. Travel through time and space had a tendency to do that to a person, but when your traveling companions are also not from your neck of the woods, it tended to make it that much more difficult. And that was true with the Doctor more than anything. Suddenly Cassidy shook her head to clear it of those memories. She had to be careful, she could easily get lost in them.

“Ghont,” he replied. “A rather unique planet. It has an unusually large number of plant and animal life for a planet as dry and warm as this one. The living organisms have developed to need less liquid then what most of the rest of the galaxy requires. Just take a look at the plant life,” he said as he threw his arm out, indicating their landscape.

By now Anji and Fitz had immerged and had heard the Doctor’s spiel. Fitz glanced around and noticed a small cope of trees near by. “Trees in a desert?” Fitz inquired.

They certainly had a resemblance to trees anyway. Though they also reminded him of very large cacti that were covered in a shaggy type of bark rather than needles. There were some small, narrow leaves covering it that were of a paler green than what he thought a tree should be, but it was mostly branches.

“Trees, bushes, a few flowers, it’s almost as if we found an oasis, just without the water,” the Doctor answered.

“The rocks are certainly nice looking,” Anji commented as she studied the rock formations. “Kind of reminds me of pictures of the Painted Desert,” she said echoing Cassidy’s thoughts. It was difficult to see very far since the lay was littered with huge rock formations with every color imaginable striating through their surfaces. It appeared as if they had landed in a type of gully as they were completely surrounded by the rocks.

“So why here?” Cassidy inquired.

The Doctor spun around and flashed them a brilliant smile before strolling by them once again and reentered the TARDIS. They stared after him for a moment, slightly baffled, before he immerged once again, clearly hiding something behind his back.

“I thought this would be a lovely spot for a picnic,” he said as he smiled once again at them and brought a large picnic basket from behind his back.

“No adventures today?” Cassidy asked mockingly.

“Nothing planned anyway,” Fitz muttered.

The Doctor chose to ignore Fitz’s comment and said to Cassidy, “I thought we all deserved a break today.” Walking forward, the Doctor linked his free arm with Anji and brought her along with him as he said, “Let’s take a look what’s over here.”

Cassidy and Fitz followed them, smiling at each other before imitating the Doctor and Anji. They walked under a rock formation, to just outside the gully that they had been in. There were still large rocks surrounding them in all but one direct besides the one they had come from. It was as if they had their own private room for their dining pleasure.

“This really is lovely,” Cassidy commented as they approached a little shaded area under one of the trees and a few of the large bushes.

“I thought you’d all like it,” the Doctor said as he sat down the basket and opened it up to pull a blanket out.

“Is there any intelligent life here Doctor?” Fitz asked as he strolled around while the Doctor, Anji, and Cassidy set up their picnic.

“Yes, but not for a long ways off. There aren’t any indigenous humanoids here, but a few cities worth of settlers. They have to remain near to the few bodies of water since they are not as adapted to the planet as the life that evolved here.”

The Doctor strolled over to stand next to Fitz as he watched the orangeish sun sink lower and lower in the sky. “How long until sunset?” Fitz asked.

“I’d say another two hours. Plenty of time to have a meal.” He said as he put his arm around Fitz and guided him back to the group where the girls had already pulled out their small feast.

Suddenly the canyon was filled with the echoing of motors and the harsh sound of male laughter. The girls jumped up as they all looked around quickly for the source of the disturbance.

The canyon began to fill with motorcycle like vehicles with a burly man on each one. The bikes were slightly longer than the ones that the three companions had seen. They made a slight crackling sound as they drew nearer, giving off a more acrid scent than gasoline fumes. They seemed to come from the canyon walls themselves as more and more drove in, circling around each other and working towards the small group of travelers. As they neared, they began to circle around the small grouping of plant life that the Doctor and company had set up under. The circling became ever tighter and tighter.

“What have we here boys?” one of the men shouted.

“Looks like a few sight seers.” Another laughed.

“With food and drink and everything. Must be pretty rich to afford all that. But how’d they get here?” another sneered.

“We’re just here for a day trip, we can leave if we have intruded,” the Doctor called to them as he tried to place himself between the men and his companions.

The men laughed back at them, still circling, still pulling in tighter and tighter. “In the middle of the desert, with no transportation and you think we can just let you go?” the apparent leader gaffed. “You know the rules. You enter Diablo territory, you belong to us.”

“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said coolly with a shake of his head. “We didn’t know the rules. But we will keep that in mind for next time.”

“What next time?” another laughed as he suddenly drove right towards them. The Doctor threw out his arm to push Fitz out of the way of the on coming biker, only to find that he hadn’t been aiming for Fitz at all. At the last second, the man swerved, expertly tossing out a thin wire rope with a small loop on the end. The loop slid over the Doctor’s outstretched hand and tightened, jerking him from where he stood and dragged a short distance along with the biker.

“Doctor!” Fitz and Cassidy shouted together as they lunged to grab him but were not fast enough. They both spun around as they heard Anji scream behind them as another flew by her, grabbing her from around the waist and hauling her away.

Two more came at them with another wire rope between them, catching them at just the right speed to not actually cut them, but knock them to the ground. Before they knew what had happened, rough hands were grabbing them and hauling them to their feet, forcing their arms behind their backs while they struggled furtively.

“Looks like we get a treat today,” the leader said as he jumped from his bike, dragging Anji along with him. “It’s been a long time since we caught anyone in our territory let alone four.”

Glancing around wildly, Cassidy and Fitz searched for where the Doctor had been taken. They watched horrified as a wire was thrown over a high branch of the tree and a second later the roar of a bike pulling away sounded as the Doctor was hoisted up by his still lassoed arm from the ground.

“Stop!” Cassidy cried out, but was only met with malice filled laughter.

More wire ropes were being flung up at the Doctor as they bikers continued to weave around and around below, wrapping him up in the strands.

“Bastards!” Fitz yelled as he broke one of his hands free and punched the man holding him. He was swiftly rewarded with first a lung emptying punch to his stomach, causing him to double over, then a foot into his face, breaking his nose and sending a stream of blood out of it.

“Fitz, don’t!” the Doctor called from where he was now helplessly strung up. The maneuvering had ceased as a few more of the men dismounted from their bikes.

“That’s good advice. But it doesn’t matter. Maybe in a little while we’ll string you up next to your friend, only with the loop around your neck instead.” The leader said as he kicked Fitz’s legs out from under him.

“What do you want?” the Doctor demanded, trying to draw the leader’s attention off of Fitz.

A maniacal smile spread over the leader’s face as he looked up at the Doctor. “Just a little fun. We’ll begin with you for now, but don’t worry, you’re friends won’t be left out.”

“Let them go!” the Doctor demanded. “You don’t know who I am. I might be able to help you with something or get something for you.”

The men all laughed again.

“It’s you who don’t know who we are,” the leader said. “We have no need for your help or your wealth. Whatever we need, we take; whatever we want, we take. But such a life can become rather boring.” Then, turning his attention from the Doctor he addressed his group. “Well boys, what shall we do with this one? Looks to me that he’s all ready to play our piƱata.”

Wicked grins spread on several faces as a few of the men returned to their bike and began removing heavy clubs.

Immediately Cassidy and Anji began struggling to get free again. “You can’t do this!” Cassidy yelled impotently. This only brought about more laughs.

The men who had taken out the clubs were now all once again on their bikes, revving the engines. Cassidy, Fitz, and Anji were being dragged further away as the men began their circling once again, just underneath the Doctor.

As the men taunted him, the Doctor tried to remain cool as he worked at the bindings that bound him. There was not much else he could do about the painful noose around his wrist, but if he gained a little freedom of movement, there might be something he could do.

“Doctor!” Anji called out in fear for both him and herself. But there was nothing that he could reassure her with right then.

His stomach did a little flip flop as he suddenly was dropped a few feet for better range of the clubs. Next thing he knew, a rod impacted just below the back of his right knee as a biker rushed by under him. There was a sickening churching sound as a cry of pain was torn from the Doctor’s lips.

“Stop it!” Cassidy screamed, bordering on hysterics.

But the next biker wasn’t so lucky. By now the Doctor had managed to free his other hand and reached up on the wire, pulling himself higher and out of range of the next blow. Looping his tied hand around the wire and, holding himself there, he used his now free hand to loosen the rest of the bindings that still restricted him. But a sudden jerk of the wire from the other end caused him to lose his grip and fall back into their range once again.

As the next biker advanced, the Doctor swung himself at him, knocking the man from his bike with his uninjured leg.

“Enough!” the leader bellowed.

The men all pulled back, leaving a circle around the Doctor and their leader. “Doctor, is it?” he hissed.

“That’s me,” he answered, forcing himself to ignore the pain from his wrist, arm and leg.

“You’re ruining our fun,” the leader said after a moment with a sneer. With a quick nod of his head, the one who still supported the wire looped over the branch released it, sending the Doctor crashing to the ground. But before he could free himself, the wire was thrown back over the branch and caught by the leader, once again pulling it taunt.

Sprawled on the ground, the Doctor and the leader glared at each other for a few breaths until finally the leader broke the silence as he moved decisively. “I guess I’ll just have to show you what a drag you are Doctor.” And he was suddenly on his already running bike, throwing it in gear and taking off as he simultaneously secured his end of the wire to his bike.

With a wrenching lurch, the Doctor was pulled away and dragged along the cracked rocky ground after the retreating biker.

The men all laughed at the sport that their leader was making of this intruder as Fitz tried again to gain his freedom. He managed to stagger a few feet away from his captor, but found himself quickly surrounded by others who realized that he had gotten free.

Seeing how everyone was suddenly distracted by Fitz, Cassidy stomped down as hard as she could on her captor’s foot and on the rebound, kicked her foot back and up, right into the man’s crouch.

He quickly released his grip as his mind was otherwise occupied with the waves of pain. Leaping for the man’s bike, Cassidy jumped on. A split second later, she was spinning the bike around and barreling down on the man that was still holding Anji. The man released her as he caught sight of the bike and leaped out of the way, allowing Cassidy to reach out and haul Anji up on the bike behind her.

Spinning once again, Cassidy drove right into the group that was just starting to break up around Fitz as they realized that something else was happening. The men all bailed out of her way.

As Fitz saw what was happening, he too jumped away, but his aim was a little more direct then simple fleeing. He grabbed at the nearest unoccupied bike, swinging himself up and on. Before the others knew what was happening, both Cassidy, with Anji behind her, and Fitz were chasing after their leader on their bikes.


The leader had dragged the Doctor right out of the canyon and out into a more open part of the desert. He wasn’t going as fast as his bike could, but fast enough to make sure that this doctor felt every stone and crack that he ran over. He knew this new game would be relatively short since it didn’t take too long for this kind of punishment to end in the recipient’s death. But he smiled to himself with the pleasure he was going to get out of those two girls. He decided that his men could have the other male to do with as they please. And he might even let them have one of the girls, after he tried them both out of course.


Cassidy and Fitz pushed their bikes as fast as they could go and saw that they were gaining on the leader and the Doctor. Cassidy bit her lip as she watched the trail of dust billow up from where the Doctor was against the ground. Anji glanced over at Fitz and yelled over the roar of the engines, “How are we going to get him loose?”

Fitz just shook his head and pushed his bike a hair faster. Cassidy completely understood. They would worry about that when they caught up. But right now they just needed to get there as fast as possible.


The Doctor was barley holding on to consciousness when he realized that there were two more bikes on either side of him. A hand was reaching out and he instinctively reached for it, grabbing a hold of a small but strong hand. Somewhere in his mind he knew that it was Anji’s, but beyond that he couldn’t concentrate.

He found that he was being lifted off of the ground slightly, but his legs were still dragging. Another arm reached out and grabbed his collar pulling him a bit further up as another from his other side, wrapped around his waist. The two bikes were dangerously close together and he wanted to warn them of that, but it hardly seemed the time to argue.

Suddenly the hands on his collar and hand released, propelling him toward the one that held his waist. He felt himself being swung up behind the other and he instinctively wrapped his own arm around the waist as his hand was released.

“Stay with him Fitz!” Cassidy called, indicating the still oblivious leader as she edged her bike even closer to Fitz’s where the wire still attached the Doctor to the other bike. Fitz stayed right with him and eased slightly closer to relieve some of the slack. He glanced over at Cassidy and realized that somehow she had managed to grab the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver off of him when they hauled him off of the ground.

One handed, she fiddled with the setting for a second before reaching out and placing it against the wire. A second later, the wire snapped and they swerved off, breaking the direct pursuit of the leader.

“Hold on!” Fitz called to the Doctor as they suddenly banked away. He felt the Doctor’s arm around his waist cling almost too tightly as they moved but he noticed that his now freed arm did not reach to secure himself.

Fitz could feel the Doctor breathing heavily against him as his now single heart pumped furiously against Fitz’s back.

“Doctor?” Fitz called back to his friend.

“Just keep going Fitz,” a voiced wheezed at his ear.

Of course that was all that they could do. It had taken a while, but the leader had now realized that he no longer was dragging his victim behind him and he swerved after them from one direction. From the other, the other bikers who had quickly recovered from their humiliating defeat were approaching.

They flashed across the desert, probably pushing the bikes faster than they were meant to go because the expert bikers were falling further and further behind. As the leader joined his men once again in the pursuit, he realized that there was going to be an easier way to catch their victims again. He signaled a halt to his men.

“Those idiots are going to run those bikes down in a short while and the sun is almost set. Let’s return back to the rocks for the night. We’ll catch them still trying to make it across the desert on foot tomorrow and by then they will practically be begging us to take them back just for a drink of water.”

The men agreed with laughs and they retreated back to the canyon where they had come from.


“I don’t think they’re following us anymore,” Anji informed Cassidy.

The younger woman glanced over her shoulder and confirmed it. There was no sign of their pursuers. Glancing around, she spotted an extra thick patch of vegetation and gently altered her course to reach it.

Fitz followed and they soon came to a stop just inside of the foliage.

Jumping off of the bike, Anji ran to the Doctor, “Doctor! Are you alright?” she said urgently as she reached out and helped to support him as Fitz got off of the bike.

“I’ve been better Anji,” he managed to say before wincing from the way that she had grabbed his right arm.

“What is it?” Fitz asked him as he held him from the other side.

“I think it’s dislocated,” the Doctor muttered.

“Can you move? We’ve got to get further in here incase they are still looking for us,” Cassidy said worriedly.

Nodding weakly, the Doctor reached out his good arm to Fitz, who placed it around his shoulders. With grunts of pain and effort, Fitz managed to help the Doctor off of the bike and support him as they forced their way deeper into the dense vegetation.

“How’s your nose Fitz?” The Doctor inquired as he tried to concentrate on anything other than his pain.

“My wha…?” Fitz started. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” he said as he reached a free hand to where he suddenly realized his nose was throbbing. “I think it’s broken,” he said with a slight gasp when his fingers brushed it. He glanced at his fingers and saw that he was still bleeding slightly.

“I’m sorry Fitz,” The Doctor panted.

“I’ll be fine,” Fitz assured him.

The Doctor had to put nearly all of his weight on Fitz every time he brought his right leg under him. His injured leg completely refused to take any of his weight.

Suddenly, they broke into a small clearing in the plants where Fitz tried to sit the Doctor down as gently as he could but felt as if he had practically dumped him to the ground.

Glancing up, Fitz realized why the vegetation was so dense here. They now found themselves right next to a very small and weak spring.

“This is good,” Cassidy said as she turned from the spring she was just examining and back to Fitz and the Doctor. Anji was making sure that the bikes were better hidden before following them in and had not reached them yet.

Tentively, Cassidy reached out her hand and touch the Doctor’s shoulder. He was lying on his side, now barely breathing.

“Doctor?” she said urgently.

His eyes flickered as he muttered, “I’m alright, just… rest,” before he seemed to fade out again. Fitz glanced down and realized what was the worst problem. Reaching down he touched the back of the Doctor’s head and pulled his hand up to show Cassidy, it was covered in blood.

“Oh God,” she breathed as she firmly took the Doctor in hand and shook him. “Doctor!” she called. “You can’t sleep!”

His eyes flickered once again as he practically whispered, “So tired.”

“You can’t sleep, you have a concussion!” she called at him again. This time he managed to open his eyes and keep them open.

“Yes, I know,” he said with a little more clarity. “You’re right,” he said weakly. “Don’t let me sleep.”

Between Fitz and Cassidy they managed to sit him up. By now, Anji had returned with two canteens and a dirty blanket from the bags on the bikes.

Cassidy was shrugging off her t-shirt that she had on over top of a tank top and pulling it into strips. “Anji,” Cassidy said glancing up at her, “give your shrug to Fitz to tear up and douse these in the water there,” she said as she handed her strips of cloth to the other woman while indicating the spring.

Anji did as instructed as she asked, “How is he?”

“Concussed and pretty beat up,” Cassidy replied as she and Fitz struggled to help the Doctor out of his now very ragged and torn jacket and shirt.

The next few minutes there was little sound from their hiding place than the grunts and gasp of pain from the Doctor as they freed his clothing from his wounds.

Finally, they were able to see the extent of the damage. His back was riddled with gashes and gouges from the rough ground. His right arm had in fact been dislocated as well as torn up pretty badly. Blood was dripping from where the wire had bit into his wrist and his right leg was broken just below the knee. But what still worried them all the most was the obvious concussion.

Cassidy had Fitz sit so that he could support the Doctor as she used the now wet strips of cloth of clean and then bandage his head the best she could. Then taking a few more strips, she cleaned his back and wrapped that as much as she could as well as securely wrapping and tying his cut wrist. Using what was left of the Doctor’s tatter overcoat, Anji secured his arm in place to keep it from being jarred, but they didn’t know how to relocated a dislocated shoulder. None of them knew how to set bones so there was not much that any of them could do for his leg either. They had to either find help or make it back to the TARDIS; but since the TARDIS was obviously in enemy territory, there wasn’t a lot of hope in that.

By now, the sun had completely set and the night was becoming rapidly cooler. Spreading out the blanket, they laid the Doctor back down and Fitz put his leather coat over his still naked chest. Anji volunteered to take the first watch, which was a double duty. Not only did she have to keep an ear out for the bikers, but make sure that the Doctor didn’t go to sleep as well.

Cassidy and Fitz moved off to discuss their options quietly before attempting to get some sleep. Fitz was using one of the dampened strips to wipe away the drying blood from under his nose.

“We have to find help,” Cassidy said. “There must be someone else out there. The leader said something about this being their territory, which would imply that there is more than one group around. Maybe their enemies would have sympathy for us.”

“Or maybe they’re just another group of thugs out for a few kicks by harassing the tourists,” Fitz replied.

“Yes, that is also a possibility, but I don’t see how we have much choice. The Doctor needs medical help that we can’t give him. We can’t make it back to the TARDIS safely so the only option left is to find others.”

“And where do you purpose we look? It just looks like a lot of open desert to me. The Doctor said that there isn’t any one for a long ways off.”

“He also said that the people gather around water sources.”

“What good is that information?”

“The water from that spring, it is just getting soaked into the earth again, but as some of it pools, it runs off in that direction, that means that way is the water shed and that is the way that we’ll find a body of water.”

Fitz thought for a moment before saying, “Alright. I guess you’re right. We don’t have much of a choice.”

“Right, now I think that we had better try and sleep for a few minutes at least. We should leave before dawn and since I have no idea when that will be on this planet, we better not stay here for more than a few hours.”

“Alright. But I’ll take over for Anji right now and let her get some sleep,” Fitz volunteered.

Cassidy shook her head as she said, “I think that it would be better if we slept tonight. She can rest on the bike. I’ll take the Doctor tomorrow and you can take Anji. You’ll be a little steadier to keep her up if she begins to drift off. I’ll just have to make sure the Doctor doesn’t drift off. Not to mention, I have no idea what these bike run on, but it would be more fuel efficient to have equal weights and this division is going to be the most equal that we are going to be able to get.”

Fitz nodded. “Fine. But I don’t see how we’ll get much sleep out here. It’s getting pretty cold.” He said with a slight shiver.

“You’re telling me,” Cassidy muttered as she followed back to their hiding spot while running her hands over her bare arms.

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