Chaser by Blaidd_Drwg

Summary: "If she'd been anyone else, Rose would be currently dragging behind the TARDIS from a tow rope by now. But, she wasn't anyone elseshe was Rose Marion Tyler, and fortunate to be so."
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Ninth Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler
Genres: Drama
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Series: An Innocent Drink
Published: 2006.12.29
Updated: 2006.12.29

Chaser by Blaidd_Drwg
Chapter 1: Chaser
Author's Notes: The next in the developing series concerning a particularly dodgy alcoholic beverage...


For what remained of the morning, the Doctor's attentions were focused entirely on the TARDIS console; noteably more than usual, if that was even possible. He'd been tinkering away beneath the grating for hours, checking and re-checking the main fuses, even though he'd changed them but two days ago, which Rose quite eagerly pointed out every time he made the excuse to look in on them again.

"Are you just gonna hide down there all day?"

Rose asked, in obvious want of attention. She sat down on the edge of the opening to the lower control levels, her legs dangling down into the cavity as she swang her feet leisurely in mid-air. The human was becoming increasingly frustrated with his constant attempts to avoid her, and so, took it upon herself to distract him as much as possible.

"I'm not hiding! I'm just...calculating how much Grinolium wire we have left...may need to re-stock at some point..."

A pair of boots replied, the rest of the reclusive Time Lord, buried in and amongst a pile of metallic-looking scraps, huge, transparent, snake-like tubes, coils of cables with no apparent purpose, all of which was bathed in the bluey-green light emmitted from the console.

"Surely it doesn't take you that long...I mean, we only just counted it a few days ago; it won't have gone running off anywhere..."

Rose rolled her eyes and the pair of them sighed heavily, almost in unison. There was a loud clatter as the Doctor erupted from beneath his collection of bits and bobs, his eyes squeezed shut to avoid losing them to any sharp pieces that he may have nestled in. Standing up, sonic screwdriver in hand, he brushed off his shoulders and hesitantly turned towards Rose who was watching him with a smirk as he approached her feet.

He frowned, looking up at her with arms folded in his usual, stubborn manner.


The annoyance present in his tone only emphasised his embarrassment for what had happened earlier; it was impossible for her not to notice it, especially with the way he dodged complete eye contact as much as he could.

Without a word, without a warning, Rose pushed forward and landed down in front of him, reached up, and un-hooked the loop of wire that had coiled around his left ear, unbeknownst to him.

"If you'd have asked, I'd have lent you a pair." She grinned, holding the wire silvery loop between her thumb and forefinger, and dangling it tauntingly.

The Doctor was definitely not impressed.

"Give it 'ere!" He grumbled, even more embarrassed than he had been originally, thanks to her teasing. Snatching it quickly, he pocketed it, along with his sonic screwdriver.

He'd had enough now.

If she'd been anyone else, Rose would be currently dragging behind the TARDIS from a tow rope by now.

But, she wasn't anyone else...she was Rose Marion Tyler, and fortunate to be so.


He commanded sharply, taking her by the shoulders and spinning her round so that her back was to him.


"Rose Tyler, up, now!"

A pair of large, cold hands gripped gently, yet firmly around her waist, and she was lifted up the extra foot she needed so she could grab the edge of the grating and pull herself up, which she did rather swiftly after the Doctor's stern directions.

She'd known he could be a temperemental, but she'd hardly done anything wrong this time...he'd started it.

For a few moments as she watched him tug himself back up onto the main level of the console room, she thought of running away to hide somewhere. He seemed quite mad at her, and despite the fact that she knew he would never hurt her, she knew he could shout, insult, or cop a strop and blank her for as long as he thought it was necessary.

The insulting and the shouting she could cope with...but being ignored? That wouldn't do.

His foots scraped and thudded up onto the grating, and the Doctor rose to his feet, sweeping his hands over his trousers and jacket before he deemed himself presentable enough to even look at Rose.

For a moment, he just watched her, silent...his lips pressed firmly together, his head slightly raised so that he had to look down out of the corner of his eyes to see her properly.

He was trying to look superior, and she knew it...

Startling blue, his gaze wandered over her, inspecting every little feature of her form that he felt brave enough to acknowledge, and Rose couldn't help but feel quite shy and exposed as his eyes seemed to see straight through her, piercing down through to the very depths of her soul. Perhaps it was the knowledge of him being an alien, and the subconscious remindners of this fact that kept her mind wandering, kept her imagination sparked and inquisitive as to what he could possibly be doing with those eyes?

Either way, there was something different in the way that he looked at her.

Rose placed her hands on hips, and all hope was lost...

The Doctor's eyes rapidly flashed away to the door on the opposite side of the TARDIS console room, and it became increasingly inviting.

One final, stolen glance, and he was off; a brisk, meaningful, terrified, walk around his companion, and he broke into a slow run to get away from her.



And he was gone, his footsteps reverberating back through the hollowness of the corridors and into the console room through the door the Time Lord had left ajar.

Rose's hands fell, and her eyes locked upon the shadowed entrance to the world beyond where her Doctor had escaped to.


What had she done?!

What is something she'd said?!

She just couldn't grasp why he was behaving in such a manner.

So they'd woken up in an awkward what?!
Nothing had happened...nothing possibly regretful anyway; she emphasised to herself, the word 'possibly', as she doubted there'd be any regrets if the had...

Not on her part anyway...

They'd been drunk!

It was the perfect excuse for every dodgy circumstance, and Rose was adamant that this was such a case.

She couldn't see why the Doctor was being so skittish and scared of it...everyone had done stupid things when under the influence at some point in their lives...hadn't they?

Rose stared at the doorway for what seemed like a lifetime, although in reality, she was still for a grand duration of forty-six and a half seconds.

Then she ran...pelted after him like she was being chased by some alien horror, determined to make her into some sort of soup.

She had to fnd out what was behind all this.

She couldn't live with him running about, trying to avoid her all the time.


Down the spiral staircase...left...right....right again...past the observatory...through the library...

He kept on running until he all but collided with large, arched door, which he subsequently yanked open and shot through, ducking below the overhanding honkeysuckle vines.

The garden...he could hide out in here for a few hours...hopefully...

He had heard Rose following him, calling after him, though he hadn't had the guts to turn and look back. He knew she'd been pretty close behind until he'd taken a short-cut through the library and lost her within the maze of bookshelves.

She'd be there for ages trying to find the door again if he guessed rightly. No companion had ever been able to find their way through his literary labyrinth, without some help from himself, before. He just worried...Rose wasn't like the others...she seemed to have some sort of tracking device on him...

This thought, proposterous as it wasm prompted him to start checking himself for any signs of being bugged as he shuffled through the flower beds and seated himself in and amongst his own private botanical collection.

It took him a while to remember that Rose was human, and wouldn't have access to such technology that would have escaped his notice...or any technology whatsoever, apart rom her "Superphone".

He settled quickly, removing his jacket and setting it beside him whilst the green jumper Rose had gotten him out that morning would help somewhat to camouflage him against the large leaves of the plants around him.

Concealed in this sanctuary, he waited and began the slow, arduous task of collating his thoughts upon the subject at hand.

He'd have to explain something...he just needed some sort of viable excuse to hide behind.


Forty minutes.

It had to be a new record.

Desperately hoping that it wasn't the door she'd originally entered through, Rose tugged at the door handle she'd managed to discover, and found herself in a corner she instantly recognised.

Immediately, she knew where the Doctor would have scarpered to, as the pair of them frequently had breakfast in there, sat on the wooden bench in between the begonias and the attention-seeking orchids from Lambda, that screeched every time the Doctor ignored them.

Pausing for a while to regain her composure, Rose edged towards the door, opening it and stepping through as quietly as was humanly possible, stooping beneath the canopy of overgrown vines, and shutting the door behind her.

It clicked.

Rose winced, and the Doctor's radar-dish ears were on full alert as both his hearts went into over-drive.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! This won't do! Can't! Won't! Shouldn't!"

He froze, listening intently to the muffled rustles of Rose's footsteps edging ever closer towards him. Technically, he should be lecturing her yet again on not walking in his flowerbeds, but now, she'd only point out how much of a hypocrite he was being, and to be honest, he really didn't care for much right then, as long as he was well out of her sight; which, unfortunately for him, he wasn't.

Camouflaged as he was by his intuitive shoice of clothing, it was still impossible to escape her gaze, and the lack of his jacket left him feeling ever-the-more vulnerable and exposed.


Having had his face buried in his hands as he curled up in a defensive ball, he couldn't help but look up, just in time to see her face poke out from between a couple of wide-leaved banana plants.

A deep, rosey flush took control of his complexion, and he recoiled in further embarrassment.

"What the hell's the matter with you?!" Rose moved forward, gradually lowering herself down to his level so she was knelt just infront of him, and he, subsequently, couldn't help but concentrate on the particularly interesting flower that had sprouted above his head, hanging from a Trixovic-Vine.

"Doctor?!" She waved her hand a few centimetres infront of his eyes, trying to divert his attention to her for the first time since that morning.

"What?! What is it, Rose?! What?! Because, if you hadn't noticed, my Trixovic has flowered, and it is in dire need of tickling!"

That blue gaze that had focused on her for those few, brief seconds, radiated the confliction that was raging within him right then, and he was almost positive that she had noticed...she always did. It was as if this human had some..."unhumanly" power that enabled her to interpret even the most questionable and mysterious features of his behaviour.

Rose simply stopped and watched him as he extended his index finger and proceeded to stroke along the purpley-speckled petals of the Trixovic flower; she desperately repressed the pang of jealousy that began to smoulder inside her.



"You're staring."

She immediately blinked and began to mess with her hair in order to disguise her "floral fixation".


A long, strained sigh ensued, and the Doctor rolled his eyes, pulling is hand away from the Trixovic, and instead, placing it nervously on the back of his neck, rubbing slightly.


"What happened..."



"Rose, I'm warning you! Stop there before this gets any worse!" He faced her, eyes blazing, daring her to continue.


"I can't...I...I just can't do this...I..."

"Doctor, we were drunk!"

"Go away! Just...just leave me alone...I've got to water the garden." He was fumbling for any excuse that may save him from the conversation Rose was insistent to have.

"No! I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what your big problem is!" Rose retorted stubbornly, folding her arms as he did as she came to sit cross-legged on the soil infront of him.

"Rose!" The Doctor repeated, though he knew that nothing he could say would shift her now. No matter how much he might try to forget it, shewas still her mother's daughter, and there'dalways be an essence of Jackie within her somewhere...though he hoped it would stay hidden...very hidden.

"Doctor. Nothing happened. We were drunk. We fell asleep. That's it! It's not like the Universe is gonna implode or anything!I don't see why you're making such a big deal out of it."

"Making a big deal?! ME?! Why are you so bothered about it if all we did was fall asleep?"

"I'm just saying, you don't need to go all freaky on me because you woke up on my bed...given, I had your jacket, and some giant, pink and yellow alien had stolen your jumper...we were drunk, so what? We couldn't help what happened. It's just one of those things."

The Doctor shut his eyes and clenched his teeth, one phrase -stupid ape- resonating throughout his mind as he tried to place his words without sounding too human. He failed...miserably.


"No! No, I wasn't! You were drunk! I wasn't! I was stone-cold-bloody-sober!"

Rose gawped, her mascara-framed eyes widening to a diamater, previously thought impossible.

" what?!...But...but you were...I saw broke your nose!"

She couldn't quite believe what she was hearing right then...had he didn't...couldn't have...

The Doctor's voice suddenly softened as he slowly began to come to terms with his current confession.

"I wasn't drunk! Maybe at first, but my metabolism's superior to yours; the alcohol just dissolves too quickly for the effect to be long-lasting..."

Just remind her of her species' inferiority...yeah...nice one. That'll top things off nicely...

The Doctor was up on his feet now, quite prepared to start running again.

It seemed to be all he ever did; apart from this time, instead of running for his life, he was running from it.

"Yes, it was stupid! Yes, I shouldn't have done it! And NO, it'll never happen again! Okay?! Happy now?!" He bent down and snatched at his jacket, too caught up in the anger he was directing towards himself to notice Rose's movements.

"Now, can I just get on with what I was doing so I can make sure that we don't end up crashing my ship?!"

He raised himself to his feet and tugged his jacket on, desperate to escape from the disagreeable situation he'd found himself in, despite the fact that Rose had hardly been able to get a word in edgeways.

However, this hadn't stopped her in the past, and as he came to straighten out his sleeves, he began to wonder why she was being so quiet and accepting of what he's just laid down...normally, she'd have something to input...some...opinion.

It was only when he shifted his gaze forward, his hands unconsciously moving towards his buttons, that he discovered why Rose had been so quiet.

After months, possibly years, of doubt and deception...the agonising glances, the torturous holding of hands and interlinking of fingers, painful smiles...

An extra pair of hands found their way up the Doctor's leather jacket, only slightly brushing his as they made their way up to his neck, over his shoulders, and back...sliding back down until they rested comfortably upon where she suspected his collarbones were hidden.

The alien's breathing suddenly became ragged, hearts beating more rapidly than they had during any of their jeopardy-related exercise.


His voice was a twisted mangle of a whispered plea, begging her to stop, yet urging her to continue as his eyes found hers, locking them in a steadfast gaze...

This was, so wrong...

His hands went up and clasped around hers, intending to push them away, though instead, he unconsciously held them in place.

He was completely, and utterly defeated, no matter how much he tried to deny himself...

This is gonna go so, so wrong...

Her mind kept repeating to her over and over again whilst the Doctor held her captive within his gaze.

He wasn't pulling away...wasn't fact, he wasn't doing anything. He was just stood there, almost waiting for her to get on with it...or frozen with fear or anger...for once she couldn't tell...

This was new...completely new to the pair of them,and neither knew how the other would react.

Slowly, tentatively, trying her best to give him the reassurance she had striven to give him since that morning, she leaned in, almost pulling away half way through because of her her hesitance...her fear of how he might react.

She needn't have concerned herself...

Just the sight of those full, deep-pink lips moving towards him was enough to send the Doctor wild.

A sudden, ravenous hunger sparked within him, and he could hardly contain himself...impossible to control...

The Oncoming Storm...

Before she knew what had hit her...a few split seconds elapsed where she felt the grip on her hands fall, and instead, their slight pressure was placed on either side of her waist...her eyes were lost to the outside world, in like manner to his, as the Doctor...the sweet, calculative, usually reserved, mysterious alien...pressed his lips softly against hers, holding them in place, slowly relinquishing himself to her...

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