The Wilting Rose by LilStarKat

Summary: When someone close to Rose dies the Doctor does everything he can to support her and help her through the hard times. He cant help the fact that he's fallen for her completely, but does she feel the same way?
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: Angst, Het
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Published: 2007.03.31
Updated: 2007.06.11


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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Chapter 3
Chapter 4: Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Chapter 5
Chapter 6: Chapter 6
Chapter 7: Chapter 7
Chapter 8: Chapter 8
Chapter 9: Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

The unfortunate news came that morning. Uncle Tom had died, it was an accident at work, nothing more, nothing less or that was what the police had said.

As soon as Rose answered the phone the Doctor had known something was wrong. Rose put down her phone and promptly burst into tears. The Doctor tried to comfort her but she turned tail and fled to her room, leaving a hurt looking Doctor standing there feeling useless.

Within a week the funeral was organised, prepared by Jackie mostly since Uncle Tom had only them as living relatives. Rose and Jackie attended the funeral attired in black, the Doctor came to, to hold a heartbroken Rose’s hand throughout the whole ceremony.

As they entered the grounds still hand in hand whispers were amock throughout the crowd gathered, mutters of ‘whose he’ and ‘oh look rose has got herself a new man, he’s a good’un aint he’, the Doctor had heard all and just glared at them as they still muttered away still holding Rose’s hand tightly and proudly whereas Rose seemed completely oblivious to any words that had been said, she was in her own world not saying a word.

All three of them eventually found themselves stood by the graveside lost in thought in the bitter cold of a wintery day. Rose’s face was drained of all colour and mascara long since smudged down her cheeks. The Doctor moved closer to Rose, still holding her hand firmly.

Rose started shivering involuntarily which vibrated through the connection between their entwined fingers.

“Rose your freezing,” the Doctor said in a worried tone. He took off his trench coat automatically and wrapped in around her shoulders. Rose said nothing just staring into space not even acknowledging the Doctor’s presence.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

“I’m going in darling, you coming?” Jackie said softly to Rose visibly shivering.

“No, I wanna stay just a little longer mum if that’s alright,” Rose said firmly but weakly, she then smiled faintly.

“Ok sweetheart but don’t stay here for too long, its freezing out here,” Jackie reached over and pulled Rose into a motherly hug.

Rose returned the hug enthusiastically holding on as if her life depended on it. Her voice finally wavered, “Mum… I’m not gonna lose you am I, cos I couldn’t handle it… I couldn’t handle it Mum.” She couldn’t suppress the sobs now.

“Rose no, of course not Rose, you know I’ll always be hear for you sweetheart and him too,” Jackie held her tight and gestured to the Doctor as if speaking her acceptance to the Doctor being with her Rose.

The Doctor stood there in the cold, not feeling anything. He didn’t care if it was icy blizzards or a thunderstorm he would still be here, supporting and standing by his Rose’s side. He cared deeply for Rose even more so in this regeneration, he knew what he wanted more than anything was this human girl in front of him, but it’s not like she felt the same way, so he would never voice his feelings or take it any further than what they were now.

His hearts were breaking for her, he so badly wanted to take her from her mother’s arms and take her into his and never let her go, keep her safe forever and always, just them two, no fear, no agony and no death.

Rose by now had stopped crying and all that remained were wet glistening tear tracks down her face and mascara smudges, “Go on mum please, I wont be long the Doctor will stay with me, he’ll make sure I’m alright, go on.” Rose argued with a small smile.

“If you’re sure,” she turned to the Doctor. “Look after my little girl.” She then walked off towards the church building.

The Doctor and Rose just stood in silence neither sure what to say to the other.

“I never told you about Uncle Tom did I Doctor?” Rose broke the silence still facing the graveside.

“I can’t remember you mentioning him no,” the Doctor said neutrally putting his hands in his pockets.

“He stayed with us for a while when his girlfriend left him, he was my mum’s younger brother. We had a connection, you know, he was a bit rough around the edges but who isn’t? He helped me through a hard time, he was there when no-one else was, he gave me the courage to leave my ex Jimmy.”

“I like him more and more Rose,” the Doctor said smiling at her broadly.

“He was a lot like you actually, he wouldn’t let anything happen to me and when it did you had to run and hide.” She laughed and smiled tears filling up again, memories clearly overwhelming her.

She choked back tears, “And I want him back Doctor, I just want him to come back.” She broke down, the Doctor catching her swiftly in his arms.

The Doctor responded immediately hugging her to him tightly both his hearts breaking to see her crying. “I know you do Rose, I know you do.”

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Rose suddenly feeling self-conscious of breaking down in front of the Doctor, pulled away slightly brushing herself down in front of him, but she had not missed his hurt expression even if he was quickly trying to hide it.

She wiped at her eyes, desperately trying to wipe away the tears she felt so guilty at shedding in front of him. He had no idea how much she truly loved him and she didn’t want him to think she was weak; she didn’t want to be pitied. She didn’t want to hurt him, she knew how much he craved the brief hugs and hand-holding they shared often but she just couldn’t let himself be susceptible when around him.

“I’m sorry,” she broke the numbing silence that had fallen between them.

“What could you possibly be sorry for Rose,” the Doctor moved closer to her taking her small hand in his wanting to close the gap between them.

Rose let go of his hand as if burned turning her face away from his glistening eyes as if ashamed. The Doctor didn’t give up easily and turned her chin back to him, cupping her cheek in his cool palm, leaving their faces inches apart.

“I’m sorry for… for breaking down in front of you… I didn’t… I didn’t want you to see me like that,” Rose stammered out looking down throughout, unable to look him in the eye.

The Doctor was shocked, this beautiful and brilliant girl in front of him, was ashamed because she let her guard down in front of him. How could she… how could she think that he’d think her weak and insignificant. This was what he’d come for, to be a shoulder for his Rose to cry on and to hold her hand when she needed it the most.

He made her look at him in the eye once again, her eyes now slowly filling again with unshed tears. She had eyes that were filled with such pain… such grief and such sorrow, no-one at that age should have to see that, no-one.

“Rose sweetheart, do you honestly think that I’d think less of you seeking comfort in me, this is what I’m here for remember to look after you and protect you.” One stray tear had found its way down Rose’s cheek in which the Doctor quickly brushed away with his thumb. “Come here Rose,” he reached around her pulling her to him easily for a hug to try and convince her he would do anything for her, anything in the world.

He pulled away from a reluctant Rose after a while seeing she had recovered pretty well considering, she seemed much brighter anyway. “Come on then you let’s get inside, it’s freezing out here and I think both of us could do with a drink.” He pulled her up with his hand and linked hands with her but not before making sure his coat was wrapped tightly around her sealing out the cold, she didn’t complain however just looked at him and smiled more brightly than she had done in a while. “That’s my girl.”

“What would I do without you eh,” Rose said.
“You wouldn’t,” the Doctor replied cheekily.

The two of them walked slowly back to the building next to the church side by side, Rose leaning slightly into the Doctor’s side, in return he wrapped his arm around her waist protectively.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4

They made it back into the building next to the church still walking in the same position as they had been all the way there, bodies still close together.

“This is nice,” Rose said smiling up at the Doctor nearly back to her old self again for now at least. “It’s how he would have wanted it, nice quiet ceremony then a big party to drink away his passing,” she said giggling slightly.

“He would have been pleased you’ve cheered up too Rose,” the Doctor said never breaking their gaze.

“Well that’s cos your just too damn good at cheering me up,” Rose said tongue poking over her teeth in a cheeky gesture. “He would approve of you I think,” she said before walking off towards where Jackie was deep in conversation to a group of people, always had to be the centre of attention that one the Doctor thought. It would annoy him usually to be so near Jackie Tyler but he was just so glad that Rose had finally opened up to him a bit more and had cheered up enormously.

He stood there a few moments more watching his Rose in conversation with a young man in a penguin suit, all black with a white tie. Rose was tossing her blonde locks about and laughing heartily at what the male had just said, she was clearly now letting herself enjoy the party and letting her hair down. Right, better go and introduce myself the Doctor thought, a pang of jealousy going through his heart. Yes, he had noticed the way this young man in question was looking at her, he should know he did it enough when other males were around his Rose, well he would be keeping an eye on this one that’s for sure.

He strode up to where Rose was sat and plonked himself down right next to her stretching himself out and placing one arm around the back of Rose’s chair, letting obvious signals come off him to the rival in front of him who was currently looking at him as if he was the devil himself.

“Y’alright Rose,” the Doctor chirped up locking eyes with the other man before looking at his beautiful Rose who in return gave him a beaming smile which told him everything he needed to know as well as taking his breath away.

“Erm,” Rose stumbled. “This… this is the Doctor,” she faced the young man in question. “And this is Adam, Doctor,” she gestured to the man, Adam as his name preceded him. The Doctor had a certain sense of déjà vu with another Adam they had met when he was in the last regeneration, unfortunately he wasn’t very blessed in the looks department last time round, nowadays he was more than a match for any man. God, he was getting vain now wasn’t he? Oh well, he just wanted to look good for Rose, so people would stop looking and automatically judging them; thinking him a cradle snatcher. It doesn’t seem to happen anymore though, not since he regenerated, actually they got more compliments at what a good couple they made.

The Doctor curtly nodded towards the man called Adam, staring him out which Adam quickly relented, turning his gaze away.

Everything went silent so Rose piped up wanting to break the ice; “I think it’s time we put the music on I’ll be back in a sec.” She shot the Doctor a glance as if to say ‘behave’ before walking over to where the DJ was sat having a pint at the bar over in the corner.

While he saw Rose was in deep conversation with the DJ over the choice of music the Doctor turned his head back to where Adam was sat opposite him. “So who are you then, her boyfriend?” Adam said trying to sound tough but failing miserably not able to control the faint tremor of fear in his voice. Something about the man in front of him, the Doctor was it, made him feel uneasy and want to run away and hide but he stood his ground, wanting answers to his questions.

“Not in so many words no,” the Doctor said unable to control his tone of disappointment that shone through, which Adam picked up quickly and decided daringly to use it to his advantage.

“But you wanna be in that position though don’t’cha Doctor, you wanna be the one to be able to kiss her publicly? Mind you there aint a man in this room that wouldn’t you know cos she’s absolutely gorgeous. Although she’s been about a bit she has, she’s probably been with every man in this room.” Adam said with a malicious smirk on his face, not realising he had just pushed the Doctor that one step too far.

“Wrong answer mate, you just pushed it.” The Doctor went forward as if to punch him but withdrew instantly when he felt eyes on him. Rose had heard the gasps and turned around to find the source of the commotion, she looked over to only see the Doctor and Adam sitting there staring each other out, puzzled she looked away back to watching the DJ fiddling around with the sound system. “Right your gonna look at me as if were just calmly chatting alright cos if you don’t your gonna find yourself in dire consequences involving me.” The Doctor gritted his teeth trying desperately not to give into his temper which told him to get over there and teach him a lesson for even breathing near his Rose. “You are not to go near my Rose again, you got that? I saw the way you were looking at her and I didn’t like it, so you stop right now, you get that? You have no idea who I am or what I’m capable of so anything happens to my Rose and I’ll hold you personally responsible, cos there is no limit when it comes to her.” The Doctor got up and went over to a very pale-looking Adam and whispered in his ear, “Cos I aint even human.” He then left a very frightened young man sat there looking like he’d well and truly got the message loud and clear.

The Doctor walked over to the bar and downed a glass of champagne and smirked to himself at the young man who didn’t dare look him in the eye in case he came near him again. “Stupid human,” he rolled his eyes.

Rose made her way back over to Adam who realised at the last moment who she was, his eyes nearly popped out his head when he clapped eyes on her again. He glanced over at the Doctor briefly too scared to hold his gaze who smiled at him snidely. “I’m sorry… I’ve gotta go now but be careful with im’ love cos he aint safe.” Adam said quickly before jumping out the chair and making a quick getaway to the opposite end of the room.

Rose locked eyes with the Doctor who promptly smiled innocently at her; she raised her eyebrows in return before getting up and sauntering her way over to a slightly overexcited Doctor, who looked completely and utterly pleased with himself, more than usual. “God she looks sexy when she’s pissed off,” he muttered under his breath out of Rose’s earshot before returning to his angelic smile as she faced him.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

“Wonder what the matter is with him?” the Doctor said as innocently as he could, shame Rose knew him too well.

“You know full well Doctor so don’t look at me like that cos it aint gonna work this time,” she replied with a hint of a smile on her face, the Doctor continued looking at a not amused Rose with a boyish grin plastered on his face.

“I can’t leave you alone for five minutes, can I? He looked absolutely terrified Doctor, look at him now!” she gestured to Adam who was sitting as far away from the pair as possible looking nervously over at them every once in a while. “Now I’ll ask you again what the hell did you say to him?” she looked at him straight in the eye and saw something sparkling there that scared her to death so she turned away slightly embarrassed at seeing such emotion radiating from the Doctor for her.

The Doctor continued to look at her for a few more seconds before breaking the silence with a sigh. “Look Rose I’m sorry… but he said stuff about you to me that just made me flip, you know I care about you a lot and if anything were to happen to you…I-” The Doctor said meaning every word before Rose cut across him placing a small manicured finger across his lips to shush him.

“I know, I know Doctor, but just try and not kill every man that gives me a second glance in future will ya? I can’t help it if I’m so damn attractive can I?” she withdrew her finger and laughed with her tongue between her teeth smiling prettily at her Doctor.

“That you are Rose, that you are.” The Doctor muttered to himself before following Rose who was guiding them to an empty table for two. Just as they were about to sit down the music started up and lights dimmed causing a corner of the room to be emphasised which produced a white tiled dance floor.

“At last music,” Rose said setting herself down in her chair close to the Doctor.
“Looks like your mother’s found herself something or should I say someone to keep her occupied,” the Doctor said gesturing towards Jackie and a mystery man in an almost jealous tone. Jackie was sat on the man’s lap in a corner of the room with their lips fused together.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Rose said sighing slightly. “She has men like disposables she does, the only reason she aint over ere’ having a go with you is cos she knows your off limits cos you’re mine.” Rose said putting her hand to her mouth when she realised what she had just said.

“Erm I think I’ll go and get us some drinks k?” Rose said quickly making a quick getaway, cursing herself for saying her thoughts out loud, god she’ll never hear the end of this.

The Doctor sat there shocked but he found himself with a smile on his face, oh she thought him only hers did she, well the feelings mutual he thought. This is gonna be interesting when she comes back, he couldn’t possibly leave it there he must know more and if it meant there relationship was gonna evolve into something more then he wasn’t gonna be complaining anytime soon. He hated to admit it but Adam had been right, stupid ape he was but at least he could read him like a book, he knew his boundaries. Now Adam was well and truly out of the way he could work on Rose, this was gonna be fun. After all seduction he could do.

Rose came back from the bar having already downed one very much needed glass of champagne with two Vodka Ices, one for her and one for the Doctor. The Doctor took his Vodka off Rose making sure he brushed his hand slightly against hers when taking the glass, he gave her a dazzling smile before letting her sit down again.

“About before Doctor…I” Rose started before the Doctor quickly jumped in. “Don’t worry about it Rose, there’s only one girl I’m going home with tonight anyway.” He said leaning closer to her with his eyes flashing dangerously. “And who’s that Doctor?” finding her gaze shifting to his lips that were moving ever closer to hers. “You of course,” the Doctor said moving back and giving her a brief flirtatious smile which made her hearts flutter. “Back to the TARDIS after this aren’t we Rose?” the Doctor said not missing the flash of disappointment go through Rose’s eyes at realising what he really meant. “Yep,” she replied weakly before turning away to drink her Vodka Ice, she downed it in one, she was gonna need it, if the Doctor was in one of those moods. Why did he always do this to her, flirt but then never take it any further than maybe a brief peck on the cheek if she was lucky. She couldn’t help the brief scowl that etched into her face stubbornly.

“You alright Rose,” the Doctor asked slightly worried that he’d taken it too far this time. “I’m fine, just bloody brilliant ta,” she answered sounding more annoyed this time than angry.

‘Right new tactic’ he thought to himself, make the girl jealous, that’ll work.

Now just got to find a decent looking woman in this place, this was gonna be a problem since he had the most beautiful woman in the place next to him who was presently going up to the bar to drown her sorrows, no doubt, well at least this might get her attentions back to him.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6

He spotted a half decent looking brunette towards the back of the room who had been giving him the eye all night, he wasn’t even remotely interested of course but if he was to get a certain girl to notice what she had and make use of it then so be it. He locked eyes with the woman and gave her one of his trademark cheeky smiles, she turned away immediately blushing scarlet. However Rose was watching from the bar intensely, if that bitch tried anything she was done for, she knew who she was alright, she was a girl she used to go to school with and had tried it on with Mickey once, big mistake, she never did it again after that, she wouldn’t have dared.

Rose got up from her stool at the bar and made her way back to the seat next to the Doctor making sure to give the brunette a dirty look letting her know who this male belonged to. She plonked her drink on the table and cleared her throat trying to get the Doctor’s attention span back to her, he turned back to face her a grin on his face. “Miss me?” she said moving closer to him.

“Yeah course I did Rose but who’s the brunette in the corner, she cant seem to stop looking at me for some reason, I think she fancies me.” He laughed like a school boy, grinning madly.

“Great, good for you Doctor,” Rose replied not very enthusiastically, she couldn’t help the jealousy seep through her words. The Doctor picked this up immediately to his delight.

“Rose Tyler I believe your jealous,” he said grinning at her manically.

“As if, don’t flatter yourself,” Rose said not looking him in the eye and turning pink rapidly much to her discontent.

The Doctor had noticed her obvious signs of jealousy, but he pressed on, his plan working perfectly.

“That’s good then cos I was planning on going over to introduce myself.”

Rose had taken a sip of her drink at this point and had started to choke trying hard not to spit out her intake. She calmed down pretty quickly and turned to face a pleased looking Doctor. “Your gonna WHAT?!” she sputtered eyes wide open.

“I’m gonna go over and say hello, that alright with you,” the Doctor questioned trying so hard not to laugh at her expression.

Rose sulked her eyes starting to go back to normal but had a sad look to them. “Go then leave me in my hour of need,” she started in a clearly jealous voice.

The Doctor smiled contently at her, “Rose if you wanted me to stay here with you, you could have just said you know.”

“Yeah well if you wanna be with Miss-I-can-have-everyone-in-the-room-I-want over there go, I aint bothered.” She said back in a very much bothered voice.

The Doctor leaned over her then and cupped her face in his hands, “Why would I want to go over there when all I’ve been doing all night is trying to be with you, I’ve got everything I could possibly want here.” He said looking into her chocolate brown eyes with a boyish smile playing on his lips.

“You want me,” she said slowly saying each word carefully looking him right in the eyes. He nodded his head slowly, “Would you dance with me Rose Tyler?” he held out his hand as a slow number came on the sound system.

“Yes,” she said breath taken away as he led her over to the dance floor to join other couples sliding gracefully around the dance floor, Jackie and her new guy included who seemed to be trying out the words ‘dirty dancing’ with a vengeance.

The Doctor instantly moved closer to her gently moving her hands to be placed around his neck whilst pulling her close by sliding his hands around her waist, letting them wander almost dangerously. Her breath hitched in her throat at that moment and her heart was pounding at a million beats a second as she found herself staring right up into the Doctor’s face whose was inches away from her own, his soft breath tickling her face. He moved her slightly to the music but he focused mainly on the most beautiful girl he’d ever set eyes on who was currently chewing her lip slightly in a worried way, he could see the odd flicker of fear in her eyes too; fear of change he assumed. He tucked her head under his chin and pulled her closer their bodies touching completely so he could try and give her reassurance that nothing was gonna go wrong with them dancing like this together. Rose shivered involuntarily and pulled away to look into his face, she saw so much pain there in his eyes, but there was something there that was even bigger and it was desire; for her no less. She panicked suddenly and pulled away completely from an unreluctant Doctor’s arms separating them from each other, causing the Doctor’s face to go into a hurt and confused expression.

“What’s wrong Rose?” he asked not able to banish the thick pain and hurt in his tone.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I just can’t,” she said one tear making there way down both cheeks, she then turned tail and ran out the room towards the outside world, away from the Doctor’s hurt face expression which would most likely burn in her mind for eternity. He ran after her without a second thought.

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7

She ran past people’s staring faces, she saw Adam’s knowing glance boring into hers and she dodged tables and chairs trying desperately to lose a chasing Doctor behind her. She eventually entered the cold night-time air, her breath steaming out in front of her as she ran breathily, the Doctor on her tail never far behind.

He caught up with her suddenly causing them both to fall to the ground, him on top of her. She struggled viciously trying to get away from the pain, the death and things that she wasn’t ready to face up to. The desire for her in the Doctor’s eyes had been too much for her to handle, he wanted her, it was plain and simple and she just didn’t want to admit that fact to herself, she didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve to be loved like that.

He straddled her to stop her flailing arms and legs, trying to get her to calm down before she said something she regretted. She had hot tears running down her face and her hair and make-up were a mess but the Doctor didn’t care, why should he, she was still the most beautiful creature he’d set eyes on and he loved her, he loved her so much it hurt.

“Get off me you bastard, get off me now… I hate you, just get the fuck off of me,” she kicked and screamed at the Doctor who was unfazed by the harsh words spilling from his Rose. He just let her tire herself out whilst still pinning her down on the grass filled ground a little away from the church building.

She calmed down after about ten minutes, but it felt like ten hours to the Doctor having to see his Rose like this. She was absolutely exhausted from her little tirade beneath the Doctor who had stayed calm throughout. She panted heavily and looked up to lock gazes with a terrified looking Doctor who loosened his grip on her arms slightly revealing bright red marks where he’d tried to hold her down desperately so not to hurt herself.

“You can get off me now,” she said coldly at the Doctor who didn’t budge an inch. “Not till you tell me what the fuck that was all about,” he said still looking absolutely terrified about what could have sparked her off like this.

She stayed quiet not looking at him, “Rose,” he turned her chin to look at him. “Tell me, cos I aint moving till you do, I’m stronger than I look so don’t think about pushing me off.”

“Well were going to be sitting here for an awfully long time then aint we, if I didn’t know better then I’d think you were secretly enjoying it, sitting on me like this,” she said looking at him still coldly with a smirk that made his hearts ache within his chest.

She caught him off guard then and pushed him off her and pushed herself upwards quickly and took off at a surprisingly fast run to the church building. He gasped shocked and took flight after her. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the church structure, then carefully making her way around the side of the building glancing back to make sure he wasn’t following her, why couldn’t he just take the hint and leave her alone for a while to think about what she really wanted. She rubbed her cold arms with her hands trying to get some heat in her form. She gasped slightly in pain at the marks on her arms where he held her to the ground. God, he’s heavier than he looks she thought.
She heard him suddenly calling her name so she ducked down behind a larger part of the building’s structure hiding her from his line of sight. “Rose!” he shouted into the night air, desperation forming in his voice and worry gathering, she was around here somewhere, he knew it. “Rose… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have taken advantage, look just come out and we’ll talk about it, your uncle wouldn’t have wanted you to be out here all alone now would he.”

He just crossed the line in her eyes. Rose was infuriated, just because he couldn’t get his own way and she wouldn’t let herself be his, he was using her uncle’s name to try and get her out there so he can get his own way, time lord or not there all the bloody same.
“I’m here, you happy now?!” she shouted at him moving out of her hiding place to face him head on. His tie was nearly off from around his neck, his shirt unbuttoned low and as for his hair, he looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards, any other time she would have had trouble trying to control her urge to get over there and wipe that smug grin of his sexy face but now she was oblivious to his looks and just felt angry at him.

“Why did you run off Rose, there could be anyone out here,” he said raising his voice only a notch.

“To get away from you, but as you can see it proves to be impossible,” she said moving a step closer to him.

He moved abruptly right up close to her, “You don’t mean that Rose and you know it, you’re just upset about before.”

“Oh don’t I?” she said looking him in the eyes.

“Your just upset because you saw something that you wasn’t ready to accept, that someone wanted you, that I want you.” He whispered the last part and gazed at her slowly softening face.

She couldn’t help it then the tears came falling down her cheeks one after the other, the Doctor came forward and pulled her close to him, letting her cry into his shoulder whilst he held her close, soothing her with calming words in her ear. “I’m sorry,” she said between sobs but the Doctor had heard. He pulled apart from her slightly, smiled at her lovingly and kissed her forehead before shifting her back into his warm embrace. “Its forgotten Rose,” she felt warm and safe where she belonged in her Doctor’s arms, all thoughts of Jimmy Stone put to the side, at least for now anyway.

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8

“It wasn’t you,” Rose’s muffled voice came up from the Doctor’s chest but the Doctor had heard and looked at her in a confused manner.

“What do you mean?” he asked still holding her close but slightly apart so he could look into her pain filled face.

“It wasn’t your fault any of this, it was mine,” he tried to reply as if to argue but she butted in quickly. “And don’t say it wasn’t cos trust me this was not your fault, it just reminded me of… of when something… happened to me a while back,” she tried so hard not to let the emotion and the pain of that time that seemed so long ago now filter through her words but her voice stammered and was thick with unshed tears.

The Doctor’s face turned to a look of anger at whatever or whoever had done something to his Rose and had obviously hurt her very much and a look of worry for his girl and what she was going through. “What happened Rose, come on you can tell me,” he said gently, encouraging her to let some of the built up emotion out.

She seemed to give herself a minute to recover and prepare herself to relive one of the worst times of her life once again. She sighed deeply wiping at her cheeks to be free of some of the tears that were smudged down her face. “It happened when I was sixteen,” she paused to draw a breath, the Doctor stroking her arms in comfort eager to relieve at least some of Rose’s burden. “I met this lad at a club one night when I was with my mates for my birthday, he was everything I could have dreamed of when I was still so young, he was good-looking, charming and was seen as a bit of a bad boy around the area, he was also two years older than me so I was flattered he was even giving me a second glance.” She looked up at the Doctor who was trying so hard not to get the lad’s name so he could go around there and teach him what happened to people that hurt his Rose. She continued, spurred on by the Doctor’s perceived look of care and concern and the need to talk about it out loud so the burden got a bit less light on her shoulders was overwhelming.

“Well one thing led to another as you probably imagined and I slept with him that night I met him, he was just too nice and he wanted me so I gave in, its not like me, I should have known he was too good to be true but I didn’t listen to my heart, my head took over, the part of me that felt good to be noticed and to be appreciated for once. I was going out with Mickey at that time still and I felt a little guilty but I didn’t care, I just didn’t care Doctor.” She swallowed her breath hitching slightly, “And then enters the Jimmy that I didn’t think even existed, the real Jimmy Stone. I started seeing him more and more behind Mickey’s back, I couldn’t help it he was like a drug, he made me feel happy for a little while at least but then he got nasty one time when I went to see him. He hit me because he’d lost money on a bet; he took it out on me because he was getting in debt. I took it as a one-off thing and continued seeing him as normal until he made me give him all my savings, looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t stop and go to the police or at least Mickey, but I couldn’t by now I was in love with him, it sounds crazy I know, but I was. The hits got worse, leaving marks which got noticed, Uncle Tom noticed when I was seeing him one time, he wouldn’t drop it until I told him how it got there and as you probably can guess he went storming round there, got himself beat up cos of me. I couldn’t handle it anymore got the police involved there and then, but then he came after me.”

She continued on her words faltering. “What you did earlier when you were chasing me after I ran off… he… he did that except he raped me and gave me this,” she lifted her dress top up slightly to reveal an inch long scar across her stomach then looked away from the Doctor ashamed tears now streaming down her cheeks. The Doctor looked at her shocked and wrapped his arms back around her pulling her to him in reassurance that that man would never ever come near her as long as he was there. Her ex… had… had done that to his Rose, well he knew one thing for sure if that animal still walked this planet, he would find him and make him never forget what he did, oh he would pay alright.

Whilst the Doctor was holding onto his Rose for dear life nobody saw a Silver Mercedes draw up next to the church building. A fairly well built man got out of the driver’s side; he wore a branded tracksuit with a heavy chain around his neck, baseball cap pulled down over his eyes, one other man got out of the passenger door with him. The man with the baseball cap said gruffly in a husky voice, “Find her, my girl needs to be back with me where she belongs.” The other man nodded curtly making his way over towards the building whereas the driver stayed lighting a cigarette sending puffs of smoke into the cold night air.

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Chapter 9: Chapter 9

“Alright?” the Doctor asked after awhile cupping her soft face in his hands looking into her exhausted shining eyes. “I suppose,” she mumbled turning her gaze away from him causing him to turn her chin back to meet his burning gaze. “Hey, hey, sweetheart, he’s in the past, he’s never gonna come near you never mind hurt you when I’m around is he, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to my girl while I’m around don’t you?” He took her hand gently when she nodded silently starting to pull her a little to lead her away towards the side building where the party was currently taking place without them.

Clutching hands tightly the Doctor led her over towards the building until she stopped dead in her tracks and take a sharp intake of breath causing the Doctor to look at her to see what was wrong. What he saw was the most scared Rose had ever looked; she had destroyed Daleks with a flick of her hand and faced down Cybermen but seemed scared in a way that chilled him to the bone.

Whilst Rose was still in shock, stood rooted to the spot, shaking never letting her eyes turn away from the sight in front of her, the Doctor followed her line of sight and saw a man leaning against a car, baseball cap pulled over his eyes whilst smoking a cigarette. He hadn’t realised all the attention he was getting yet and the Doctor wanted to know what had frightened Rose so much.

He turned back to Rose and put a hand to her cheek to try and get her out of her trance she seemed to be in, he jumped a little when she moved suddenly looking up at the Doctor with fearful eyes. She didn’t say a word and just turned tail and ran off towards where her mum and the rest of the guests were congregated in the building opposite. The Doctor wasn’t far behind her and turned one last corner to catch up with her to see another man gripping his Rose’s arm and smirking at her maliciously whilst she was twisting and turning to get out of his grip. She shouted one word, “Doctor!” and he was right next to her within a flash.

He pulled Rose’s arm out of the man’s grasp and put himself in front of her, pulling himself up to his full height, protectively barring the man at getting to her. The man just smirked at him, “I think you’ll find she belongs to someone else mate, so I’d do the right thing and give her to me if you know what’s good for you.”

Rose was trembling heavily and was virtually on the verge of tears, looking up at the face she knew so well but thought long gone, never to be seen again. It was Jimmy’s best mate and devoted partner-in-crime Daz. She had hated him almost as much as Jimmy because he used to feel her up and say twisted things to her when Jimmy wasn’t around, things that weren’t even worth mentioning and shouldn’t be mentioned ever. He never did it round Jimmy though, he knew who she belonged to alright, Rose was Jimmy’s girl and anyone who thought or said any different never said so again, he made sure of that. And they were back and that could mean only one thing, Jimmy wanted her, he wanted her back, because Jimmy Stone always get’s what he wants in the end.

“And what if I say no,” the Doctor said his eyes darkening and his voice dropping dangerously low.

“Then you’ll have to suffer the consequences, cos Jimmy wants his girl back and nothing or no-one is going to stop him,” Daz said obviously not taking notice of the Doctor’s rapid change in tone and mood.

Rose closed her eyes at hearing his name spoke out loud and a single tear rolled down her cheek. The Doctor gasped slightly at hearing the name and if possible his eyes got even darker, fires blazing in his coal black pools. The Doctor spoke again; his tone dangerous and his sound volume went up a few notches. “Well you can tell Jimmy Stone he isn’t gonna have her, cos if he wants her he’ll have to kill me first.” He stepped back slightly and gripped a terrified Rose’s hand tightly in reassurance.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Daz said smartly grinning at the Doctor and looking Rose up and down causing her to visibly shudder. “You’ve got a tough one here aint you Rosey, did you hear that, he’s willing to die for you?” Daz addressed Rose who flinched and turned her eyes to the floor not daring to look him in the eye.

“Ahh, we not talking much now Rosey, where’s that confidant, sexy woman inside of you, spose you’ll just be waiting to show Jimmy though.” He moved forward suddenly catching Rose off guard and stroked her face, the Doctor immediately wrenched his hand off of her and spat, “Don’t you touch her.”

“Or what?” came a voice from next to Daz who wasn’t there beforehand. The Doctor stood his ground while Rose visibly crumbled at the sight of Jimmy Stone who was smirking nastily. “Hello Rosey, long time no see eh?”

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Rose was frozen to the spot visibly shaking with fear. The Doctor saw this and put himself between them, pulling her behind him protectively.
“Get out of here Jimmy, cos you aint getting near her, I can promise you that right now,” the Doctor said aggressively his eyes burning in hatred. “Did you not hear me, I said go and never come back, your not even worthy to breathe the same air as my Rose,” Jimmy’s eyes flashed dangerously at the possessive wording but then backed down a little and stepped one foot back sizing the Doctor up who was much taller than him.

“What you gonna do to me? Oh I can see what Rosey saw in you, she’s always gone for powerful men aint you,” his gaze turned to Rose, cocking his head to one side smiling at her innocently which made her skin crawl, she was clutching to the Doctor holding back tears. “Ahh poor Rosey’s scared of me,” he cooed sarcastically suddenly moving forward as if to touch her. He looked for one moment as if to grab but the Doctor got there first and threw Jimmy roughly up against the wall by the lapels and staring menacingly up at the shocked man in front of him.

“I believe you’ve got something to say to Rose,” the Doctor snarled, the true man finally making an appearance; the Oncoming Storm, Destroyer of Worlds, proving the legends true. He could be nasty when he wanted to and he knew it, especially where it concerned his Rose.

The Doctor put a hand on his throat, “Say it,” he wasn’t holding his throat enough to kill him, but he was applying enough pressure for him to feel extreme discomfort, he deserved it for what he had done to Rose, he was no better than a Dalek in the Doctor’s eyes and he would pay one way or another.

“I’ sorry” he whispered getting seriously frightened of Rose’s new fella’ whoever he was. “I don’t think she heard that,” he shouted, pulling him further up the wall. “I’m sorry,” Jimmy shouted, fighting for breath whilst the Doctor smirked madly at him finally lowering him to the ground then dropping him forcefully so he hit the ground painfully. “Good boy,” the Doctor chided turning back to Rose who was staring in awe, no-one told Jimmy Stone what to do and the Doctor had just treated him like a dog. Mind you he was the lord of time; he’d probably faced down bigger bullies than him in his time. Right now the ‘my hero’ corny phrase was appropriate and she did feel a little faint, he’d never looked more irresistible to her before now, hair sticking up, dark eyes and shirt undone and he was all hers, oh how she would indulge later on but not now, right now she had to concentrate on getting rid of Jimmy Stone once and for all. She was still a little scared of Jimmy but wasn’t as frightened as she had been cos she had the Doctor with her and he wasn’t gonna let Jimmy near her, that much had been made clear.

“You just…” she started but trailed off finding herself breathless, her eyes were sparkling with love for this man, alien whatever, right now she didn’t care. “Thank you it means a lot you’d do that for me,” she reached up and planted a kiss on his soft cheek. She then turned around to Jimmy with a new found strength deep inside her, “Not that it means anything, you lost the right to even talk to me the day you gave me this.” She gestured to her scar underneath her T-Shirt that was barely visible, but it was still there, it still meant something. “You destroyed my world when I was still a teenager, you caught me out when I was weak and gullible, but now things have changed and I have changed… for the better.” She smiled back at the Doctor who was right behind her, giving her the support if she needed it. “I’m with the Doctor now and I’ll tell you what, until you showed up I was enjoying every moment.” She grabbed hold of the Doctor’s hand dominantly and lifted their clasped hands up for Jimmy to see. “He’s worth a million of you Jimmy and nobody especially not an arrogant, smarmy little bastard like you is going to break us. I’m not yours Jimmy, I never was and never will be, there’s only one man who me and my heart belong to and he’s standing next to me.” She gestured to the Doctor who was practically beaming with pride at his girl standing up to Jimmy like that.

Jimmy and Daz were standing backed against a wall, Jimmy’s mouth agape at that little performance. Well he wasn’t gonna try and get Rose off that man again that was for sure unless he wanted to go home in an ambulance, frankly she wasn’t exactly worth it, he didn’t want her that bad, she had changed she wasn’t the girl he liked to have around anymore; she had nothing to give him anymore. Suppose he already had Sarah and Gemma, well they’d keep him occupied at least for now anyway.

“Your both as crazy as each other, you deserve each other,” he smirked then turned his back and walked back over to his car, Daz following in his wake.

Rose was so overwhelmed with the moment she pulled the Doctor down to her level and kissed him chastely then pulled away slightly to watch the Doctor’s expression. “That alright?” she asked hesitantly almost afraid she’d crossed the line and he’d reject her. “It’s more than alright, come here,” he pulled her to him in one move and wrapped his hands around her waist leaning towards her to catch her lips in another kiss, when she didn’t hesitate he deepened the kiss running his hands around her body whereas she turned her attentions to his thick brown mop which was aching to be touched, she ran her fingers through it teasing out the knots.

They pulled away unreluctantly after a while, “You owe me a dance Rose Tyler,” he grinned at her cheekily with that absolutely frustratingly gorgeous face of his; oh he’d definantly got the winning card this regeneration around for sure.

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Chapter 11: Chapter 11

Author's Notes: the song mentioned in the chapter is My Heart will Go On by Celine Dion and a fantastic vid on YouTube featuring the Doctor and Rose in very emotional scenes throughout their time together can be seen, i suggest you check it out;

He linked hands with her and led her back to the noisy building, now blasting out a fast number which didn’t attract the Doctor at all, he wanted a slow number so he could take his Rose in his arms and drift her around the dance floor, feeling her smaller build pressed against his body. Just how he wanted it, always had been to be honest just never initiated it until now. Shame it had taken all this to get his ass in gear and do something though. But she was worth it, always had been and always will be.

When they entered through the door to the over packed room they were met by the sight of a panicked looking Jackie. “Where the ‘ell have you been?” she said annoyed. “I was worried sick ‘bout you, Auntie Julie told me you ran off from some handsome guy in a pinstriped suit and looked upset,” she rounded on the Doctor getting closer by the second. “What did you do to ‘er, what did you do to my Rose?!” she said angrily.

Rose stood in front of a fear-stricken Doctor, blocking his way from an irate Jackie. “He did nothing mum, it was me being silly but were fine now, better than ever actually, the Doctor fixed me up,” she replied winking at the Doctor and smiling at him lovingly.

The Doctor’s hearts soared when Rose smiled at him; he smiled back having no idea that he was having the exact same effect on Rose. Rassilon how he loved her, if anything ever happened to her, it would destroy him, she was his life, his soul, his Rose. He loved her more than he’d ever loved anyone in all his lives and she was his existence.

Suddenly the fast beat filtered out to subside to a slow beat for ‘My Heart Will Go On’ came on the system in which the Doctor found his opportunity and grasped it with both hands. “Jackie why don’t you go find your fancy man, Rose would you care to dance with me?” Jackie threw daggers at the Doctor and looked at Rose as if to say ‘this aint over, don’t you dare.’

Rose took caution to the wind and replied yes, taking the Doctor’s outstretched hand and let him lead her to the dance floor leaving Jackie practically fuming behind them, she promptly stomped away to get herself a dance partner.

He hooked his hands gently around her waist; hers looped around his neck holding her close to him. She found herself being gripped tightly by the Doctor as if he was frightened she’d run away again, faces inches apart.

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you

They let their bodies move in time to the music for a while, Rose sinking and slowly drowning in the Doctor’s dark pools which are once more filled with love and devotion for her and she didn’t mind, she felt the same way and always will do. She felt safe in the Doctor’s arms and feels stronger with her Doctor here with her forever and always.

You’re here, there’s nothing I fear

Rose mumbled something incoherently so the Doctor gently pulled her chin up so their faces were meeting. “I said I’m sorry.”
“What for?”
“For running last time,” she looked at him guilt apparent in her eyes. “Oh Rose, what am I gonna down with you,” he pulled her so close she could smell his intoxicating scent, her head resting on his chest and his head resting softly on hers. He smelled like honey and was that burnt metal and rubber, doesn’t surprise her though the amount of time he spends under that TARDIS.

“You smell like a bonfire,” she giggled softly into his chest. He pulled away immediately, still close but so far apart so he could see her expression, she looked passive with a smile on her face. “Well we’ll have to dance like this then if I smell that bad,” he suppressed a smile, keeping a straight face, and pulled her into a formal dance position, there bodies nowhere near each other, not compared to before anyway. She bit her lip and faked a sulky smile at the Doctor before resting her head back on him craving his touch, “No, no I like the smell,” she murmured and pressed herself back into the Doctor’s hold, giving him no choice but to wrap his warm arms securely around her, he didn’t complain though, why should he when clearly all the girl he loved wanted was to be in his arms.

We’ll stay forever this way; you are safe in my arms

The song came to an end and people began to depart the dance floor leaving a lovestruck couple still dancing in each other’s arms unaware of anything but each other. The Doctor finally lifted Rose’s head gently out of his arms and looked deeply into her eyes and whispered softly so only she could here, “I love you Rose, I always have and always will.” He then smiled boyishly at her before leaning forwards and kissing her passionately, she smiled contently as he kissed her doing wonders for her insides. Both were oblivious to them being the only ones on the dance floor and the sudden attention they were receiving. Jackie caught sight of the pair of them and was speechless. Just friends, pigs can fly, as if, they never had been and never will be, they were always so much more than that. Rose came back up for air panting breathlessly, the Doctor smirking manically as if he’d found a new toy which he very much wanting to keep on using. “I love you too,” Rose managed to get out.

The Doctor’s eyes shone with happiness pulling Rose to him in a hug which meant so much to the both of them. “That means I can kiss you whenever I want right?” he said excitedly, a cute expression forming on his face. Rose’s eyebrow went up and she stared at him for a second, god why couldn’t she resist that face? “Yes, I suppose you can yeah,” the Doctor’s face lit up like a lightbulb.

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12

“Right you Doctor, can go and get me another drink, while I go and put my face on, I must look a right fright from all the crying I’ve done,” Rose smiled up at the Doctor trying to disconnect herself from his reluctant grip.

“Alright, but you’d best not be long cos I cant handle all these people staring and wanting to know who I am and what connection I have to you, you get enough of that on Eastenders!” he replied looking genuinely frightened she thought. Feeling daring, she quickly closed the gap between them and kissed him chastely on the lips in reassurance of her quick departure. “I promise.”

He was left beaming on the spot, thinking how life couldn’t get much better than this. He made his way over to the bar and plonked himself down on a stool, still with the vacant expression. She was finally his, officially and she’d said she loved him, his head was spinning.

He was so deep in thought he didn’t hear footsteps appear beside him, he also didn’t hear the sound if someone clearing their throat trying to steer his attentions towards them.

The person was getting seriously annoyed now so she decided to do the only thing she knew would definantly work, having done it to so many men beforehand. “DOCTOR!” she bellowed down his ear causing him to start abruptly and fall off his stool with a very loud ‘ouch.’

He picked himself up off of the floor hastily and stood his ground expecting to find a hoard of alien monstrosities ready to destroy planet Earth as he knew it, instead finding the face of a very amused Jackie Tyler smirking at him. That woman, honestly she could frighten the Daleks. “Jackie, how lovely to see you as always,” he said having regained his demeanour.

“For one what the hell were you doing just then with your alien hands all over my daughter?!” Jackie stepped up to the Doctor who was now cornered up against the bar with nowhere to run.

“Erm Jackie, you see, its like this, erm…” he rambled letting out a relieved sigh when he saw Rose had made her way over to the pair of them. The Doctor noticed she had straightened out the clothes that had got rumpled and slightly stained earlier on and wiped away the smears of mascara mixed with tears, reapplying it perfectly. She had left her hair down and brushed it carefully so it shone and then topped it off with red lipstick that made her look enticing enough to smudge up again preferably with his own lips. He didn’t seem able to draw his line of sight anywhere but on those lips, he licked his own lips predatorily.

Rose noticed his line of sight immediately and tried hard not to smile whilst turning to her mother to get her to back off. Unfortunately Jackie had seen the Doctor’s line of sight and shouted, “Look he’s doing it again, he’s practically undressing you with his eyes Rose.” She grabbed her then and put herself between Rose and the Doctor. “I thought you told me he was asexual Rose!” Jackie said causing the Doctor’s jaw to drop. “Shut up Mum,” Rose intervened, regretting the remark she had made all that time ago when she had first met him, big ears and all.

“You said what Rose!” the Doctor said outraged. She thought he was fucking asexual. He was anything but that, if he had any say in it. “You think I’m asexual!” he stammered still shocked at the comment.

“Thanks a bunch Mum, you know what he’s like; I’ll never hear the end of it now, why don’t you just come out with everything else I might have said, when I’d first met you by the way!” she shouted indicating the last bit at the Doctor. He had been a different man then and who could blame a girl for wondering especially since he never showed any interest in her until this regeneration. “All right then he-” Jackie was cut off directly by Rose clamping her hand over her mother’s mouth. “Mum, I wasn’t being serious!” Rose said annoyed.

“Right Rose Tyler, we’ll see who’s asexual!” the Doctor bounded over to her and before she could protest he bent her over slightly and pressed his lips over hers cutting off all protests from her perfect mouth. When she didn’t relent he wrapped his hands tightly around her waist and deepened the kiss causing her to moan involuntarily in sastification. There, that’s it, that’s all the evidence he needed. Fucking asexual, yeah right, she had practically moaned in pleasure right then. The Oncoming Storm was not asexual, he was very manly and had women falling at his feet.

As if to prove his point he dropped his hands from around her waist and pulled away from a startled Rose who looked annoyed at having him pull away so quickly when things were just getting good. “Is that what you’d call asexual Rose?” he winked sexily at Rose and grinned at Jackie before walking off leaving an open mouthed Jackie, speechless for once in her life. He had just made out with her daughter right in front of her eyes and then had just walked off. That alien was more human than he would ever admit!

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Chapter 13: Chapter 13

“You know he’s never gonna let me forget this right,” Rose turned to her mum who was still a little shocked at the Doctor’s forward actions. “You have no idea mum, last time I took some of his marmalade for my toast, he practically blanked me for a month then wouldn’t let me forget it, and this one has far too many fetishes for his own good.”

Jackie smiled knowingly. “You know you love him really Rose.”

Rose looked annoyed, “So now you accept that fact, after causing all that trouble over him kissing me.”

Jackie looked innocently up at Rose, “I never said he wasn’t good enough for you, you know what he gets like, and I was only having a laugh.” Rose didn’t look particularly amused. “Oh come on sweetheart. Look I promise I won’t make trouble between you two again.”

Rose rolled her eyes and glanced over at a sulking Doctor who was sat at a table on his own with his arms crossed over his chest. “Alright, as long as you at least attempt to be nice to him from now on,” she gestured over to the Doctor.

“If I must,” came Jackie’s reply with a sigh. “I’m going off to find Jim now, I need some male attention.” Jackie briefly hugged Rose then wondered off into the crowd to find the lucky man himself.

Rose made her way over to the Doctor and sat down next to him, he didn’t acknowledge her presence however. Rose smiled inwardly to herself, “You know I can always go and find Adam.” When this didn’t have any effect she made as if to get up and search for the man. Before she got anywhere however, the Doctor’s hand reached out and gripped hold of her arm pulling her back to him, so she was sat on his lap.

Her heart starting beating at a rapid pace when she saw the look in his eyes, they were dark almost black, they were unreadable; she couldn’t interpret any emotions from those eyes she thought she knew so well. His face was blank, yet again unidentifiable; he wasn’t smiling which made him look older and slightly darker than usual. For a moment, just for a moment fear overtook her, he had never looked at her that way before and it frightened her.

“Now why would you want to go and do that,” he said after awhile, his hands firm around her waist keeping her sitting down in his lap unmoving.

Her breath caught in her throat, she didn’t reply, she couldn’t. For starters she had no idea how to answer that question.

“Why would you want to go to a mere little human male, when you have me; the last Time Lord, wrapped around your little finger,” he moved slightly tracing the outline of her jaw with his finger causing her to shiver involuntarily.

His cocked his head to one side studying her for a moment. “Who do you belong to Rose?” he asked her looking straight into her eyes and still stroking her cheek with his hand, sending tiny sparks of electricity shooting up her spine, he had that effect on her and she craved every touch he gave her.

She found her voice and moved closer to her Time Lord, their faces inches apart. “You, forever,” her voice had taken on a husky tone.

“My Rose, I’ll kill any other man that dares touch you,” he replied dark eyes sparkling.

“I know,” she said simply, knowing what he was saying was the absolute truth, he would kill for her and she knew it.

He wrapped his arms around her, catching her off guard and pulling her easily against him, holding her tightly against his chest inhaling the scent that was only Rose; the scent that filled up his senses and overtook him, craving her touch.

Rose sighed, content to be held in the arms of the man she loved. He may be too alien for her sometimes but right here, right now he wasn’t a stranger but the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She leaned her head back and looked up at the man himself, her tongue poking between her teeth, “Put your specs on for me.” He ran a hand through his hair, as he knew she loved and looked at her quizzically as if he didn’t know why. “Why?” he smiled for the first time at her. “Just do it for me, please,” she smiled helplessly at him, knowing full well he couldn’t resist that face.

“You have to stop doing that Rose Tyler; you know I can’t resist that smile.” He reached into his pocket on his jacket and brought out the offending item that Rose found so attractive when placed with him, he should know he’d often than not found her drooling over him with them on. He put them on and looked down at Rose in a seductive pose. “You are just so damn hot in your glasses, you know that?”

“Ah-ha, so she clicks at long last! There is a reason why I always wear them around you.” She pulled on his tie and brought her lips to his, feeling him smile against their lips she carried on, deepening the kiss until both broke apart panting for breath. “You are a bad influence on me Rose,” he remarked with a smirk, then settling her once more back into position; his chin resting gently on her head.

“What do you expect, when you put those damn specs on, there a sitting aphrodisiac.” The Doctor smiled cheekily; for once thankful for his slight short-sightedness in this regeneration.

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14

The door on the far side of the room opened to let a slim, dark-skinned woman enter, she wore jeans, black boots and a red denim jacket with her hair pulled tightly on top of her head, she was fairly pretty and looked a little older than Rose.

She looked around as if scanning the room for a familiar face and spotted the blonde head of one Rose Tyler who was currently sitting on a very attractive man’s lap if she did say so herself. She rolled her eyes, ‘she’s got herself a new boyfriend then.’ She mumbled to no-one in particular.

She approached the couple and cleared her throat, “Rose.”

At her name she instantly broke off the kiss with the Doctor hearing him whimper in disappointment before she turned to see who the voice belonged to, blushed slightly at being caught; as if she was doing something she shouldn’t. The Doctor’s head turned with hers to find who had so rudely interrupted when he was kissing his girl, this had better be important!

He cuddled up towards Rose, his head resting on her shoulder, which made her smile broadly; very much enjoying this new found level of touching they had discovered.

“Martha… oh how are you, I haven’t seen you around for ages,” Rose attempted to get up and hug Martha but was instantly pulled back into the Doctor’s lap his arms wrapping themselves securely around her waist and an insane grin making itself present on his face.

Rose smiled up at Martha a little embarrassed at the Doctor’s constant possessiveness. “I would hug you an all but he’s a bit clingy,” she laughed, Martha returned with a smile and laughed along with her.

“In answer to your question I’m fine, a little shook up still but fine. I know I haven’t had anything to do with Tom for ages, not since we split but it still hurt to hear about him dieing like that.”

“Hey, I know how you feel, I was a right mess when I found out, if it wasn’t for this one, I would still be,” Rose poked the Doctor’s arm and he kissed her forehead gently in return and held her closer in his arms.

“This one has a name you know,” the Doctor said cheekily flashing her, his trademark grin.

“You have to be the centre of attention don’t you Doctor,” Rose chided grinning at Martha, the love practically shining off of her for the Doctor.

“You called me Doctor, at long last, she knows my name!” he said happily. Rose pushed him slightly and rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”

“Anyways Martha, this is my boyfriend the Doctor,” at this the Doctor started to get hysterical and let go of Rose to regain his demeanour, finding Rose calling him her ‘boyfriend’ hilarious, him a 900 year old alien boyfriend to a 19 year old shopgirl.

Martha looked sceptically at the Doctor and turned to Rose and gestured to her head. “Are you sure he’s right upstairs.”

Rose grinned, “Don’t worry he’s always been like this but whatever you do don’t let him near sugar of any kind.”


“Think little child that’s had too many E-Numbers.” Both girls dissolved into laughing like old friends sharing a joke.

The Doctor finally over his little ‘moment’ settled himself back down next to Rose, manoeuvring her back into his lap.

“Oh, I see your back then,” she inquired raising one eyebrow; he just nodded and tightened his grip around her waist in answer. “I’d like to introduce my uncle’s ex-girlfriend Martha, Martha Jones.”

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you Martha Jones,” the Doctor leant over Rose and shook Martha’s hand flashing her a beaming smile, one that never failed to make a girl’s knees suddenly weak, funny it had similar effects on her too.

“So you’re a Doctor then?” Martha stated rather than asked, finding herself rather attracted to this man in pinstripes, knowing with a vengeance that the feeling was one hundred percent unrequited.

“Yep, that’s me always,” the Doctor practically chirped.

“Your training to be one aren’t you Martha?” Rose intercepted.

“Yeah, getting there slowly,” she smiled, eyes sparkling.

“That’s brilliant, fantastic even. We need more Doctor’s in the world.” The Doctor said causing Rose to blush slightly at getting a sudden involuntary vision of little baby Doctor’s running riot about the place.

“So you seeing anyone else now?” Rose questioned taking the Doctor’s hand when he gestured it; entwining their fingers and letting him rub small circles on her hand with his thumb.

“Nah, not get anytime for a man nowadays, too much to do with the training,” Martha sighed almost sadly. “What happened with you and Mickey anyway, thought you two were set up for life.”

“We just sort of drifted apart really and then I met the Doctor and you know what he was like, he pined after me for a long time after that but it just didn’t seem right us too, I wanted bigger things, I wanted to get out there and make my imprint in the world, travel about a bit; he just wanted to stay at home and maybe visit the pub at weekends.” Rose’s eyes clouded over a little at remembering Mickey Smith, the man who eventually did make a difference and chose to stay in the parallel world to maintain that difference.

The Doctor gripped her hand more insistently shooting her a smile which she returned simultaneously. He knew how hard it had been for Rose and though she may not have been as close to Mickey as she once was, she did care for him a lot.

“That’s what me and the Doctor do; travel about a bit, never stay still, that’s us two.” They both smiled and Martha grinned back.

“I’ve always wanted to travel, still do to tell the truth, just never had the time.”

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Chapter 15: Chapter 15

The music and chattering crowds died down eventually, falling quickly into non-existence. There were only a few people left now, the rest having filtered out over time, having said their goodbyes and given their condolences. By now the Doctor was just starting to relax again having had people coming up to the couple every five minutes or so to say goodbye and Rose having to frequently be separated from him. Sitting around in an almost semicircle was Jackie and her new man, Jim, the Doctor, Rose, Martha and Jackie’s younger brother, David and sister, Angelica.

Jackie and Rose were both sat in their male companion’s lap and Martha, David and Angelica were all singletons facing towards them, Martha looking almost uncomfortable.

“Least we gave him a good send-off,” Jackie broke the silence, her voice echoing around the empty room.

Rose nodded in agreement, “Yeah, he would have liked it better this way.” The Doctor readjusted his grip around Rose’s waist, moving her closer to him in comfort; she smiled back at him in return.

Martha looked up at the clock on the wall which read a quarter to twelve and then shifted in her seat to begin standing up as if to go. “It’s been great an’ all but I best be going, got work in the morning,” she announced breaking another deadly silence, whilst making eye contact with Rose.

Jackie stood up and moved around a bit, “Yeah I think its time we all went really, past my bedtime and that,” she winked back at Jim who’s lap she had just arose from and got a suggestive smirk back in return.

Rose rolled her eyes and turned to the Doctor who wore a disgusted look on his face at the thought of what was being suggested. She laughed a little at the look of disgust on his face and moved her mouth close to his ear, allowing her access to whisper huskily which sent shivers hurtling down his spine. “I would love to go back to the TARDIS and check out that mole you made a point to tell me about when you regenerated.”

An involuntary groan escaped from his throat and before Rose could react he’d pulled her in his arms and closed the gap between their mouths, kissing her hungrily, not really caring at the moment about the slap that he was sure to get from Jackie for taking advantage of her daughter.

Martha, David and Angelica having seen Rose and her new boyfriend kissing passionately on the seat hastily made a move and went over to Jackie, made their goodbyes and made their way out the door, feeling slightly embarrassed.

When the door clicked shut behind them Jackie Tyler screeched causing the Doctor and Rose to detach themselves from one another. “Doctor, can’t you keep your hands off of my daughter for five minutes, you scared the poor buggers off, they honestly didn’t know where to look!”

The Doctor smiled infatuatedly at Rose, still breathing heavily. “No, I can’t.”

“Did you know Jackie that your daughter is the most infuriatingly sexy and beautiful girl in the whole universe and trust me I’ve seen a lot of it.” The Doctor said not taking his eyes off of Rose.

“You know what Doctor, I’m not even gonna bother humouring you with a reply, cos you’ll only come up with another charmingly smart-arse remark, you and that gob of yours could talk for the world and then still some more.” Jackie collected her jacket and handbag and pulled up Jim; grabbing hold of his hand and then made as if to leave. “Right we’re off now sweetheart, see you tomorrow, if you and himself decide to turn up that is.” Jackie practically dragged Jim out of the door at a speed which was unusual for Jackie Tyler.

The Doctor turned back to Rose after watching them walk or rather run out of the room. He stroked the side of her face fondly with the back of his hand, “Wonder what their up to, eh Rose.”

“I don’t even wanna think about it and neither do you if your face was anything to go by earlier on, but to hesitate a guess it might be pretty much what we’re going to do,” her voice fell to a low tone.

She waited for that cheeky innuendo that was sure to come with this new Doctor, the sort that made her either blush involuntarily or want to run her fingers through that untamed hair and snog him senseless. But it never came, just a prompt to get off of his lap. He gripped her hand tightly with his own before leading her to the door and into the night air, in silence. A breeze ruffled their hair as they made their way, hand in hand to a blue box, where if anyone had been looking they would have seen a man leaning forward and claiming a woman’s lips as his own before breaking away only to unlock the strange blue box. The man then swooped the woman off her feet and into the box where only silence was left behind to fill the cold night air.

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