regenaration games by new_numba_two

Summary: just a short story to link my first doctor who story double life into my first fan movie which i am currantly scripting and soon to be casting and making demo tapes screen tests and things like that this is a whole story set in the tardis the alternate doctors first regenration starts to act up
for now i am only doing one chapter but if u want me to add more in i will cause i have some ideas for an extra two chapters but if you dont want me to make another chapter or tow i will add those parts into my movie script
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Other Doctors
Characters: The TARDIS
Genres: Alternate, Universe
Warnings: None
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Series: alternate 2nd doctor adventures
Published: 2007.07.02
Updated: 2007.07.03


Chapter 1: a new lease of life
Chapter 2: flashbacks

Chapter 1: a new lease of life

Author's Notes: set straight after the events of double life

The Doctor had left the fate of an alternate universe earth in the hands of Mickey Smith and he had a feeling that mickey would do a a good job this was confirmed by an email he recived from Mickey "ah very good" he exclaimed to him self "where to next" he asked him self as the TARDIS flew through the vortex but suddenly something hit him he had a bad headache "so this is regenation eh?" he said in a weak voice "regenaration?" he asked him self as if not rememberign what this word ment as words flew round his head he wanted to kmnow what they ment words like 'galafria' 'the master' 'daleks' 'doctor' one question struck him more then anything else "who am i? and why am i wearing this awefull old man suit"

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Chapter 2: flashbacks

The Doctor walked through the tardis and he came to a hallway with a full body mirror "well thats not me at all" he said with some confusion in his voice "is it?" he had a long period of thought and suddenly he excalimed in joy "yes that is me The Doctor I am a Timelord and i come from Gallifrey this is my new body" he rembered his encounter with the Cybermen and his painfull regenaration of which he was still going through but the pain slowly going away "liverpool" the doctor said to him self "that should be good ohhh i dunno year...2007?" and so he ran through the tardis to the control room but on his way there decide to change his costume as he passed the wardrobe a scarf he tried and never liked a all black with a leather jacket "nah" he said his eyes glance across a pair of jeans and a blue army like shirt so in his new outfit he rushed across to the control room off into new adventures!

To Be Continued...

the Doctor will return in Timeslips.

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