Wisdom War and Tea by Angelbev21

Summary: An older Rose Tyler, respected and a Doctor in her own right, comes into a mystery even as she's reunited with her Doctor, and she may be the only one to solve it.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS, Torchwood
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Swearing
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Series: Action Rose: Shop Girl, Doctor, Soldier, Wife
Published: 2007.10.22
Updated: 2007.10.30

Wisdom War and Tea by Angelbev21
Chapter 1: Chapter 1-War
Author's Notes: Tho it's woefully so, I don't own the characters of Doctor Who and wish to make no profit from the semi rough use of Borrowing them. I do promise to return them, no worse for the wear. I also humbly dedicate this to CharmingSlayer, for the inspiration and sheer awe of her work.

Dr. Rose Tyler, age 65 and Defender of the Alternate Earth, sat in one of the jump seats of this world’s Torchwood C240 airship, feeling the engines rumble under her as she waited impatiently for the flight to end. The temperature and buffeting winds made for a slightly rough ride, but that was to be expected at this time of year, flying to Antarctica, in the year of our Lord, 2046. She was on her way with her team from this world’s Torchwood to investigate and curtail an alien invasion. Again. Her tech team confirmed it. Involving the global warming issue and the massive build up of tachyon energy in the atmosphere that had no business being there, coupled with high concentrations of hydrogen, the ice caps melting in Antarctica left no doubt. It was her job to know they didn’t have that kind of tech to produce such readings and my, how ironic was it, that it centered around ‘Wolf’s Bad’ Inlet on the Russian-controlled western coast. Russia was a peaceful country on this world and easily allowed them entry but, ‘Wolf’s Bad’ Inlet? She smiled ruefully to herself and wondered, was it a sign?

The ship jumped again from turbulence and she patted the seat next to her, quickly sending a mental word of thanks to the old beauty for holding together as her experienced captain fought the controls in the cockpit. It was an old habit she’d never been able to break since her time with The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S. Many times since destroying the Daleks in the War for the Earth, she felt her inadvertently sing to her, even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to. The Doctor had removed most of the Time Vortex energy to save her, but he never realized just how the Heart of the T.A.R.D.I.S. ran in her veins afterwards. Otherwise, she hadn’t changed so much since then, believing it was because of the very energy she still harbored in her cells that made it so.

She didn’t look too very different, either. Her hair, tied back now, had been dyed blonde for years but it had gone completely grey and she didn’t feel the need to dye it anymore. She still liked to have her hair long enough to hide her eyes, especially when all eyes were on her and she needed to time to think during those critcal, dramatic moments when everything hinged on her next move. Her body was still thin and ready for action, yet her hands belied her age. Even though they were strong, they were lined and heavily veined, with a couple of liver spots, to boot. Liver spots…would HE ever get them?

She leaned forward, as much as her pristine white parka and jumpsuit would let her and leaned her arms on her knees, clasping her hands. Nervous as always, it was just another mission, another chance at alien contact and maybe just another minor alien invasion but it gave her the chance to use the knowledge and experience the Doctor gave her and for that, even after all these years, she was still grateful. She smiled almost ruefully at the thought. That was her, Action Rose, at your service. Always at the ready, always surmising the brilliant solution and never once committed to anyone for fear her Doctor would return for her. She hadn’t seen him for so long. For everything her Torchwood had done in this world, collected and analyzed, recorded and monitored, this universe never had Timelords. There would never be an alternate HIM to wisk her away to a life that should have been. It took a long time for her to come to terms with that. He would be proud of her though, she knew, for she went back to school and got her Doctorate in Physics, combining it with the combat training, astronomy and field medicine needed for an action-filled life. If he knew, he’d probably pronounce her well rounded with a dash of paprika, smiling his maniacal smile. ‘Doctor’ Tyler made sure to be the best everyday, sometimes with every breath she took. She had too. For Him, and everything they once had, and what they once shared, whether or not he was just a whole dimension and universe away.

She wiggled her fingers and concentrated, taking a quick glance to make sure her team closer to the cockpit didn’t see her, making her fingertips glow golden with the vortex energy. It was such a small movement really, and try as she might, running every test and experiment through the years, she could never utilize the energy enough to get back to him. When had it materialized to this extent, she had done as much research as stealthily as possible, but to no avail. Just like he had told her in their first meeting, she could now feel the earth move under her feet and taste the stardust on her lips and could feel time, sometimes all of it, all at once, if she wanted too. It took her a while to control it, and the power was handy in a pinch in combat, but by the time she was 35, she still hadn’t come to terms with being stranded and being this universe’s only human quasi-Timelord.

Now at 65, she just smiled to herself at the self-proclaimed title. ‘My Doctor, what would you truly think of me now?’ She looked out at the skyline from the ship's portal and wondered for the umpteenth time, what if? And, as always, a unbidden picture of him popped into her head from long ago, smiling maniacally and wonderfully at her from over the controls of the T.A.R.D.I.S. as he came to some brilliant solution that would end their present quandry. ‘Ah, how he loved those moments,’ she sighed to herself and added, ‘ my God, so did I.’

"Are you lost Auntie, are are you that bored with this mission?" Smiling, her nephew Zeke walked back to her and sat down. Rose smiled at him and repositioned herself in her seat, stretching her legs out and shoved her hands back into her pockets.

"Neither, dearie, your Auntie just had an odd thought or two." Zeke laughed at that, shifting the papers he had in his hands, looking like the splitting image of her father when he was younger, only he had her mother's eyes.

"Aunt Rose, when are you not having an odd thought or two? If it wasn't for your 'odd thoughts,' we wouldn't be as successful as we are catching the bad guys. I personally think you're quite stellar in my book." For emphasis, he took his papers and hug them to his chest, looking heavenward.

Rose laughed, sticking her tongue between her teeth as she reached and roughed up his hair from back to front. "Shut up, you. You'll make my head go all fuzzy with the egoboo and then where will it getcha in a crisis?"

Zeke smiled a small smile and shrugged, "No worries. You'd think about the Doctor and then find a brilliant solution and we all go on our merry way."

Zeke noticed the sudden look of memory that shadowed her face, leaving a small smile and knew not to say anything further. He was one of the few people that knew about the Doctor, and one of the fewer still that believed her and gave his memory the respect it deserved. Growing up with Rose as his aunt had been unique and wonderful and he was closer to her than his own mother at times and when she talked about the Doctor well, sometimes, just sometimes, he could actually see him as she described him. Everytime she'd told a story he did his best to memorize every word and with the telling would be even more unique when her special energy would rise, making her eyes glow golden.

"Is the Vortex singing again, Auntie?" He pointedly looked down at her now hidden hands and it was enough to break her revery. She gave a small laugh, nervously shaking her head. "No Zeke, it's been awhile since that happened. No, just remembering, dearie. Allow an old woman her memories, eh?"

Zeke made a derisive noise and laughed. "You? Old? God, Auntie, you can still outrun me in a quarter mile! I'll consider you old when you start talking to yourself.....oh, wait. You do that already."

WHACK! "Oi! Give me a break there, OK?"

Zeke got up, rubbing his arm, laughing. "Ow! Jeez! Watch it! Look, I just wanted to tell you we're almost there and the intel from our allies state the aliens involved in taking our hydrogen are ruthless little merchants called the Ziemerans. Sort of like a cross between Klingons and the Ferengi, all rolled up into one. They're a nasty lot and not likely to take prisoners."

The teasing, open smile crossing Rose's face shut down and she became all business. "Good. Get back and strap in and tell the boys to be ready to lock and load when we get there. No firing unless fired upon, standard procedure, and no one leaves this bird until I take point. Got it?"

Zeke couldn't quite make his smile disappear so easily. "You've got it, my Commander and Doctor. No action unless they go red zone." She frowned, "What about the Tachyon emmissions?"

"The readouts are even higher as we get closer and there's some other energy anomalies the equipment is picking up that we've never seen before. The captain's decided to bring this bird close enough to land but not close enough for the energy to play havoc with our sensors." He grabbed for a railing hanging from the ceiling as the ship went through another bout of turbulance.

"Good, then, let's get to it. No rest for the wicked." She began to strap herself in as Zeke walked back, saying over his shoulder, his amusement still apparent in his voice,"You may be many things, Aunt Rose, but you ain't wicked."

Rose stared at his back and then looked down at her hands as guilt hooded her features. She whispered to herself, "No, but if you knew how many times I've wanted to leave you and this world and how many times I've tried, you'd think otherwise, my love. You'd think the worst of your Aunt."

The airship decended, making her ears pop, giving her stomach the old feeling of dropping out. "Ziemerans, I think you've met your match."

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