The Optimist by Crimson Stars and Silent Stars

Summary: The Doctor you tell me? Doctor Who? / Who is this person who always stays true? / Who has he been in the far distant past / What is in store for the future, you ask?
Rating: All Ages
Categories: First Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Thirteenth Doctor
Characters: The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (13th), The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (4th), The Doctor (8th)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Character Study
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Published: 2018.11.17
Updated: 2018.11.17

The Optimist by Crimson Stars and Silent Stars
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: This was lots of fun to write! Let me know your thoughts, I'd love some constructive criticism!

Same software, Different case
Same man, New face

The first one's here to start us off
This one began with a nasty cough
Grumpy and old with a twinkling eye
Wise and kind would he personify

One day Susan, I shall come back
But this path you shall not again track
First one here and first one gone
Unknown then, he would live on

Onward we go, to number two
A replacement maybe, but on us he grew
With a funny run and a little hop
He captured our hearts with his floppy mop

And to top it off a little flute
Move aside, the next one's en route
Number Three is on his way
But no one forgets you, not for one day

Onto Number Three, a colourful time
Always on earth, a curious paradigm
"The Dandy Doctor", he was so-called
With monsters and spiders and Masters enthralled

A man of action, this one would be
Swashbuckling and swordship he'd take up with glee
Time to correct a mistake of the past
After the spiders, this one won't last

How can we forget? We all adore
With a lengthy scarf, it's Number Four
"Do I have the right?" he inquires
"To choose who lives and who expires?"

With him is Sarah, Leela, and a Time Lady
Would you like a Jelly Baby?
The moment has been prepared for all
The Time Lord goeth before the fall

And now we come to gentle Five
For decency, good, and honour he'd strive
The youngest one of the cache
He'd smile and say, "Sorry, must dash"

More malice and death and fatality
He'll face his cruel fate on Androzani
A race against time, to save a friend
A tragedy is how this one will end

"Change my dear, not a moment too soon"
Six will not stand for any buffoon
Curly hair and some dreadful taste
He'd save the day with humour and haste

On Gallifrey he finds the Valeyard
A reflection of himself, a flip of the card
Enigmatic and stern to a fault
A bump on the head, this one would halt

Unlimited pudding, unlimited power
Seven could give you an awful glower
Unshakeable faith, he'd give to young Ace
Quite the professor on everything Space

"If we fight like animals we die as them too"
In America he'd find his luck had ran through
Always within had a master plan
A father, a teacher, a good kind old man

With Eight we find life beyond the show
With Charley and Lucie, he'd learn to grow
A world with no time, a house that's alive
A Meddling Monk, a struggle to survive

"Believe me, I'm not a part of the war"
He'd rather die, than settle the score
Fast or Strong, Angry or Wise
"Heal Thyself", is the last thing he cries

And now we stop for an interlude
The Doctor of War enters the feud
The Last of the Time Lords, he will create
Forged in Fire are the men of great

Now We enter all anew
Number Nine comes into view
Northern, Leather and Fantastic
Fighting new monsters, and quite sarcastic

This one would make a good Dalek, it seems
He is quite willing to go to extremes
It's alright, now please don't cry
"You were fantastic, and so was I"

Number Ten is on his way
Always tormented by that final day
Wild as his hair would suggest
His wonderful friends will bring out his best

The Time Lord Victorious, he would become
Brought to the brink by the sound of a drum
Remember the best; Rose, Martha, and Donna
"Wilfred Mott, it would be my honour"

"Still not Ginger!" Eleven laments
His moral sense can be quite intense
The hoper of hopes and the dreamer of dreams
With nothing but words he can topple regimes

Life is a pile of good things and bad
To the good things, my friends will always add
We are all different people, all through our life
He will never give up, no matter the strife

Not good, not bad Just and idiot with a box
Twelve is not what you'd call orthodox
Without hope, without witness, without any reward
The price is never too high to afford

Do what you do, because it is right
For no other reason, for no other fight
Burning the old me to make one anew
Be kind always and to yourself stay true

Who knows what the next one will bring
A brand new face, a new song to sing
Kind, Joyful, Loyal, Resilient
Whoever she is, we know she'll be brilliant!

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