Cataclysm by deathman

Summary: The Doctor normally stops apocalypses, but he knew that one of these days, he would be forced to cause one.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Original Companion, Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing
Challenges: None
Series: After the End, Deathman - Chronology
Published: 2007.09.11
Updated: 2007.10.20

Cataclysm by deathman
Chapter 1: After the End
Author's Notes:

The Dark One, an intergalactic warlord of terrifying power and majesty, sent his intelligence into the TARDIS when it was pace station for aid.

Except the Dark One’s undead servants, the Dead, were already roaming the station, and the TARDIS crew consisting of the Doctor, Rose and new station captain companion Jimbob Price found themselves trapped. They were transported by the Dark One to his base near the Final Quasar, the Void Portal from which the Dark One had escaped.

They broke out from prison using the Bad Wolf within Rose, and attempted to defeat the Dark One.

Because of the Bad Wolf’s sacrifice of her own life and the Doctor and Jimbob’s ingenuity, the team managed to suck the Dark One back into the Final Quasar. Unfortunately the Quasar was at a time of particular gravitational instability, and pulled the entire base in as well — Rose included. The Doctor and Rose just had time to confess their love to each other before seemingly eternal separation.

The Doctor, now a broken man, decided recklessly to try and be reunited with Rose — at any cost. He and Jimbob travelled to Rinvika, hoping to transmit a universal ‘Help Find Rose’ message from the planet’s infamous —time-space computer. They found the world ruined, but before they could leave, a mysterious Archangel which controlled the remains of the planet warned them and the universe of a great, approaching, all consuming war.

Seeking solace in the comfort of allies, the Doctor decided to materialise on Earth, where a group of friendly demons he had met earlier were living, in peace, with the humans, in a minature civilisation they called ‘The New Other Place’ after their previous homeworld. He discovered that their leader, Ligmant, had built an incredible intergalactic phenomenon using demon reflective hyper-link technology — the Mirrorverse.

It was a gigantic hall whose walls were lined with thousands of mirrors. Each mirror served as a spyhole through which a team of demons called the Versers could observe different parts of the universe, simultaneously.

Ligmant showed the Doctor the Mirrorverse, and, since he was an old ally, gave him an object which many demons would kill for — permission to roam the Mirrorverse at free will. Ligmant mentioned that one mirror looked out on the Void — and the Doctor was instantly driven with a burning need. He didn’t tell Ligmant or even Jimbob about the possible solution, for he had a suspicion that what he might do was violating both demon and human law. Breaking a portal into the Void. But he didn’t quite know how to do it.

But he soon did. Karlon, a strange, mysterious demon, slowly seduced the Doctor into darkness, telling him that he could simply shatter the Void-observing mirror and Rose would return. The Doctor brooded on it, suspecting Karlon of having a hidden agenda. Jimbob began to notice the Doctor’s ponderings, and started to follow the Doctor wherever he went in case something went wrong.

One night, the Doctor’s visions of Rose became too much, and he stormed down to the Mirrorverse. Jimbob was waiting for him, and they had an argument, which turned into a fight. The Doctor overpowered Jimbob, and smashed the Void mirror.

The event quickly turned into a nightmare. Every single mirror shattered — and it turned out that the London Mirrorverse wasn’t the only one — they were all across the world. Everywhere, portals appeared, and creatures thundered through them from a billion eras. The alarm went off, and in the midst of the tumult, three things happened.

Ligmant and a group of demons arrived, gaping in awe at the Doctor’s deed.

Rose rushed through the Void portal.

And as the Doctor made to join her, he saw that more than one creature had come through that mirror.

The Dark One stood at the end of the hall.


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