more doctors by addison_rules

Summary: the rest of the six doctors arrive as more aliens enter the fray.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Multi-Era
Characters: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Grace Holloway, Jack Harkness, Jo Grant, John Benton, K-9, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, The Autons, The Axons, The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (3rd)
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: the six doctors
Published: 2006.12.30
Updated: 2006.12.30

more doctors by addison_rules
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: hello this is the sequal to the six doctors. on the list it says there are some characters who actually aren't there spellings are bade (see i spelt bad wrong because it was a joke)but the spellings are bad

"few im glad we've stopped that" sighed benston
"sir look!"shouted one of the solders
they turned around and there was five cybermen
"were surraonded"
"you will be deleted delete delete deleeeeeeeeeeeeeete!!!!!!!!!!!!"
suddenly a huge groan as the something started materializing on the doctor, benston and the solders
vworp vworp
they could start to see the inside now
vworp vworp
then it landed
"delete!"came the voices of the cybermen outside
a man wearing a just a vest and jeans looked at them
"errrrrrrr doc" he said to another man
you couldn't see him because he was working at the console
then he looked up
he was wearing jeans a sweater and a leather jacket
"oh dear" he said as he jumped down the stairs and looked at the doctor "well i never"
"who are you and why did you materialize your tardis on us by the looks of it your a time lord?"deducted the doctor.
"hang on your both time lords?"asked benston
"oh yes"replied the leather jacket wearing man "we're the SAME time lord"
"really what are you doing here breaking the first law of time?" ordered the second doctor
"me? you broke it!"argued the ninth doctor" any way, tell me, have you assessed the situation?"
"yes i have!"
both doctors closed there eyes
images flicked between them one tenth of a second the second doctor and the next the nineth
soon it finished
"cybermen, i haven't seen them in a while"said nine
"yes so youre my ninth self thats brilliant"replied two as he shuk nines hand "good to know my futures safe"
"yeah you lot canoonler spoonler what ever it is you time lords do, but there are still cybermen on the loose so we better go and stop them" interupted the vest man.
"oh and this is jack" said nine
"i know, you told me in our psycic conference" replied two "so your a captain, captain jack harkness i prezoom"
"yes, thats me, now im going to lead these two privates and sergeant guy here out, so we can kick serious steel but"
"how did you know they were made of steel?"asked nine
"it said on the scanner,doc is it all right if i take these guys to war"
"yes but don't do any foolish tricks" replied two
"i meant big ears" jack said pointing to nine
"yeah sure"he said "but never call me big ears again!"
"look there gone"said a solder looking out of the tardis
jack got two hand-machine guns
"right that gives us less cyberbuts to kick"

the brigadier ran out of the hotel with only two solders left
there waiting was the fourth doctor
"yes hello brigadier i haven't seen you in a while, tell me, cybermen?"
"yes your earlier self is here you know short fellow, black hair"
"yes, i know him.... i mean me, but if he's.... im here that means he's....ive broken the first law of time then it must be a great emergency....the cybermen and the daleks they might fight, oh dear...."worried the fourth doctor
"sir" said a solder " we have detected another tardis coming in"
"yes, where?" asked the brigadier
"on the corner of vitex street"
"brigadier let me go it is me we're locating"
"all right but remember to come back!"
"come on k-9"
the brigadier watched k-9 and the doctor walk off into the distance
the doctors scarf blowing in the wind

"like i said you'll love it rose"the tenth doctor said trying to convinse rose
"look doc i've already had a holiday before when we were with jack"replied rose
"i remember that but i can't remember what adventure i had. i met somebody, somebody i know.....but hey back to the present"
the doctor ran down the stairs to the tardis door, whizzed them open and
"yes i guess youre me hmmmm well you know, me im youre fourth regeneration"
there was the fourth doctor
"me.....what am i doing here?"
"yes, same thing im doing here, checking out the weakness in time"
"well if your here than i better introduce my campanion, rose tyler"
"yes, hello miss tyler pleasure to meet you"said the fourth doctor"well um i have news,bad news, you see unit is here and so are our previous selves but there are also daleks and cybermen here and they might just wage war"
"sounds bad, come on we can fly this tardis and take care of those daleks"
rose sat down as k-9 trunndeled to see her
"good morning mistress i am k-9"
what could she say? she new if the doctor could say any thing at the moment he would say
'don't talk to k-9'
why? because in k-9s future and roses past, when they met each other and thought the krillitanes. k-9 would reconise her and that would change history.
both of the doctors grabbed the console and started flying it
vworp vworp
the inside of the tardis rocked from side to side.
"i hope they can fly this thing"said rose to k-9.

the tardis materialized in the corner of a shopping mall
the eigth doctor walked out of the tardis with grace
"so, this is the fox cub hotel,looks more like a shopping mall to me"said grace
"yes it do'se but it is the shopping mall AT the fox cub hotel".
"are you sure?"
"yes well by seven eights"
"your never sure by a half or a whole"
the doors opened and people busld in
"come on"
they went to many stores and shops
next, argos, peacocks, wh smith, marks and spencers and woolworths
all was fun till......
the doctor saw a shop window dummy he staired at it for a while before rushing up to it
he whizzed the sonic screwdriver at it
"oh dear"
"what is it doctor?"
"autons,an old enemy of mine"
"are you sure?"
"yes, and this time 100% sure"
then the dummie came to life and pushed the doctor into the air where he hit a rack of clothing
"aaaaaaahhhhhhhh"screamed grace as a gun dropped down from its arm and it pointed at her
she ran for her life too the doctor hoping he could do something
suddenly more dummies came to life and started shooting everyone
"everyone follow me!"shouted the doctor
everyone did so
he lead them all to the tardis where they all got in
he got in and pushed his way to the console
above the hullaballo he shouted "calm down everyone you will be safe in here"
suddenly there were bangs on the tardis doors as autons tried to get in
"we're stuck" he said to grace "and with no possible way out"
"can't you fly us out?"
"i can't, you see the weakness in time which is here....."
"whoa hold on, theres a weakness in time here? is that why you brought me here?so you could investigate!"
"no but yes i can't explain but i can explain why we can't take off"
"well the time weakness has made it hard for the tardis to fly and the autons force fields are holding us down"
"and we don't have weapon's so we can't fight"
"double great"

the tenth doctors tardis was suspended in space time
"oh dear"said ten"errr me!"
"yes"replied four
"i have detected an auton acctivating signal"
"you have"
"yes and thats bad because there in the same time zone as the daleks and cybermen"
"yes i suppose but we have to take care of the daleks im sure another me i mean us will take care of it"
"well we still have to help......oh look,theres a tardis sos in the same time zone"
"errr doctor,my doctor"called rose
"you go and talk to your companion while i will communicate with this other tardis"said four
the tenth doctor ran over to rose
"what is it rose?"
"just one question precisly who is that man?"
"me"he said
roses face showed no understanding
"when i met you i was different then i regenerated into this body, well, when i met you that wasn't my first regeneration i've had more and he just happens to be one of me"
"oh i get it.....i think"
"hey me i've got them up"shouted four
ten ran up to the console
they both looked on the screen
there was the eigth doctor
"arr hello" said ten
"whos he?"asked four
"he's us,your future, my past so how am i?
"trapped" replied eight " the time weakness has made the autons force field on me worse"
"so i can't travel in time" added four
"but can i travel in space?"
"yes only if its in the force field"
"ok then, k-9"
"can you locate the nestene's lair"
"good get to it, now i have a vase of anti plastic some where, ah ha here it is, fourth me, try teleporting this to our eigth self so he an use it for stopping the nestene, rose you help him and i will try and find some gold and plastic headed bullets to fight off the cybermen and the daleks"

the third doctor and jo were flying the tardis
"ok jo almost there but theres a problem, you see one of the tardises circuits are weak so we can only make one trip so we better not do any thing wrong"
"which lever?"she asked
"the blue one on the right, left of the red one"
"ok jo now pull that lever and we will land"
"ok doc"
she pulled the lever then
suddenly a huge blue box materialized in the console room
it was the tardis
"oh dear" said the doctor as he ran to the door of the console room and ran out
but appearing from the tardis in side the console room
"doctor you just moved whats happened?"
"i've landed the tardis inside it's self, and we needs repairs for are next flight, so we're stuck!"

"tenth me we've teleported the anti plastic to our eigth self"
"good"said ten as he came along with golded necklaces rings badges watches and a selection of other objects
"i have located the nestenes lair, master"
"excellent, me put me back on with myself"
then eight came back on screen
"any progress?"
"yes we've sent you some anti plastic,the co,ordinates of the nestenes lair and thats all we can do im afraid, we will have to go and take care of some daleks"
the image cut off
the tenth doctor and the fourth doctor ran to the controls
they then started flying the tardis
vworp vworp
"here we go!"

the ninth doctor and the second doctor were at the controls of the tardis
"oh dear, hey me"said two
"what is it now?"replied nine
"there was a tardis sos near here,should we check it out?"
"hmmmm ok then"
then they flew the tardis through space to the section where the sos was
but then they had a signal from unit
"doctor this is the brigadier we are still fighting the cybermen but there are no sign of any daleks"
"yes one of your future selves told us that there were"
"right you guys take care of those cybermen while i will...."
"we will"
"we will check out a tardis sos we've discovered."
the connection ended.
"right we've got to land in that tardis"
they then caried on flying the tardis towards the sos.

the tardis materialized in the basement of the hotel
both the fourth and the tenth doctor walked out
"k-9"whispered ten into the tardis"can you locate where the daleks are?"
"good, i don't know how i've survived these past regenerations without you"
rose also came out of the tardis
"rose" said ten "you can't come let both of me go and k-9"
"you said my name in front of k-9"
"he didn't here now listen what if you get exterminated"
"well yeah but..."
" 'well yeah but' NO youre not coming"
"i survived two attacks by the daleks: one at van stattens bunker and two with that dalek invasion in the future"
"and what do you remember about that invasion in the future?"
"well just singing and you said you sang a song and the daleks ran away"
"yes but you can't come the daleks will kill you"
he turned around and followed four and k-9 around the basement
rose walked back into the tardis
she looked at the screen
something started to appear on the screen
"err hello"said the man "im the third doctor you know me oh dear"
he looked at rose
"have i regenerated into a women?"
"no no im the doctors companion rose tyler and you are his what regeneration?"
"third, we're stuck you see. we could only fly once and we,ve landed the tardis in side its self so we're currently in another universe so could you get him please?"
"i can't he told me not to leave the tardis and he's out side exploring so i cant sorry"
"thats ok i'll get one of my other selves"
the image disapeared
rose sighed
the door slammed open k-9 and the doctors walked in followed by daleks
"the doctors will fly the tardis to a space of 30 square feet or you will be exterminated!"
"ok ok we will we will"replied ten as him and four went to the console
rose couldn't stop stairing at the daleks
why did the doctors get captured?
one of thems cleverer than getting captured so surely two would be better.
what if they had a plan?
she would have to help or do nothing. if she did something wrong they would all die.

as the ninth and second doctor flew the tardis towards the sos they detected something
"hey me, theres something ahead"
two looked at the screen
"i'd thought a jackabyte would reconise that ship.....there SONTARANS!"
suddenly a huge laser penertrated the side of the wall not breaking it but coming through it
and then three sontarans appeared
one of the sontarans shouted"bow down for dracula commander of the sixth sontaran battle leagen!"
both of the doctors bowed
"hmmm i have to gasp at the engineering of this craft" said dracula as he looked around the tardis "according to our new ally he can give us an allience that will give us the opportunity to wipe out
the rutons and let us win the war"
"what ally is that?"shouted two"
"why here he comes now"dracula replied
and another laser burst in and there stoud
"good work dracula oh look two miserable time lords and a beautiful tardis"
he kicked the tardis control
"not the best tardis in the world, only a type 40, but hey, once the ultimate allience is made i will take this tardis and your body doctor......"
the ninth doctor jumped up and switched the tardis sos signal
"kill them"ordered the master
"our pleasure"replied dracula
they held up there rifles
"open firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued

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