Ghost of Who He Was by mystica88

Summary: The Doctor comes face to face with his belief in ghosts and his decision may be a matter of life and death.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Fifth Doctor, Multi-Era
Characters: Adric, Barbara Wright, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Ian Chesterton, Jamie McCrimmon, Jo Grant, K-9, Leela, Nyssa, Sarah Jane Smith, Susan Foreman, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The TARDIS
Genres: Action/Adventure, Character Study, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
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Published: 2008.02.11
Updated: 2008.02.26

Ghost of Who He Was by mystica88
Chapter 4: Chapter 4
Author's Notes:

Chapter 4

And so it happen again, just as it had before, he disappeared from one place and time and
suddenly appeared in another. He had done this all his long life, and yet it was so much different now that he was… dead? He still couldn’t believe that fact. Something else seemed to be going on but he was unable to define it… to completely figure it out.

His companions flashed before him as he said his final goodbyes to each one, and as he delivered his final messages, each one led to the next.

Before he knew it, he was standing before first Zoe, and the Jamie. Zoe of course didn’t have a clue what he was talking about when he told her how he appreciated her quick mind and helpful heart as she had no memory to the time that she had travel with him. Jamie also did not remember him, but there were still things to say. But he wasn’t sure he could bear having another companion look at him and not have even an inkling of what he was talking about.

He watched the highlander from a distance but could not bring himself to approach him. “Ah Jamie,” he said for no one to hear but himself. “On the loyalty scale, you were the absolute top. No matter what befell us, you were always faithful to me. I hate how the Time Lords ripped you and Zoe from me but I can say that, though they are still pompous and self-righteous, they have gotten better and that was partly due to you. You helped me to show them that always sitting on the sidelines is not the way to be. Sometimes you have to get out there and fight for what is right and just.”

The Doctor shook his head as he felt himself fading again, though he didn’t know where he would be going this time since he had only invoked Zoe and he had already been to see her. “Thank you,” he whispered into the darkness as the last of the highlander disappeared from sight.

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