To Know Oneself by patch

Summary: Takes place just slightly after the TV Movie. With no companion, The Doctor takes time to reflect on himself.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Multi-Era
Characters: The Doctor (3rd), The Doctor (3rd), The Doctor (5th), The Doctor (5th), The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (8th), The Valeyard
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
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Published: 2003.08.17
Updated: 2003.08.18

To Know Oneself by patch
Chapter 1: Part 1
Author's Notes:

The record player finished. The Doctor was tired. Having your life nearly stolen out from under you was a bit much, even for a Time Lord of over one thousand years. Still, the Doctor felt that he had to take some time to reflect on things. It never hurt him in the past. He often found time to do this after his regenerations, although he had missed it after going from his fourth to fifth incarnation and he completely forgot about it again when he went from his fifth to sixth. It had been a long overdue task, the mental bonding.

The Doctor put his book down and simply relaxed in his chair. Taking in the breaths, he slipped out of consciousness and became focused on the astral plane. He was creating the mind link with all of his other selves. He was attempting to gain control over himself again.

He could see all of his other selves. He felt his hearts beat; their hearts beat. The Doctor gathered as much strength as he could and used some temporal energy to form a kind of astral plane lounge. Here, he hoped, all of his other selves would come and catch up with themselves.

The Doctor took a seat on a reclining chair and waited. Even if they weren't there immediately, his other selves would appear.

"Let me guess, I regenerated?" The Doctor turned around to see an Edwardian Cricket Player. "How did I guess?"

The Doctor, well, Doctor Eight, stood up to greet himself. "Which Regeneration are you?" Doctor Five stuck out his hand to shake his hand.

"I'm number seven. There are eight of me now. I'm impressed and amazed too. The Master nearly got us, but the eye of harmony..." Doctor Eight trailed off as Doctor Five finished his sentence.

"...caught up The Master and the rest his history. About time too, he's been a pain in my side since, well..."

"Since I was exiled to Earth. It's good to see me again." The Third Doctor walked up to great the men he would become. "I say, our dress sense doesn't get better at any point, does it?"

The Doctors examined what they were wearing. Eight thought to himself, "If he thinks we're dressed oddly...he should see Six."

The Doctors communicated amongst themselves for the longest time. They told stories on each other and then talked about their companions. Neither of the other Doctors had shown up yet. Eight was beginning to wonder what was keeping himself. But he really didn't care. He knew if he got together with himself something bad was bound to happen.

"You know, I have this feeling..." Three was about to say he had a bad feeling about a lot of this. But he was interrupted.

"...Our feelings are never wrong you know."

The Doctors turned to reveal another figure on the astral plane. This was no friend of the Doctor. But there was only one way to join up in the telepathic conference. You had to be the Doctor. The other figure was none other than the complete distillation of evil that The Doctor produced between his thirteenth and final regeneration. It was the Valeyard.

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