Babysitting by Indefatigable

Summary: The Doctor and Jamie have a new friend.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Second Doctor
Characters: The Doctor (2nd), Jamie McCrimmon
Genres: Crossover, Drabble, Humor, General
Warnings: General
Challenges: None
Series: None
Published: 2003.11.04
Updated: 2003.11.04

Babysitting by Indefatigable
Chapter 1: Babysitting
Author's Notes: Crossover with Disney's Dinosaurs.

Jamie found the Doctor inside a well-furnished cave, keeping company with a chubby pink reptilian child. "I've been looking all over for ye," he complained, and flopped into a threadbare armchair.

"I've been drafted into baby-sitting," the Doctor apologized. The baby turned wide gold eyes up towards the newcomer, and clambered onto the back of the chair, perching behind Jamie's head. Jamie grinned upwards.

The Doctor looked gravely at the baby. "Now, do you remember my name?"


"And that's Jamie," the Doctor said.

"Not the Doctor!" the baby yelled, and clonked Jamie over the head with a frying pan.

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