Wisdom War and Tea by Angelbev21

Summary: An older Rose Tyler, respected and a Doctor in her own right, comes into a mystery even as she's reunited with her Doctor, and she may be the only one to solve it.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS, Torchwood
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Swearing
Challenges: None
Series: Action Rose: Shop Girl, Doctor, Soldier, Wife
Published: 2007.10.22
Updated: 2007.10.30


Chapter 1: Chapter 1-War
Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Beginnings
Chapter 3: Chapter 3-Endings
Chapter 4: Chapter 4-Salvation
Chapter 5: Chapter 5-Healings
Chapter 6: Chapter 6-Strategies
Chapter 7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon
Chapter 8: Chapter 8-Ultimate Things
Chapter 9: Chapter 9-Rebirth
Chapter 10: Chapter 10-Epilogue

Chapter 1: Chapter 1-War

Author's Notes: Tho it's woefully so, I don't own the characters of Doctor Who and wish to make no profit from the semi rough use of Borrowing them. I do promise to return them, no worse for the wear. I also humbly dedicate this to CharmingSlayer, for the inspiration and sheer awe of her work.

Dr. Rose Tyler, age 65 and Defender of the Alternate Earth, sat in one of the jump seats of this world’s Torchwood C240 airship, feeling the engines rumble under her as she waited impatiently for the flight to end. The temperature and buffeting winds made for a slightly rough ride, but that was to be expected at this time of year, flying to Antarctica, in the year of our Lord, 2046. She was on her way with her team from this world’s Torchwood to investigate and curtail an alien invasion. Again. Her tech team confirmed it. Involving the global warming issue and the massive build up of tachyon energy in the atmosphere that had no business being there, coupled with high concentrations of hydrogen, the ice caps melting in Antarctica left no doubt. It was her job to know they didn’t have that kind of tech to produce such readings and my, how ironic was it, that it centered around ‘Wolf’s Bad’ Inlet on the Russian-controlled western coast. Russia was a peaceful country on this world and easily allowed them entry but, ‘Wolf’s Bad’ Inlet? She smiled ruefully to herself and wondered, was it a sign?

The ship jumped again from turbulence and she patted the seat next to her, quickly sending a mental word of thanks to the old beauty for holding together as her experienced captain fought the controls in the cockpit. It was an old habit she’d never been able to break since her time with The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S. Many times since destroying the Daleks in the War for the Earth, she felt her inadvertently sing to her, even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to. The Doctor had removed most of the Time Vortex energy to save her, but he never realized just how the Heart of the T.A.R.D.I.S. ran in her veins afterwards. Otherwise, she hadn’t changed so much since then, believing it was because of the very energy she still harbored in her cells that made it so.

She didn’t look too very different, either. Her hair, tied back now, had been dyed blonde for years but it had gone completely grey and she didn’t feel the need to dye it anymore. She still liked to have her hair long enough to hide her eyes, especially when all eyes were on her and she needed to time to think during those critcal, dramatic moments when everything hinged on her next move. Her body was still thin and ready for action, yet her hands belied her age. Even though they were strong, they were lined and heavily veined, with a couple of liver spots, to boot. Liver spots…would HE ever get them?

She leaned forward, as much as her pristine white parka and jumpsuit would let her and leaned her arms on her knees, clasping her hands. Nervous as always, it was just another mission, another chance at alien contact and maybe just another minor alien invasion but it gave her the chance to use the knowledge and experience the Doctor gave her and for that, even after all these years, she was still grateful. She smiled almost ruefully at the thought. That was her, Action Rose, at your service. Always at the ready, always surmising the brilliant solution and never once committed to anyone for fear her Doctor would return for her. She hadn’t seen him for so long. For everything her Torchwood had done in this world, collected and analyzed, recorded and monitored, this universe never had Timelords. There would never be an alternate HIM to wisk her away to a life that should have been. It took a long time for her to come to terms with that. He would be proud of her though, she knew, for she went back to school and got her Doctorate in Physics, combining it with the combat training, astronomy and field medicine needed for an action-filled life. If he knew, he’d probably pronounce her well rounded with a dash of paprika, smiling his maniacal smile. ‘Doctor’ Tyler made sure to be the best everyday, sometimes with every breath she took. She had too. For Him, and everything they once had, and what they once shared, whether or not he was just a whole dimension and universe away.

She wiggled her fingers and concentrated, taking a quick glance to make sure her team closer to the cockpit didn’t see her, making her fingertips glow golden with the vortex energy. It was such a small movement really, and try as she might, running every test and experiment through the years, she could never utilize the energy enough to get back to him. When had it materialized to this extent, she had done as much research as stealthily as possible, but to no avail. Just like he had told her in their first meeting, she could now feel the earth move under her feet and taste the stardust on her lips and could feel time, sometimes all of it, all at once, if she wanted too. It took her a while to control it, and the power was handy in a pinch in combat, but by the time she was 35, she still hadn’t come to terms with being stranded and being this universe’s only human quasi-Timelord.

Now at 65, she just smiled to herself at the self-proclaimed title. ‘My Doctor, what would you truly think of me now?’ She looked out at the skyline from the ship's portal and wondered for the umpteenth time, what if? And, as always, a unbidden picture of him popped into her head from long ago, smiling maniacally and wonderfully at her from over the controls of the T.A.R.D.I.S. as he came to some brilliant solution that would end their present quandry. ‘Ah, how he loved those moments,’ she sighed to herself and added, ‘ my God, so did I.’

"Are you lost Auntie, are are you that bored with this mission?" Smiling, her nephew Zeke walked back to her and sat down. Rose smiled at him and repositioned herself in her seat, stretching her legs out and shoved her hands back into her pockets.

"Neither, dearie, your Auntie just had an odd thought or two." Zeke laughed at that, shifting the papers he had in his hands, looking like the splitting image of her father when he was younger, only he had her mother's eyes.

"Aunt Rose, when are you not having an odd thought or two? If it wasn't for your 'odd thoughts,' we wouldn't be as successful as we are catching the bad guys. I personally think you're quite stellar in my book." For emphasis, he took his papers and hug them to his chest, looking heavenward.

Rose laughed, sticking her tongue between her teeth as she reached and roughed up his hair from back to front. "Shut up, you. You'll make my head go all fuzzy with the egoboo and then where will it getcha in a crisis?"

Zeke smiled a small smile and shrugged, "No worries. You'd think about the Doctor and then find a brilliant solution and we all go on our merry way."

Zeke noticed the sudden look of memory that shadowed her face, leaving a small smile and knew not to say anything further. He was one of the few people that knew about the Doctor, and one of the fewer still that believed her and gave his memory the respect it deserved. Growing up with Rose as his aunt had been unique and wonderful and he was closer to her than his own mother at times and when she talked about the Doctor well, sometimes, just sometimes, he could actually see him as she described him. Everytime she'd told a story he did his best to memorize every word and with the telling would be even more unique when her special energy would rise, making her eyes glow golden.

"Is the Vortex singing again, Auntie?" He pointedly looked down at her now hidden hands and it was enough to break her revery. She gave a small laugh, nervously shaking her head. "No Zeke, it's been awhile since that happened. No, just remembering, dearie. Allow an old woman her memories, eh?"

Zeke made a derisive noise and laughed. "You? Old? God, Auntie, you can still outrun me in a quarter mile! I'll consider you old when you start talking to yourself.....oh, wait. You do that already."

WHACK! "Oi! Give me a break there, OK?"

Zeke got up, rubbing his arm, laughing. "Ow! Jeez! Watch it! Look, I just wanted to tell you we're almost there and the intel from our allies state the aliens involved in taking our hydrogen are ruthless little merchants called the Ziemerans. Sort of like a cross between Klingons and the Ferengi, all rolled up into one. They're a nasty lot and not likely to take prisoners."

The teasing, open smile crossing Rose's face shut down and she became all business. "Good. Get back and strap in and tell the boys to be ready to lock and load when we get there. No firing unless fired upon, standard procedure, and no one leaves this bird until I take point. Got it?"

Zeke couldn't quite make his smile disappear so easily. "You've got it, my Commander and Doctor. No action unless they go red zone." She frowned, "What about the Tachyon emmissions?"

"The readouts are even higher as we get closer and there's some other energy anomalies the equipment is picking up that we've never seen before. The captain's decided to bring this bird close enough to land but not close enough for the energy to play havoc with our sensors." He grabbed for a railing hanging from the ceiling as the ship went through another bout of turbulance.

"Good, then, let's get to it. No rest for the wicked." She began to strap herself in as Zeke walked back, saying over his shoulder, his amusement still apparent in his voice,"You may be many things, Aunt Rose, but you ain't wicked."

Rose stared at his back and then looked down at her hands as guilt hooded her features. She whispered to herself, "No, but if you knew how many times I've wanted to leave you and this world and how many times I've tried, you'd think otherwise, my love. You'd think the worst of your Aunt."

The airship decended, making her ears pop, giving her stomach the old feeling of dropping out. "Ziemerans, I think you've met your match."

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Beginnings

Author's Notes: Thank you ever so much for reading and please tell me what you think. Again, I don't own these characters, don't want to make any money off of them, but if it's a crime to love them dearly, I'm a felon for love! (BTW, sorry it's a tad short, but believe me, I'll make up for it later...)

The Doctor, bruised and bleeding from a cut above his eye, stumbled across the frozen tundra, even as his body was succumbing to the bitter -70 degree cold, despite the protection he wore. The Ziemeratans lured him in unwittingly with their unique energy signatures, their machinery set up and stealing hydrogen from the Earth's atmosphere, hidden in the part of the Antarctic still uninhabited in the year 2012. Global warming had begun due to their actions and the Doctor set out to stop them, but they'd proved to be a formidable foe.

The last time he had encountered the Ziemeratans, they were a peaceful race, a tad bit too commercial for his taste, but they were well on their way to the stars, taking their place with the rest of the sentient, space-going beings in their galaxy.

Now? He was on the run for his life from this burgeoning species with no backup, no companion and no intention of contacting Captain Jack Harkness and his team at Torchwood Institute. The Doctor found himself temperarily outwitted and right now the visage of Jack smirking at him with a know-it-all grin left much to be desired.

Rounding a snowdrift, he stumbled again, his frozen feet almost too numb to walk. Desperate to get back to his T.A.R.D.I.S., he found himself falling, landing face first. Spitting out snow, his shaking fingers dug into his pocket and found his sonic screwdriver, knowing he only had seconds before any Zeimeratans started showing up.

'Not good, this won't do,' he thought as he saw his fingers were blue from the cold and struggled to get the right settings. Finally, he managed to move the settings enough to call it and it materialized about 10 feet from his position, the sounds of it's engines like the sweet trumpets of Deneb 7 to his ears.

Pocketing the screwdriver, he got up and made for the doors and blessed warmth only to be stopped short by the whisper of something flying through the air. Before he could take another breath, the thump against his back slammed him into T.A.R.D.I.S.'s doors. As soon as he realized he's just been knifed between his shoulder blades, the whitehot pain hit and completely took his breath away. His look of shock was priceless as he landed against the doors from the force of the blow.


The word slipped out before he could control himself as his hands automatically searched for the handle. Finding it, he pushed and nearly fell in as he legs threatened to wobble. By sheer will, he brought himself around and closed the doors with his body and leaned against them for support, every movement making the knife feel like it was digging im deeper. The warmth of the T.A.R.D.I.S. hit his face and lungs and he breathed it in as best he could, the ship singing to him, her worry for him sang in her tone. It gave him the strength to cross the ramp and up to the controls. He felt his life's blood trickle down his back underneath his clothes, his breath getting shorter and he realized the knife must have nicked a lung.

"Brilliant," he gasped, "a Timelord brought down by a primitive species with a ceremonial knife tucked in a lung. Just the way to end a day. Couldn't they have just shot me and been done with it? What would Rose thi-?" His hands moved over the controls and then stopped, realizing what he just said. What made him say it? By Rassilon, he'd tried to keep her out of his hearts for so long, never letting her name pass his lips, the thoughts of her were sometimes too much even for him to handle, and yet....his expressive brown eyes looked up at the translucent column of light that was the heart of T.A.R.D.I.S. and implored her for an answer. His telepathic request came unanswered as a boom shook the ship, making it shudder and nearly knocking him off his feet. The act of hanging on the controls with both hands caused more white hot pain to arc through his chest and made what breath he took between his teeth hiss until he saw spots before his eyes. He felt the world slip from his conciousness and gritted his teeth, trying to hold on.

He set the controls for Torchwood. There was no help for it. He couldn't regenerate with a knife in his back and Jack would know what to do. He felt the ship lift off, even as he finally succombed to the darkness. His body slumped down to the floor and wedged itself between the controls and the jumpseat. T.A.R.D.I.S. kept singing to him, willing him awake but knew he would not answer. She then took matters in her own and reset the controls, locked the coordinates and picked up speed, destination: a new rip in the dimensions. She'd finally found what she was looking for.

She quietly continued to sing to her Doctor.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3-Endings

Author's Notes: Again I gain nothing, I own nothing, these aren't my characters but I love them dearly. Please enjoy.

As soon as she took the first step out of the plane and took her first breath of Antarctic air, it burned her lungs as it hit her cheeks and nose, the only exposed skin to the elements. For the first time on this trip, she was glad for the parka, oversized gloves and thermal gear she'd packed.

The comm link in her ear clicked to life as she reshouldered her rifle. "Commander, readings have increased on those energy signatures and you're still only point 5 clicks from the target. It's a good bet they know we're here. Please proceed with caution."

That was the young one, Bingham, wasn't it? "Bingham, don't I always, and can we please not state the obvious? Keep this line clean until further notice. Tyler out."

She signaled her men to follow and took point, their white suits blending with the landscape perfectly. There was a slight breeze blowing whippets of snow and sleet into their faces as they walked, but Rose was unfazed. She needed all five senses and even pushed her sixth sense, trying to use her woman's intuition to detect what her wrist monitor couldn't or wouldn't. Zeke was on her right, following closely, close enough to hear his breath as they made their way to zero target.

"Auntie," he whispered, "nothing on the scanners but the energy signatures just spiked. If we're not on top of it, we're damned close."

She lead them a few feet more and sudden felt the need to stop. She held up a hand, motioned to circle, and they scattered, positioning themselves along the haphazard snow banks that littered the little inlet below. She knew her team watched her every move and when she motioned for silence, the only thing that could be heard was the wind whipping the snow about. For a few moments there was utter silence, but then, almost imperceptibly, a gentle thrumming was more felt then heard with human ears. Rose just smile. 'Let the fun begin.'

Zeke had quietly crawled up and caught the smile and knew what it meant. He pulled up his cell phone and read the text message to Rose, keeping as close to the ground as possible. "We've got a little more intel, Commander, courtesy of the Alsterians via comm link. They confirm the Ziemerans are definitely here for profit, have a horde mentality until one loses face, very aggresssive and their world is too hot so water is about as priceless to them as diamonds are to us. Our pristine glacier ice is worth millions of dollars on their planet but their unsure why they're extracting only the hydrogen. They assure us that they're not here to take over, but they're not going to give up without a fight. They also have a history of not caring who or what they wipe out in the process, they'll just go to the next planet and start over again."

Zeke couldn't read Rose's eyes as she looked back at him from the dark goggles she wore, but her smirk told him much. "Oh, Tosh, just your basic, everyday Klingon, huh?"

She looked back over the tundra to the iced inlet below, her words followed by tiny wisps of frozen breath. "Well, I guess the pesos stop here. Do they have anything on the standard size of their ships and installation? I know we can't get a reading on them but we can't make a wrong move, either. You know as well as I hydrogen is combustible under the right conditions. With as much as we've estimated they've collected, we make one wrong move and half the continent is vaporized right off the map." She flipped the cover off of her wrist monitor and clicked it on, then flicked it off and covered it back up. "Well, for the readings I'm not getting, I can estimate that we're sitting on it. Literally." She reached up and moved a switch built into her goggles and started to read the telemetry there. Hit the switch in her comm link in hear ear, she whispered, "Oh, what do we have here, gentlemen? I've got six bogeys moving on to our two o'clock position, going slow...they must be walking." She suddenly got up and repositioned her gun on her shoulder. "This is going too slow for my taste. How about we invite the Ziemrrans for some tea, shall we?"

His eyes may have been hidden but his voice conveyed his utter lack of surprise. "You're doing another 'Doctor' move, aren't you?"

With her smile widening, her unconcious habit of catching her tongue between her teeth made Zeke think of what imps might look like. "You had to ask?" With that, she walked forward, loosely putting her gloved hands just tucked inside her parka's large pockets and hadn't gotten ten feet before the Ziemerans materialized around her in a semi-circle, all six of them bristling with weapons of all kinds, the energy weapons all pointed at her chest. She didn't smile, but her suspicions were now confirmed. 'Yup, there be Klingons.'

"Hi...hello, there. My name is Commander Rose Tyler. I also go by Dr. Rose Tyler, and you are..."

The comm unit in her ear worked flawlessly as it translated the leader's quick, gutteral response. "We are the Ziemeran Emirates. We know how this continent has many nations laying claim to it and we're no different. We lay claim to this prize and you are violating our territory."

Rose remained calm, knowing her men were at the ready and she responded, keeping her voice low and soft and as casual as she could make it as she raised a hand and waived. "Well, nice to meet you, too, but about that claim thing? We were here first and we like it when guests ask permission before they try to take over a continent. And with the hydrogen you're extracting from all this wonderful ice, well it's affecting our climate and we really can't have that can we? Not really making a very good impression, are you? I mean, we wouldn't have minded as much if you'd only asked but, really. Hurting the planet you're stealing from is a bit much, don't you think?" She took her hands and started taking her gloves off, stuffing them into her pockets as she spoke. "But, you knew that, right? That's the reason you just had to park your asses on planet without a by-your-leave and dare to show up here before us with as much weaponry as possible, just wanting us to run off like the primitives you make us out to be.'

Zeke could hear the tone of her voice and knew what was coming. "Commander...."

The nameless leader lifted the point of his weapon at her face. "Your world, your technology are primitive to us and we will take what we want. We will even take you, if it profits us." He then bared his teeth in his species' version of a smile. It was not lost on Dr. Rose Tyler.

Rose gave him a brilliant smile of her own and advanced slowly, hands at her sides. " I thought you might say that but, just in case you haven't heard from the Sycorax lately, this world is protected. This world is not as primitive as you might think....and, if you don't leave forthwith, we're here to make sure you do. It's you're call, Leader of the Ziemeran Emirates. Are you going to pull up stakes and leave quietly, or are we going to have to help you leave?" It wasn't a question as she took a step closer. "Now, we'll let you keep what you've taken, just to keep the peace, mind you, but you have to leave. Fair enough?"

The Leader looked over her shoulder at her team and then back to her.. His features didn't change, but the tone of his words did as he responded, "Prove it, Earther." He then moved to shoot, but Rose moved faster. By instinct, she crossed the distance in a flash and had both hands on it's barrel, shoving it up in one smooth motion. She then locked a foot behind the aliens' leg and yanked, causing him to lose balance and, using his momentum, she forced him down hard. His men then responded, lifting their weapons in unison, fingers on triggers and about to shoot. Seeing this, She closed her eyes and concentrated. With her hood fallen off, her hair fell into her eyes and covered her face but she didn't need to see what she was doing. Using the time vortex, she built the energy up enough that, before her own men could respond, she allowed the tendrils of energy to leave her body and snake out, slowing every movement in it's path to a standstill. The alien beneath her widened his eyes in surprise as she got up and stepped back. As she continued to hold them back, the wind picked up even more and what hair that wasn't tied back whipped about her face, her goggles barely hiding the golden light eminating from within. She slowly walked from alien to alien, letting them see her up close for what she was and took each and every weapon she could lay hands on and threw them behind the line of her team.

"Auntie?" Zeke couldn't move, but it wasn't something he'd never experienced before. He knew she would do this if push came to shove. Getting no response, he tried a different tact. "Commander?" Nothing. He tried moving even harder but his muscles ached in protest.

"Dr. Tyler!" She finally looked at him, smiling. "Yes?"

Zeke couldn't help but mentally shudder as he noticed even her teeth glowed yellow in the winter sunlight. She threw the last of the weapons out of reached and stepped back so that she was now standing in the middle of the two groups. She raised her left hand and her team, and as if a switch had been turned off, were finally able to move, for which Zeke was eternally grateful. His trigger finger was starting to cramp.

"Stand down." Her voice was still quiet, calm, and very deadly.

She then turned enough so that she was completely facing the Ziemerans. "I'm going to give you to the count of five and when I reach five, you'll be able to move. When you start moving, it had better be back to your ship. Do not take my kindness for weakness. Consider this your only warning." Her breath snaked from her lips with every word she spoke as if to emphasize their deadly intent. Her next words were slow, precise and, if possible, even more deadly.

" I and my people will not take another 'visit' from your kind. Consider this world extremely ...defended. One...two... three...four..." her energy slowly diminished with each word she spoke until by the time she reached "Five," it was gone completely and the Ziermerans could finally move. Without looking at their leader for confirmation, all five of the other Ziemerans backed up, retreating faster and faster, until only their tracks were left in the snow. The Leader got up but didn't move as his soldiers retreated and within seconds, Rose heard the thrumming noise rise in pitch until the sound was an unmistakable sound of thrusters firing and yet, the Ziemeran Leader stood still, his face stone.

"Looks like your ride is leaving. I do suggest you catch up with your people." Zeke, with the team backing him up, raised their weapon at her words, each man pacing themselves apart like a firing squad. Their actions weren't lost on the Leader. He started backing up slowly, then stopped, his eyes slitted.

"They are my people, but you have now made me lose face.....You have now disavowed my leadership. I've nothing to go back too." With a small movement, and swifter than even Rose could react, the Ziemeran leader materialized a double-shafted blade that he promptly shoved into his own chest, even as the ship made the ground tremble under their feet. Rose fought to keep her balance, but the Leader stood his ground. "Defender of the Earth, I take you with me."

So swift was the movement, even Rose couldn't react in time as the second blade shot out of the hilt he still held to his chest with such velocity and power that it audibly thumped into Rose's chest, went through her body and landed in Zeke's shoulder, knocking him off his feet. Powerless, he helplessly watched his beloved aunt's bloodied body fall in front of him. As if in slow motion, her arms flew out as if grasping for the very air but catching nothing, she landed in a cloud of snow and wind, as if the earth reached up to cradle her as she fell. The alien's ship rushed passed above their heads, flying low and fast and gaining altitude.

Zeke crawled to his aunt's side, scrambling as best he could through the snow with one arm to cradle her. "Auntie, Oh, God, Auntie, hold on!" He pushed the button on his comm unit and yelled, "Bingham, for God's sake, get here, Man down, man down, it's Commander Tyler! Get a med unit ready!"

As he spoke, shots rang out punctuating his words as the team made sure the alien was dead.

"Zeke, sweetheart...." Zeke tried to stop the blood from flowing with his gloves, but the trauma was so large the blood seeped through her pristine white parka material as if flowing from a faucet. He pushed off her glasses to look into her eyes.

"Aunt Rose, love, hold on for me. Bingham's coming with the med unit and we'll get you fixed up in a jiff....."

"I'm done, love." He could barely hear her words and very little breath was seeping past her lips. He saw blood starting to taint them and tried to hold her tighter.

"Carry on my work, Zeke....tell everyone I love them." Zeke choked back his own pain, tears in his eyes. "Auntie..." In response, he found a finger at his lips.

"Shush, love.....be good for me....." Her body jerked in his arms and his ears barely heard her next words. "T.A.R.D.I.S.... Girl, take me home..to him...one more time.....' Her body stilled, her final breath breath whispered and gurgled out of her body and Dr. Rose Tyler, Defender of her Alternate Earth, promptly died a hero in her nephew's arms. Her beloved team could only stand and watch, drowning in their own grief.

In the silence that followed, and much to everyone's surprise, Rose Tyler's body then began to glow, the familiar yellow energy building, growing stronger with each passing second until, even as Zeke did his best to roll away, her body was engulfed in it's total brilliance. It suddenly winked out, leaving only an imprint of where her body used to lie, her frozen blood the only reminder of her existance.

"What the he-Zeke!" Smith, the closest to him, reached out for him to help him up as each of his team members reacted with exclamations. Zeke, barely recovering from such a shock, looked over at the body of the Ziemeran Leader, wiping away hot tears before they froze on his cheeks. The men looked at him as if he had an answer, but all he could do was hang his head, his grief almost overwhelming him as he looked back at the imprint in the snow Roses' body had made. Her blood spatter the only visible reminder of her presence in his life.

"Men, This earth has just lost it's Angel."

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4-Salvation

Dr. Rose Tyler took her first breath, desperately, gasping, her whole body rising off the surface she was laying on in its efforts of renewed life. Her consciousness came to the fore, her eyes flying open even as her body settled back down.

Her first insight was that she was in a room with a ceiling looking suspiciously like the T.A.R.D.I.S.’s, and then there was the SOUND. The sound only a T.A.R.D.I.S. would make. She slowly rose and propped herself up and saw her feet were pointed at the doors of said T.A.R.D.I.S. and to confirm, she tilted her head back and saw the column of light gently rising up and down behind her from its control panel. The thrum of T.A.R.D.I.S.’s engines resonated through her body like a gentle massage and then memory hit, both hands flying to her chest, grabbing it where a huge hole should have been. Her parka was still on and the blood was almost dry from her former injuries and she gingerly touched at the material, her mind still not quite registering the fact that she was alive, whole and finally home on her ship, no…HIS ship.

‘Oh, I have to find him, ‘ she thought, her smile spreading from ear to ear, ‘he’s got to be here somewhere. He actually did it, he got me home!’ She sprang to her feet, ripped off the parka and threw it to the railing, where it landed haphazardly and immediately forgotten as she took notice of her hands. Her hands were young again, strong and supple and no liver spots in sight, she pulled her hair out of its ponytail and found her hair was its original dark brown. Somehow she had regenerated or renewed.

“Oh, I’m young again. This is going to be really interesting.” She raised her voice and called, “Doctor! Doctor where are you?” If possible, her smile widened as she looked around and not seeing what she was looking for, took two steps only to stop short, stumbling over feet, red tennis-shoed feet, sticking out from under the control panel and jumpseat.

“Oh. My. God.” She recognized the black with blue pinstripe legs and her blood ran cold. She stooped down and immediately saw an ornate dagger sticking out of his back as he lay, the cloth matted with still-wet blood, his face turned away from her. Rose took a rattled breath and closed her eyes, steeling herself, she let old training took over. Gently rolling his body toward her, being careful not to disturb the knife, she felt for his pulse at his neck. Thready, but still there, the double beat gently ticking away. She realized she dared not remove the knife until she had him in a more controlled environment, and knew the Infirmary was going to have to do.

Remembering the last time he was unconscious on that long-ago Christmas day and still aware of what was going on around him, she decided to talk to him, on the outside chance he might hear. “Doctor, sweetheart, it’s your Rose. I’m here and you’ve got to hang on for me. I’m going to move you and it’s really going to hurt. I know on some level you can hear me, so just know I’m going to do the best I can. I’m getting you to Infirmary. Do the best you can to help me, but come Hell or High Rassilon, that knife is coming out and you’re going to get better.”

All the while she talked, she moved his legs, arms, repositioned his body, trying to be careful so as not to cause him any further pain. She finally hooked her arms under his legs and pulled him out from under the control panel, then got in front of him and hooked her arms under his armpits and used all of her strength to drag him up the front of her body, all the while keeping an eye on the blade. Starting backwards, she looked for the hallway leading to Infirmary, found it and started moving, dragging him along with her. He groaned and where his head lolled against her shoulder, blood trickled down his chin and onto her shirt, making her look down and she frowned.

“Oh, not good, love, that knife got a lung, but you’ve got your Action Rose on top of things, so just be glad you’re not human or you’d be dead right now." She hefted him higher and frowned. "Have you gained some weight?” Huffing from the exertion, she was almost didn’t make it, but T.A.R.D.I.S. had a habit of moving rooms and for this once, she was grateful as she rounded the bend and it was there. She looked up at her walls and said, “Thanks, Girl for moving it for me so quick.”

Finally getting him to the diagnostic bed, she leaned up an over in one smooth motion and rolled him to his side and gently laid him on his stomach. Once she had him resting comfortably, she started assessing the room and realized it wasn’t as tidy as it once was.

How many times had she’d been in this room…four, five times? She started going through drawers, looking for anything to cut off the coat and then panic set in as she realized there was no way she could read the monitor above his head as it was completely in Gallifreyan. She didn’t have anyway to assess his trauma without blindly having to operate. Her medical field training was more than up to snuff but realized even doctors on earth had x-rays and she had one of the last Gallifreyan Timelords on her table and no inkling to his physiology.

“What am I going to do?” She stopped everything and started breathing, thinking, and suddenly she felt T.A.R.D.I.S. singing to her again, just like in the olden days, her music was still as sweet. One breath, two breaths, then a thought manifested itself and she realized she had to try.

“T.A.R.D.I.S., sweetheart, I’m starting to realize the it had to have been you to bring me back, if only to save him, but I can’t help him if I can’t read the monitor or handle the equipment in here. Is there some way you can teach me, some kind of reverse telepathy to show me what I need to do to heal him? Please, let me be your hands and eyes!”

There was a moment of silence, then she heard her singing again and it was different, the singing was crystal and clear, the knowledge flowing into her like water over pebbles and she just KNEW what had to be done. She took a deep breath and allowed her hands to follow T.A.R.D.I.S.’s song. The monitor above her head flicked on and she could read it and the information it gave her wasn’t good.

She set to work, losing her sense of time as she repaired the damage the knife had caused, grabbing one instrument after another, pain meds, antibiotics, clearing the one lung so that his breath wasn’t labored anymore. She worked for what felt like hours but finally, she was done. He lay bandaged, ashened, his breath still shallow but it was steady, the monitor beating out the double heartbeats like the tattoo of life he was, permanent and solid in her life and for once he wasn’t going anywhere fast. Rose smiled as she felt T.A.R.D.I.S. singing her praise, reassuring her that all was well.

Bone-weary tired, she checked his vitals and decided to go find her old room and clean up, his blood staining her white thermal shirt she still wore from crossing over. She wasn’t surprised when she found that nothing had been moved since she’d left, oh, so long ago. Everything was still where she’d left it except there was an imprint of a body on the bed. Her memory wasn’t so bad that she wouldn’t remember making it that day, so it gave her only one guess what had happened.

45years. She wondered how long it had been for him in this dimension, for nothing really looked like it had aged or yellowed with time. She made it to the bathroom and saw in the mirror that all trace of her true age had disappeared. She looked like she had when she was about 25 with no lines around her eyes and no wrinkled skin withered by the elements. She smiled a tired smile at herself and placed a hand on the wall next to her mirror and tried to convey everything she felt to T.A.R.D.I.S., her happiness, and her gratefulness for being back and she was rewarded with an incredible wave of love and warmth. So strong were the feelings that she nearly collapsed and it broke her resolve and she cried. With a wave, everything she had been through in the last few hours hit her all at once. And she let it all out. Crying harder than at Bad Wolf Bay, she let all the grief and the loss she felt for her old world and her Zeke flow through her and eventually she cried in happiness for finally being where she should have been all this time, at home in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and finally being by his side. Her tears eventually subsided and she washed her face and changed her clothes, noticing they still fit, and even redyed her hair from a bottle she found underneath the sink. As tired as she was, the bed held nothing for her and she made her way back to Infirmary and back to his side.

She ran through the routine again, checking the monitor, his vitals and deciding it was good as it was going to get for now, she pulled up a chair and sat, pulling the blanket up under his chin so that he was cocooned in warmth. She then let her head rest on her arms on his bed and listened to him breath. In and out, in and out, slow and steady his breath came and her eyes were soon too heavy with exhaustion to keep them open and she allowed her self to sleep.

T.A.R.D.I.S. started singing her a lullaby and she began to dream a dreamless sleep, where past and present tasted like stardust and quasars on her lips and the present was nothing more than a banana-flavored cupcake with steel ball bearings, gleaming.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5-Healings

Good morning, Gorgeous. How do you feel?”

Doctor slowly woke as a hand ruffled through his hair, his ears taking on the sounds around him. The voice, that voice, it was the voice of his dreams, but it can’t be…..

“Rose?” He croaked, his throat parched from the medications. Rose was quick with a cup of water and reached under his head and gently lifted. “Here, this is some water, just take a sip, all those pain meds take their toll…” Once she saw that he did, she set the cup down next to her on the nearby table and slowly lowered him back down on the pillows. He kept looking at her, the shock on his face was complete, yet, he surprised her and he smiled as brilliantly as he could. “My Rose?”

She smiled. “Your Rose.”



“No.” He put an arm behind his head and continued to smile as if he caught the cat catching the canary.

“Yes, and if you say ‘no’ one more time, I’ll pinch you for it for having to repeat myself.” She smiled wide at him but was confused on why he didn't believe his own eyes...They were attached, right?

“You can’t be ‘My Rose’ because she’s in another dimension with no return. I'm hallucinating, that's it. The universe is having a horrid sense of humor at my pain and suffering and why aren’t we at Torchwood?”

Rose sat back and smiled, finally undewrstanding where he was coming from...Well, two could play that game. Crossing her arms, she considered her response. “I don’t know anything about your Torchwood, but, what did Sherlock Holmes always say?”


“If a trash can smells like a trash can, looks like a trash can and feels like a trash can, then usually it’s a trash can. Knowing you, though, you’d probably run a spectro-analysis on it, analyze the results and lick it before you’d proclaim it a trash can.” Her smile broadened when she saw the results of statement reflected on his face.

“He never said that and by the by, he’s a fictional character.” He sniffed and looked at the ceiling then added, "I don't lick everything, just what needs to be analyzed. Scientists do that." "What? Analyze or the licking?"

"Uhm, both." She got up and stood over the bed and leaned over braced herself, until she was 2 inches from his face. She never lost her smile, the mischievous glint making her eyes sparkle. He really looked at her then, taking in ever centimeter of her face. “Well, then. Be Sherlock and analyze me. Lick me.”



She languidly looked over his face and then down to the top of his shirt and then back up, straight into his eyes. “Then how are you going to ascertain a logical conclusion if you refuse to run a preliminary analysis? You’d be defeating the purpose in testing the very theory you’re trying to conclude is not possible when a scientist’s sole purpose is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“You don’t even sound like my Rose! Your accent is more…refined.”

“’Your Rose’ has had 45 years of living and learning under her belt and is a laureated Doctor of Physics in her own right. Compared to you, that’s just a high school diploma, but it’s a hell of a better start than being 19 and a high school drop out and constantly saying ‘huh?’ every time you tried to explain something technical to me. Now, Lick me.”

He stared at her, looking over her features and was at a loss for words. “But….you look only about, I don’t know, 23?”

“And you look the same since the last time I saw you but I’m not complaining.”

Before he could respond, she closed the two inches and kissed him, running her tongue along the edge of his lips and then deepened it, tasting him as he was tasting her. She allowed herself a few moments of pleasure before she tried to come up for air but his arms suddenly came up and held her head in his hands, deepening the kiss even further until Rose literally saw stars.

He was scanning her mind and she could feel him opening one door after another, as each memory shifted like photographs in an album and she decided to allow him. She could feel his emotions roiling just under the surface, battling and then finally believing until he came to her memories of her death and he abruptly broke the kiss. He looked straight into her eyes and the pain she saw there was intense. She couldn’t tell whether it was for him or her, yet it was there. He believed. She smiled a sad smile but didn’t move a muscle, waiting.

“By Rasillon…Rose…My Rose.” To her surprise she saw his eyes well with tears and it was enough to make her mist up, too. She did her best not to hurt him as she leaned down to hold him with both arms. “Missed you too, love. I told you forever and am damned stubborn to keep my promises. Didn’t think all I had to do was vacuate my abdominal cavity to do it, or I’d’ve been back sooner.”

She felt him laugh and she sat back and saw the resulting grimace as he suffered a wave of pain.

She gave it a thought and then decided. “Do you want to be well?”

He let out a breath and looked at her, realizing what she was trying to say. “Just because you’ve got the energy Rose, doesn’t mean you just go around and---“

“Oh, now, listen to the lecture when the mighty Timelord becomes the guinea pig?” She got up and turned, putting hands on her hips and made her decision. She turned back and the look in her eyes made him sink further into his pillows. Her eyes were glowing their familiar yellow that, until now, he’d only seen when she destroyed the Daleks. “Rose….you can’t….”

“Oh, yes I can, and I’ve done it before. Just because you can’t handle the power doesn’t mean I can’t. I’ve mutated, Doctor.” She again stood by the bed and looked down at him and the impression she gave was of a Golden Goddess. With each word she spoke, the energy built until even her aura glowed. “You’re just going to have to accept your woman has a talent you haven’t got. You have the brains and I’ll be your brawn, deal?” She held out her hand as if to shake and he looked at it as if it was a snake that would bite. It didn't glow as the rest of her did. Seconds passed and he finally took her hand without saying a word.

“I could have done this before when I got the knife out, but I didn’t want to do it without your permission. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Can you finally have faith in me that I’m not going to abuse the power T.A.R.D.I.S. gave me? Will you trust me as much as she does?”

His smile was slow in coming, but there it was, and she took it for what it was worth. “Yes.”

Without another hesitation, the energy snaked from her and flowed down her arm and into him quick and precise, and the power of the healing lifted him and raised him two inches off the bed. Before he could take another breath, the energy stopped and she withdrew it slowly, allowing him to settle back down. He tingled all over from it but he never let his eyes leave hers, watching as her eyes went back to normal.

“How do you feel now, my Timelord?” She smiled a small smile, wondering what he was going to say or do next.

He then sat up and swung his feet off the bed, and when he looked up, his smile would have cracked Rasillon’s mirror with its intensity.

“I feel….reborn. My Rose,” he hopped off the bed and stood nose to nose with her, grabbing both of her hands in his. “Will you please fix me a cup of tea and then after that, I plan on snogging you till the equines come home.”
She laughed out loud at that and knew she had to correct him. “That’s Dr. Rose Tyler, Mister and you mean cows, not horses, and if you feel that frisky, you can fix your own cup of tea. It's been 24 houra since I last had a shower and I'm taking one now, since you're better and, when I’m done," she leaned in and whispered into his ear, making him shiver, "you better be prepared to do more than snog.” At that she smiled, gave a wink and walked off, down the corridor and out of sight.

He watched her go. “Gaawww! That’s my Rose!" The it hit him. What he'd waited years to say and he never said it. "Oh, Rassilon, I forgot to tell her I loved her!”

From another part of T.A.R.D.I.S., her voice drifted back to him in response. “I heard that! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you later!”

He stood there and a grin spread from ear to ear. He grabbed his dressing gown and put it on and shoved his hands in its pockets, whistling as he made his way back to the kitchen. Yessirree, this was a good day to almost die. Now where were those teabags?

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6-Strategies

Rose, dressed in her robe, came out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel and didn't see the Doctor, glasses on, standing at her doorway with 2 large cups in his hands, steaming. Nor did she see the dour look on his face. Rubbing as much as the water out as she could, her hair was standing on end when she finally became aware of his presence. She threw the towel on the bed and smiled at him as she grabbed for one of the cups.

"Thanks, love. Oh, I so needed this," she smelled it and smiled even brighter. "and, its Earl Grey! I'm in heaven!"

She noticed the look on his face as she took a sip and the alarms went off in her head; her former military training making her adrenaline rise. "What's wrong?"

Without answering her, he walked over to her bed and sat down, picking up her discarded white thermal shirt in the process. He sat his cup on the nightstand and looked at the shirt, examining the stains on it. "I went to the control room and found your coat."

"And?" She let go the breath she was holding and tried to relax. "You know what happened...you saw it in my head. Are you upset over so much blood? I'm mean, I'm over it, really." Instead of sitting down next to him, she decided to stand, watching him.

He continued not to look at her, but the hands on her shirt had stopped their movements and had become balled fists. Yet, when he spoke, his voice was almost calm, detached. "You were right about the mutation. You're changed. I ran an analysis on the blood I found on your coat and it came up with...interesting results. Interesting, no not the right word...it'll have to do for now... I also checked the coordinates for Torchwood. They've been changed."

"So, where and when are we at?" Who could change coordinates other than the Doctor?
She waited for him to finish, and yet he didn't. She sat down and looked at him, her cup forgotten in her hands. She tried a different track. "You did all that while I was taking a shower? Well...so, I'm still the Big Bad Wolf. Nothing I didn't already know about. I ran my own tests back when. It showed I was still human, but the results on the basic DNA strand showed significant mutation to certain strands of genome, especially on the non-coding sequencing of the nuclear DNA structure. So, ergo, I'm your basic human Quasi-Timelord." She tried to catch hos eye and when she finally did, he smiled, but it was small.

"By Rassilon, I still can't get used to you talking shop with me. Seeing it in your head is one thing...."

She hit his arm in a gentle slap, smiling. "Oh, shut up, you. I'm not a figment of your imagination anymore, that's all."

The look he gave her meant she nailed her assumtion right but he only continued to smile, letting go one side of the shirt and reached for her hand and held it tight. 'Ooh, this is serious,' she wryly thought, as she studied the hand that hel hers. "It's more than that. When was the last time you did these tests?" His look was intense, and she let out a small laugh in response as he continued to stare at her, waiting for her to answer.

"Oh, now, look who's being enigmatic." The look he gave her stopped her from quipping any further. She thought, 'OK, I'll play along.'

"I don't know, let's see." She looked up at the cieling, thinking. "It manifested by the time I was 25, by the time I got my Doctorate, I was finally capable enough in my studies to run the tests I needed to run. That was about 35....I guess..about 20 years ago was the last time I bothered. Why?"

He squeezed her hand, looking her straight in the eye and gave her the most serious look he could. He began, taking a deep breath and unconsciously, she held her breath as well. 'Uh-oh, here we go...'
"You've mutated more than you know. You're full-blown Gallifreyan. There's nothing left of your human DNA structure except some remnants of strand that allows you to have one heart instead of two, and...and you can regenerate but, from what I can tell, there's a probablility you'll always look the same. On top of that, from the indications of this shirt, which doesn't have a hole in it the size of a teaplate, you affect the moleculer structure of whatever is touching you at the time you're using the vortex energy." He stopped and watched her face, afraid of how she would react to the news. If anything, he was shocked at the results himself. What if she Bad Wolfed on him right now?
She sat for a moment in stunned silence and then hooted with laughter, spilling tea as she went. He grabbed for the cup before she emptied it completely. This was not what he was expecting.

"Hey now!"

"Ooooh, this is precious! This is so posh! Oh, my GOD, the ironies!" She could barely get her breath in between her infectious giggles and he couldn't help smiling, watched her.
"Could you let me in on the joke? This is serious! The implications of the test results are phenomenally important. I don't know any other species that could be affected like this, how you could be affected by this..."

"You." It took several seconds but she finally got herself controlled enough to speak, bouncing on the bed as she sat down. "You. Mister 'I'm-not-into-domestication-or-mortgages,' Mister, 'I'm-flying-around-the-universe-being-the-Ongoing-Storm-and-being-the-terror-of-all-known-Delaks!' You're ship played Cupid, fixed you up with a Mate and did it without your permission! You've just been lassoed into your own version of 'Adam and Eve!' This is too rich!" With that, she went into another spasm of giggles, holding her stomach, trying to contain herself. She finally laid back and propped herself up on one arm, her giggles slowly calming down.

"I've been resolved to my fate for years, love. Gallifreyan? It's all par for the course. It's a good thing you love me, huh? Want an apple? Say you love me..."

He whipped around and landed on top of her, smiling maniacally. "It's gets better! How about the fact we're 10,000 years in your past, right over what's going to be Canary Wharf, London. We haven't had anyone to knock on the door because there's no one out there to knock on it and the energy anamolies are the same as what I encountered in Antarctica. Probably the same anomalies that you encountered just before you died. It's transcended time and space and it's centered right here. We've both been attacked in an attempt to rid us from history both in this dimension and your old one so that whomever is playing God out there wouldn't be interrupted."

Rose,her giggled stopped and took in his words, but not the way the Doctor intended. She only frowned, thinking. "Obviously, whoever attacked you didn't know Timelord physiology and wasn't prepared for a human Timelord..oh, excuse me, a female human-Gallifreyan hybrid, to be precise..and...didn't expect a T.A.R.D.I. S. to take matters in her own hands, so to speak...But that doesn't make sense..." She stopped and looked him straight in the eye. "Tachyon emmissions?"

His eyes brows nearly touched his hairline. "Yes! How-"
She got up, forcing him to sit back as she went for her cup of tea. She took a sip, not looking at him as she responded. "I had a dream. While you were out of it. It was...disturbing. I couldn't make sense of it until now..."


She took another sip and replied over the rim of her cup, "does Krillitanes and the Skasas Theory jog any memories?"

He stared at her as her words sunk in. "No..."

"Yes." Her word was short and final in its tone.

"No, they can't be. We wiped out Brother Lassar and his kind to stop that agenda."

She reached out and ran a hand along his cheek, feeling the stubble there. Looking into his eyes, his gorgeous expressive brown eyes that could speak volumes without him uttering a word, were slowly turning inward and she felt the muscles there tighten. She didn't have to read his mind to know that he came to the same conclusion as she had.

"Revenge. Revenge and ultimate power."

Her thumb continued to gently rub the stubble there as she responded, years of speculation finally coming together for her in a the double beat of a heart. "Yes. He has relatives who were just as visionary as he was and their thirst for power is even more extreme. Your wonderful ship had more than an ulterior motive in changing me. Somehow she detected it in the time stream and she did what she had to do. She needs both of us to be who we are now, since there aren't any more Timelords to intervene and set things right." She dropped her hand and let it rest in her lap, watchingt him.

"By Rassilon....why does it always have to come to that?" He almost sounded whiney and she smiled as he continued, rubbing the back of his neck. "All these little primitive species running around and getting all riled up. They get a little technology and get delusions of granduer and want to control everything. And the Krillitanes! Worst of the worst!"

She set her cup back down and settled next to him and took his hand again in both of hers. "Like a two year old, huh? Well, seems like we've got some work to do, and I'm definitely up for a challenge if you are. They've involved the-Oh, let's just call them the 'Z' species to do their dirty work but I still haven't figured out how the hydrogen collection factors in, but I'll leave that to your wonderful mind." She bent down to catch his eye and smiled, and he couldn't help but smile back.

"Remember? You be the brains and I be the brawn?" She got up and straddled his lap and sat down,taking off his glasses and putting them on the nightstand, then rested both arms on his shoulders and played with the hair at the back of his neck. He closed his eyes, the look on his face tired but enjoying the touch. "Rose...I don't want you endangered..."

"If I can be a team leader commanding up to 30 men and running my own Torchwood, don't you think I'm capable enough to handle a wayward 'little species'? Why count your druthers and go with it? Are there any indications that we've been detected?" She began rubbing the back of his neck, starting in little circles, applying more pressure, working the tension out she felt there.

"Rose...No, not from what I can tell." His eyes remained closed and the look on his face let her know her actions were having their affect.

"Good, then we have time. Now, I was supposed to remind you about a little detail that you happened not to mention earlier. Come on, tell me." She leaned close to his ear and whispered, her lips just touching the edges of it. "Finish what you were about to say at Bad Wolf Bay and I want it nice," she nipped the edge for emphasis, and made her next words breathy, making him shudder. "And proper."

"Rose Tyler...."


"Dr. Rose Tyler..."

"Yes?" She continued to nuzzle his ear and ran the tip of her tongue along his earlobe.

"I love you with both of my very two hearts and intend to never let you go, possibly for all eternity."

She stopped what she was doing, shocked, her heart in her throat and searched his face and saw the sincerity there. A slow smile started then, matching his.

"You actually mean it."


She squealed and pushed him back on the bed, kissing him until she had to come up for air.

"In all of my sixty-five years, I never dreamed you'd actually admit it..."

He smiled, tucking her hair behind an ear. "Well, I've had six years to think...."

"It's only six years here? My side was forty!"

"I promise, we'll run some more tests and get to the bottom of this and we're going to stop it, like only we can, but I have 'other' things that must be attended to." He wiggled his eyebrows, making her laugh. "So...do you want to get started or am I dealing with a slow-learner? Do we need some lessons? Or should I call this snog first and gene-split later-"

Her mouth caught his and kissed him more passionately than he thought possible. He held her tight and let nature take it's course.
"Oh, Rose....My Rose...."

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon

Chapter 7

Later, much, much later, the Doctor woke up extremely underclothed and starving. He looked around and found no Rose but a plate of still warm food and a note. He eyeballed it as he grabbed for his glasses. 'Oh, no, she didn't.'

He swung his legs out from under the covers and grabbed for the robe left at the end of the bed. Taking up the note as soon as he was tying the sash, it confirmed his worst fears. "No, she didn't...." He read the note as he went out of her room and back to his for some real clothes,

"Dear Gorgeous, you looked too cute to
do something nasty like wake you up, so I
decided to let you sleep. I did some prelim
analysis from T.A.R.D.I.S.'s computer and
went on Recon. I know you must be famished,
so I cooked us up some 'grub' as my men would
call it, and plan on being back in about two
hours. Sorry about leaving you alone, but old
habits die hard. I promise to be back soon,
hopefully with some real answers. Oh, and by
the way, if you're really angry at me at this
point, take two deep breaths and say an
'Ohm' to the universe and it calms down
the 'angrys' really, really fast.

Eat, enjoy and if your really THAT angry,
why don't you come and find me?

Your Rose"

"She did." Then the implications hit him and he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "She can read the screen on the computer? She's not supposed to do that!"

He started grabbing for clothes as fast as he could, food long forgotten. T.A.R.D.I.S. then began to sing again, letting him know what she did. "What? You did what?! Now, old girl, that's taking it a bit too far, she's only human-I know she full Gallifreyan now, but she's not ready-No, she's not! She needs to learn--Well, it's not my fault your taught her how to read it..well I was trying to find out what was going on in the Antarctic, how was I to know it was a trap and I'd get stabbed in the back?"

Her last answer made him rub his face in frustration. "Alright, alright, just tell me where she's at." A few moments went by and his face dropped. "She's where? That close? My, God, I've got to get out there!"

He ran to the control room and set the teleportation sequencing to with in 50 feet of her position and hit the switch. Within moments, T.A.R.D.I.S. confirmed landing and he set off after her, concern etched on his face with every step he took. This was the Holocene era, a time period that was after the glacier ice age,with one nasty creature after the other roaming the forests and was dangerous enough without having aliens in the mix. Giving her a lecture was the least of his worries.

Rose checked her wrist monitor one more time. High energy readings emitted from the 20 foot high mound in front of her. She had to give the aliens some credit for doing some home work in warding off the locals, since official mound building and sacred sites didn't start for another 2,000 years or so in this era. Hoping she wasn't detected from her hidden postion behind some old forest trees and shrubs, she calibrated her monitor for a more precise sweep.

"What are you doing?" Came a sudden whisper behind her and her Doctor was at her side. Her heart skipped a beat as she jumped, but her fingers kept working at her wrist.

"What does it look like? I'm working." She pushed another button as the monitor blipped.

"You could have woke me, I told you-"

"You told me you were going to run some tests in the morning, and now its morning and I woke up first. How was breakfast?" She didn't look up to see his exasperated reaction. "Didn't eat. You were gone."

That made her look up. "Aaah, that was one of my best breakfasts, ever, and you wasted it. Weren't you hungry?"

He grabbed her arm. "Yes, very, very hungry but when your Lady Timelord goes missing-"

"Oooo, so I'm a 'Lady Timelord' now, huh? I wondered what my new title would be, being full-blown Gallifreyan and all."

"That's beside the point! You're not supposed to go galavanting off without me-"

She looked at him with steel in her eyes, and he stopped mid-sentence. "I am 65 years old and fully aware of my position. I'm not 19, despite appearances. Have you forgotten that already? I've led men into battle-"

The Doctor dropped his hand from her arm, and looked down and took a deep breath, realizing his mistake. "I know. I'm sorry."

The birds twittered in the trees as the silence stretched out between them and Rose decided to end it. "Look, you love me, I love you, we've had years of separation but we're still a team, right?"

The Doctor cleared his throat and shoved his hands in his pockets, managing to look slightly sheepish. "Quite right, so...have you found anything interesting since you've been out here playing cowboy?"

She blinked. "Didn't you run the tests you wanted to run? I was hoping what you were doing would coincide with the results I've found."

'"Well, I was too busy reading notes and throwing clothes on in a panic to run tests." He looked down at her wrist monitor as if suddenly seeing it for the first time. "So, what have you found?"

Getting back to business, she kneeled and he followed her, pushing some buttons at her wrist. "Last night, what you said about only 6 years had passed during my forty really bothered me. How could time be so off between both universes, when they're supposed to be parallel worlds? How could time speed up on one side and practically slow down on the other? What would make T.A.R.D.I.S pull out of set coordinates and go in the opposite direction, so many years in the past, even while you lay bleeding on the floor? You and I both know about the Krillitanes and their want for Universal control, but why would they want hydrogen and why would we end up so far in the past in our search for them? The energy anomalies were unknown in my alternate dimension. We couldn't identify it for all it was because we didn't have the technology. Since my monitor retained those readings, I asked T.A.R.D.I.S. to patch into my tech to analyze and this is what she gave me."

She held out her wrist for him to see and he suddenly lost his balance and plopped back, shocked. "Black matter, leaking from one universe into the other, and enough hydrogen to created a million atomic bombs. The Big Bang Theory. They've cracked the Code. Their about to re-write the universes."

She brought her wrist back and rested it on her leg. "Yes, in your 2012, and, they needed time to do it and didn't have enough hydrogen, the right kind of hydrogen, to do it. They needed pristine ice, not ice polluted with chemicals of modern day earth, so they went to Antarctica to mine the ice and came back here to start the procedures. From what I can tell, the rift hasn't been created yet. But, for Gwyneth to close the rift, where had it come from and where did it begin? How could it have manifested out of nothing? It wasn't by accident the Gelf knew it was there."

"Here. And the Gelf were probably working through the Ziemeratans to get what they needed and knew about me, so they had to make sure to get me out of the way...and you as well."

"Yes, love."

A moment passed, and then two and the reaction she was expecting came. "Why didn't I see this before? How could I have missed it?"

She ticked off one finger and then two, a small smile on her face. "Number one, you were supposed to be dead with a knife in your back and two, you had other 'things' on your mind." She smiled at the look on his face and held out her hand, which he took automatically. "The Gelf might have known you had two hearts, but the Ziemerans might not have, and their assasination attempt went wrong because of it. I guess it was a bonus that they were successful with me, but they didn't count T.A.R.D.I.S. stepping in and regenerating me, thereby making me who I am today." She lowered her voice. "And, you know what? The Krillitanes made one helluva mistake when they killed me. 'Hell hath no fury when a Lady Time Lord is blown away." She made it sound like a joke but the Doctor shuddered, even as he leaned forward and kissed her, his voice low and ominous.

"They've made an even bigger mistake. They only got one warning and that was it. Now they're dealing with me." He got up and brought her up with him. "Let's get back to the T.A.R.D.I.S., I've got some work to do."

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8-Ultimate Things

Rose watched him from the jump seat for two hours, running from the different rooms of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and back, all the while sipping on a cup of coffee. He was grabbing this piece of machinery, that tool, running more scans and getting more readings, all the while with a deadly gleam in his eye. She wasn't going to pretend anymore that half of the the things he was explaining to her went right over her head, she just kept nodding and asking him if he wanted a cup of tea. With each response of "No, not yet," she figured he'd eventually say yes and had the cup of tea ready and waiting when he was, but that didn't stop her from thinking.

Thinking and planning. She couldn't let him end up with more blood on his hands, and that's where this was going, it had the potential, no matter how many times she ran over the events in her mind. She continued to watch him and reflect, taking in his every move. Forty years of wanting him, needing him and loving him and wishing to hear his voice again had taken their toll on her soul and yet, here she was and the miracle and the irony wasn't lost on her. It made her final decision that much harder to make.

She already suspected she'd have to stop the Krillitanes, the way only she could do it. They'd already broken the code, gathered up their necessities and were already ninety-five percent in completion of their plans when she'd made the discovery of the earth mound. She hadn't told him yet of what she found there before she ran out in sheer fright from the impact of what she saw, but she knew he'd forbid her if she went back and implement her own plan. He'd never let her go back because he'd be afraid to lose her, maybe for the last time. His theories of her being able to regenerate may be good, but they were just theories and she didn't want to have to put them to the test. Yet, with everything she'd seen, it looked like this was a solo, one way mission. 'The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away...' she thought, finally realizing what gallows humor was.

The memories flooded back and she let them. After stepping through the doorway hidden as part of the earthen structure, there were steps and the steps led down into a tunnel. It opened up into a cavernous and extremely deep hole in the ground with layer upon layer of what looked like munitions, gleaming and ready for their deadly intent. With the extra machinery there, she knew this facility had to be automated.

All the while, one thought kept running through her head. "What are suns made of? How do suns work, what are suns made of.." and realized that the Krillitanes were going to make this earth, her earth, with all of the hydrogen they'd collected, they'd make her earth a new sun bursting into a new galaxy and ripping a hole into her old alternate earth and using the rift to do it, creating the biggest Big Bang of all universes...and she had unwittingly gave them exactly what they needed before she died in Antarctica. Oh, her Doctor had it right. He could have taken his summations of their present quandry and banked them for all they were worth. It wouldn't wash the blood off of her hands, but knowing this was one less burden on him, made her decision easier.

She mentally asked T.A.R.D.I.S. what she thought, but there was no response, which was an answer unto its self. She had to do this alone. For the last hour she'd known this but she just couldn't move, yet she knew the longer they waited, the less time they had. 'God, we're Timelords and even we're running out of time, aren't we?' Her telepathic rhetorical question came back without a response, as was to be expected. There would be no angels trumpeting to herald a new dawn if she were successful. If they were lucky, birdsong would be the only music to their ears and yet, for her it would be enough. It would have to be. If she were successful. IF.

She got up, sat down her cup and made her decision, for better or for worse. She folded her arms and unconsciously stood her ground.

"Doctor." His head was under the controls and he must not have heard her. "Doctor!"

His head popped up and looked at her expectantly, thinking she was going to ask him if he was ready for his tea again but noticed her stance and the look on her face brought him to a full stop and stood up. "You've got my full attention, Rose. What 's the matter. What are you thinking?"

She looked at the floor, not looking at him, her hair partially hiding her face as she spoke. "I know how to fix this. I know because I saw what's inside the mound and everything your doing here really isn't going to stop the inevitable."

"What? Why didn't you tell me? What did you see in that mound, Rose? First of all, how did you get into the mound? I can't even get a bead on the sensors."

"I used my special talent. As for your sensors, they're probably using some kind spatial phase inhibitor so that even if you survived your assasination attempt, T.A.R.D.I.S. still wouldn't be able to get a reading on their position., that is, if they're out there. The place looked fully automated."

He stepped up to her and put both hands on her arms, gently forcing her to look at him. "And how would you know that, Dr. Rose Tyler?"

She couldn't help a small smile form as she answered him. "I've run into it a time or two in my career." She turnd away and moved out of his arms, taking a deep breath as she put some space between them.

"You know, I told you we're a team, right? Well, the only way we're going to stop them is if I stop them. I'm the Key, the Big Bad Wolf, a newly mutated Lady Timelord the likes this universe hasn't seen in a long time, maybe since Rassilon."

Her words shocked him, "Rose, I can't let-!" He made to take step toward her and she held out a hand. "No! You have to listen. You've been running back and forth in this ship, recalibrating, running tests and doing everything you can to fix this but this isn't going to be done by your hand. You can't do it. You're not designed to do it."

Her words slowly sunk in and he leaned against the controls as he realized what she was saying. "My God, Rose...."

She made her way to the other side of the controls, the green and yellow lights reflecting in her face, making her look...alien. "I have to stand in the precipace before they open the rift to ensure it never develops, just like Gwynnyth. I have to make sure the rift stays closed so that the two universes don't meet and I have to do it from here. 2012 already has a leaking rift, but if I do what I need to do from here, it will never have opened to begin with. That mound has enough munitions to wipe this planet off the face of the universe and create a whole new sun. If the rift opens at the same time, ergo, the Biggest Bang you'll ever see in all of your ten lives. And the odd thing is, I know you knew that but you didn't want to tell me, because your biggest weakness is me. You don't want to lose me but funny thing is, I don't want to lose you, either. So you've been running arund here trying to come up with another answer and I've let you, but we both know it's simple. Its me, its just me and has always been me, from the moment I looked into T.A.R.D.I.S.'s heart. So....this is me, walking out because we both know this is a very possible one-way mission. We don't have anymore time left." Unable to look at him, she continued to look at her feet as she spoke. "I have a couple of universes to save."

She abruptly turned and stepped to the ramp, only to be stopped by two arms coming up behind her and holding her, whispering in her ear,the desperation im his voice nearly breaking her resolve and her tears threatened to spill. "Rose, not yet, my love. don't go. I'll find an answer, I promise. We'll do this together. We have to. I can't lose you. Not again."

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and she felt his lips kissing the spot on her where her heart beat, trying her best not to cry, yet a tear escaped and it slid back into her hair. At that precise moment, the T.A.R.D.I.S. rocked and the Doctor helped her keep her balance, bracing them both against the railing of the ramp. She whipped around as soon as she could stand and kissed him hard, taking a deep breath as she stepped back.

"Old Girl, I'm ready." She began to glow, her eyes shining from their golden brown to the now familiar yellow gold as the time vortex energy built. The ship rocked again and the Doctor saw his ship create a visible energy link from her body to the control panel. "No! No! Not yet!"

Her golden hair whipped about as the energy built to a peak and her voice sounded like it was coming from far away. "I hope you believe in heaven, my Love, because I have every intention of dragging you there when your ready. I love you so very much with all of my one heart." She smiled a sad smile. "See you on the other side, Gorgeous." Her body then winked out and disappeared into the brilliance as another shock waive knocked him to his knees.

He slammed a fist to floor in his frustration. "This isn't the end, Rose Tyler! Damn it! You're not getting away from me that easily!"

He grabbed the sonic screwdriver off the control panel and headed out the door, off into the forest toward the mound.

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Chapter 9: Chapter 9-Rebirth

The Doctor made it to the base of the mound which was already glowing with golden energy but the going was tough. The energy that was being used was violently disturbing the atmosphere. He walked the perimeter of the mound, scanning it as he went, looking for the door and, then he found it. He reset the settings on the screwdriver and the camouflage that was the side of the mound disappeared and a doorway appeared. He protected his face as he went in, the way illuminated by small lights leading through a tunnel and down stairs until he came to an overhang and the site nearly took his breath away.

Below him were row after row of bombs, all in uniform length and size, going down into the inky blackness but they were disappearing one after the other, as Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth, hung suspended in the air in front of him, encased in the vortex energy about 15 feet away and ten feet above his head. She had one arm below her, de-molecularizing all the bombs her energy touched, and above her, her other arm was forcing a green vortex of energy back from whence it came, but it wasn't stopping it.

Desperately, he looked around and found a bank of equipment. five feet from him and fully activated, mounted on the side of the wall creating the mound. He reset the settings on the screwdriver and aimed it, hanging over the railing as best he could to get as close as he could get to the panels, until, one after the other, they started sparking and blowing out, the smoke drifting down into the pit.

When he looked back on Rose again to check her progress, she was still fighting the vortex energy, but all of the bombs were gone, and a visible pile of dust remained far below.

Before he could call out to her, the green energy became brighter, the sound it made higher in pitch and the Doctor realized this must be coming from the alternate earth. There was nothing he could do except watch as she fought the energy back, the effort written on her face, her body straining to keep the vortex energy flowing. In moments, she started to rise higher and higher, until a creaking was heard and the rendering and screetching of steel gave way, and the ceiling of the mound fell around Rose, and still she fought the energy back, rising higher and higher.

The Doctor ran back the way he came and out of the mound, scrambling up the side until he was at the top, and still Rose lifted higher.

A thought occurred to the Doctor and decided it might work, if only she could do it. 'Rose,' he projected his thought to her, and she seemed to hear, for she turned her head in his direction. 'Rose, manifest the energy to the other side, reach through the void and destroy it there. You can do it, just will it, make it happen.'

Her response echoed in his own mind, silvery and weak in its whisper, but he heard it. "Yes, love, doing the best I can. Your wish is my command..stay back, I don't know what's going to happen..'

Her energy suddenly got brighter, more concentrated and the very fabric of the sky opened as the all too familiar rift appeared, a black whole gaping in a blue sky.

'Noooooo!' Her scream echoed in his mind and made him drop to his knees, holding his head in pain.

"Roooose." Before he'd realized it, he had screamed her name out loud, unable to hold back his own pain from her tortured cry. He struggled to get up, but even as he struggled, suddenly the light and the noise and the very wind itself calmed down, and the silence was deafening.

He succeeding in getting to his feet and looked up, but there wasn't anything in the sky. No Rose, no green energy vortex and no rift. The sky had returned to normal as if the traumatic event never occurred. He looked down below him, looking for her body, but nothing could be seen for the trees and fauna.

He ran down the side of the mound, trying not to slip and succeeded in sliding the rest of the way in his haste to find her. Mentally, he called out for her but there was no answer. His hearts were beating like castenettes as he search the ground for her, hoping and praying to Rassilon she was still alive.

After 10 minutes, he found her as he rounded a bend in the thicket, her body lay crumpled in a heap and cradled in ferns, her body and face turned away from him.

Carefully, gently, he straightened out her limbs and turned her over so that he could see her face, only to find her eyes wide open and staring into nothing. Seeing this, his hearts broke and the panic and grief nearly choked him as he cradled her in his arms. "Rose, come back to me Rose. Don't leave me here all alone. Look, love, you did it, you closed the rift. Now, you've got to come back to me Rose Tyler...you made a promise, damn it! You said forever...Rose, you said forever!"

Her eyes remained wide and he realized no breath was coming from her body, and he knew he had lost her once again.

He was alone.


With this, he utterly and completely broke down, his sobs echoing off into the distance. It took time, but he knew he had to get up and take her body back to the T.A.R.D.I.S., but he just didn't have the will to move. He looked at her face again and brushed the golden hair away from her eyes and tucked it behind one ear, rocking her back and forth in his grief.

Suddenly her body jerked, and she gasped for air, blinking, her once-sightless eyes trying to take in everything at once. "Doctor... heard you calling me...you were so far away..."

The Doctor nearly dropped her in his surprise but held on tight, his face still wet with tears. "Sshhh. It's OK, By Rassilon, you're OK. God, Rose, you did it, you stopped them from breaching the universes. I'm going to pick you up and we going back to the T.A.R.D.I.S., and you're going to rest."

"Need to, yeah, hurt...all over, home."

Her eyes closed, but she was breathing and he bent an ear to her heart just to make sure. Yes, there it was, it's simple heartbeat music to his ears. He got up and slowly positioned her so that when he picked her up, he wouldn't do any more damage and carefully carried her back to the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Back home.

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10-Epilogue

Torchwood One had been leading the battle for most of the day with the local ground forces, trying to stave off the alien attack. Brown winged beings had been circling, killing and maiming and setting up equipment despite their best efforts to stop the invasion.

Four months had passed since Zeke Tyler had lost his Aunt Rose and was now leader of her commando unit. He was down to four men on the front line with no hope for reinforcements when his miracle took place.

Just as he shot at the latest alien swooping down upon his head, the green beam of particle energy started getting brighter, it’s thrumming making his teeth hurt when he saw her.

The briefest of glimpses of a figure incased in her familiar yellow energy and his jaw dropped. His Aunt Rose’s body appeared high in the sky before him, her body visibly strained from repelling the beam but with one last shove of both hands, the vortex energy burst from her in a ball of light and straight down into the midst of the alien ship that was projecting it, destroying it to smithereens and then she was gone, winking out of existence. If he hadn’t been watching that part of the sky at that very moment, he would have missed her. He fell to his knees. He had his proof that angels do exist and one of them was his beloved Aunt Rose. He crossed himself and said a prayer of thanks as tears threatened to escaped, unnoticed, as his men jumped with jubilee.

Earth’s Defender and Avenging Angel had saved the day.


The Doctor monitored Rose for most of the night and into the next morning. She remained unconscious, but her life signs were steady and he hoped that her state was only induced by the amount of energy she’d had expelled in repelling the alien attack.

He had dressed, shaved, and eaten, because he knew she’d have admonished him for it if he hadn’t. He set the T.A.R.D.I.S. forward in time and monitored the rift from 2012 and though it was closed, it still emitted a slight energy signature, but it was nowhere near what it had been in his previous time lines. There were a few more things he had to do before he returned to her side, so he made sure that T.A.R.D.I.S. kept him apprised of her condition as he dashed about.

First on the agenda was taking care of the Krillitanes on this side of the Void. The Oncoming Storm was an appropriate name well earned after he got done with them. He would try to leave as many details out of if Rose ever asked but suffice it to say, they wouldn’t never use the knowledge they had so illicitly gained in vengeance again.

The Gelf would never be able to access the rift since it was now closed, nor would the Ziemeratans go from planet to planet razing each in their search for water.

A few atmospheric changes allowed their world to flourish, with lakes and oceans and they had to learn a new way to survive. He made sure, putting the right word in the right ear, that haberdasheries would be the latest craze of the universe, and Ziemera would be the leader of the fashion craze. And by the seven hour of the seventh day, so it was done. So much for commerce.

The last stop was Torchwood. The future Face of Boe needed to be introduced to the Newest Lady Timelord and the Doctor couldn’t resist the temptation. T.A.R.D.I.S. confirmed that she was now sleeping as he felt the ship settle down.

'Good,' he thought to himself, 'now I can play ‘Prince Charming,’ as he opened the door.

Captain Jack Harkness sat at his desk, spending another late night at the office when the T.A.R.D.I.S. materialized behind him and the Doctor stepped out.

He leaned back in his chair and put both hands behind his head. “Hey, Doc! Nice to see you…is the world come to an end? Should I be grabbing the posterior with both hands?”
He smiled, and 150% of charm oozed from his every pore.

The Doctor stood at the doorway, hands in his pockets and smiled. “Don’t you wish? Why do you ask? Can’t a Timelord visit a friend?”

He got up and walked toward him, smiling. “You never visit unless the world is coming to an end! How are you doing? Do you still have that last companion…what was her name…Donna? Yeah, there was Martha and then Donna. How’s she doing?”

“I actually don’t know, dropped her off a few months ago..got a new one, though. Would you like to meet her? You might know her, she goes back awhile.”

He shook his head, laughing. “Boy, do you go through them! Sure, don’t mind if I do. Got to meet the new team member, get her broke in, huh?”

The Doctor never said a word as Jack followed him in and looked around. “Still the same old same old. How’s my T.A.R.D.I.S. doing these days? Is he treating you good? That’s my girl.”

He ran a hand along a beam and looked back at the Doctor. “She looks good. So who’s this new assistant of yours?”

The Doctor never stopped smiling. “Follow me.”

He went around the controls and followed him down the corridor to where he knew the Infirmary was and was surprised when he went in. Jack followed him and looked around.

“What did you do Doctor, shock her senseless or something? You didn’t kill her did you? Wait, if you did that she wouldn’t be in Infirmary.”

The Doctor made a motion for him to stop and then turned and raised a finger to his lips, then motioned him to come through the doorway.

The perplexed look he gave disappeared into a smile splitting his face from ear to ear as he saw who was lying in the bed. He grabbed the Doctor’s arm in his excitement but kept his voice low as he spoke.

“That’s…that’s…wait. It can’t be, she’s supposed to be in a another dimension, to never return…”

“It is, she was, she died, came back here, fought a dimensional war and died, all to come back again. Ergo, recovery.”

He looked at the Doctor, then at Rose, and then back at the Doctor. “She doesn’t do anything by half measures, does she?”

“You should know, she brought you back to life forever.”

”You’ve got a point.”

The Doctor went over to the bed and brushed a strand of hair away from an eyelash, leaned down and gently kissed her on the lips. This made her stir and she opened her eyes.

“Good morning your Ladyship, how do you feel?” He grabbed for a glass of water on the table next to the bed and gave her a sip. She ended up gulping half the glass. She then stretched a little, rose herself out of the bed and grimaced.

“For some reason I was dreaming of hats but otherwise, I feel like I’ve been electrocuted, barbecued and rolled in marinade for good measure. Otherwise, I survived, eh?”

“You gave me a helluva scare, woman, but yup, you survived. Ready for a visitor?”

He moved back and Rose finally saw Jack standing there. She squealed her delight and raised her arms and Jack answered the invitation.

Giving her a hug as best he could without hurting her, he said in her ear, ”Rose, you’re a sight for sore eyes! Welcome back! If I knew it was you, I would have brought you flowers.” He kissed her cheek and Rose let go to let him stand up.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Captain, sir. Where did the Doctor find you?”

“I’ve been running Torchwood One, staying earthbound. The Doctor’s told me a little about what you went through. Are you OK?”

In response, she looked up at the Doctor and smiled. Her eyes started glowing yellow, making Jack jump back in shock. The Doctor, unfazed, just nodded. “Indeed, my Lady Timelord, all is well in the universe.”

They both looked at Jack, who couldn’t decide on which one to look at first. “What?”

“She’s a Timelord now, Jack, mutated by T.A.R.D.I.S. and, she’s not 19 years old anymore. You’re looking at a laureate Doctor of Physics, Astronomy, a good hand at field medicine and,” he paused for a dramatic affect, waving a finger in the air, “commando-trained leader of 30 men of her own Torchwood One. All at the tender age of 65.”

He punctuated his statement with a grin from ear to ear and shoved both hands in his pants pockets, acting like a proud papa.

“No…you’ve got to be kidding me!” He looked at her hard, checking her out. “She doesn’t look like a day over 23.”

Rose laughed. “I moisturized.” With that, she looked up at the Doctor and the Doctor looked at her and they burst out laughing. Both of them were thinking of the former Cassandra, but Jack just figured they’d lost their minds.

When Rose calmed down enough, she added, ”As for my former position, it stays former. I can’t go back.” She stared at her hands and was at a loss for words.

“Oh, that reminds me, I forgot something,” and started searching his pockets and pulled out a small box. He stared at it and then he looked at it and then looked at Rose, his face in determination.

“Rose, I brought Jack so he could visit, but I also wanted him to witness this.” He opened the box and revealed a beautiful golden ring, set with diamonds and in the middle was a large blue faceted stone, the color of a Bermuda sea with royal purple winking in the middle.

Rose stared at the ring, at the Doctor then at the ring, speechless.

The Doctor took a deep breath as he took out the ring, and grabbed her left hand with his other. “Rose you promised me forever. Despite our separation and both of your deaths,” he cringed, continuing,” you’ve managed to keep your word, so, it’s only right that you get my ‘forever,’ as best as I can give it to you, with both of my two hearts.”

He slid the ring onto her left finger and it fit perfectly. She looked up at him and he could see the tears in her eyes. He was almost there himself, but he had to finish what he needed to say.

“I promise never to run from your touch again. I promise to make you laugh and show you everything I possibly can in this mad universe and share everything with you as only one Timelord can with his Lady. Will you take me?”

For a brief moment there was silence, but then Rose laughed and started to cry. “You damn fool, you. You had me at Timelord! Of course I’ll take you.” She reached up and kissed him, trying to make it last but a sob in the background broke their kiss. They looked at Jack, who was bawling at the sight.

“You guys, really, that was beautiful!” He stood there trying to compose himself, wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt and Rose and the Doctor laughed and invited him in for a group hug.

“OK, group hug over! Jack, Rose and I would like some time alone and we’d invite you to stay but we have a wedding to plan. A proper wedding.”

Jack, looking confused from what the Doctor just said, just nodded his head. “Yeah, of course, right, no problem.”

The Doctor escorted him out, but not before kissing Rose goodbye, and was left back in his office watching the T.A.R.D.I.S. wink back out of existence. Then it hit. As it faded, he yelled, “Hey, you guys never said when! Or where!”

Jack then smiled and realized it didn’t matter since he just witnessed an historic event all his own.

The Doctor, Domesticated.

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