double life by new_numba_two

Summary: in an alternate universe we meet the doctor all over again as he regenrates for the first time and with the help of mickey smith uncovers a evil force and only mickey can stop it.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: First Doctor, Other Doctors
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Genres: Alternate, Universe
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Series: alternate 2nd doctor adventures
Published: 2007.06.12
Updated: 2007.07.01

double life by new_numba_two
Chapter 1: mickey smith dairy
Author's Notes:

"...its been two years now since passing of the age of steel there are task forces around the world to provent any such thing happening one of these is torchwood a top secret goverment organisation that deals with other worlds and other speices, the cybermen are no longer my problem torchwood take care of it all.

two years since i last saw the doctor and rose, i miss rose alot, infact i even miss the doctor even though we never saw eye to eye, without him the world wouldn't be safe ..."

abstract of mickey smith dairy 2008


mickey was out one day just minding his own buisness, when suddley he heard an ever so familar groan , of engines it was the tardis, the doctor was back, the tardis was now fully matrialised and out steped an old man in a suit with a bow tie "hello there my boy" he said.


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