The New Companion by Innout

Summary: Just the start of a new era of a new Doctor and a new companion.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Other Era
Characters: Unspecified Companion
Genres: Slash
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Published: 2006.03.25
Updated: 2006.03.25

The New Companion by Innout
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: The new companion is primed...

Long hair. Parted in middle. Brown eyes and blond or was it blue eyes and brown hair? Well today it’s one or the other. Stole for food.Candy machines. Dime stores. Living on the streets. Yeah, making money THAT way. Not at first. First just panhandling, begging, conning. See I don’t care about anything. No one. No thing. Drugs suck. Pot, meth, speed, all of em. Did em and more for a while. Not really an escape. That’s what I guess I need. An escape from this shit hole of a street...a state...a country...fuck, the whole fucking planet. Only way I see out is to die and I really ain’t into offing myself, that’s so stupid.

Not that I wish I couldn’t. That might be a good way off. But anyway, so see I’m in this juvie hall. My friggin fake driver license is gone. That car I stole gone. They say I look like..well this andrognous type, that the guys in big boy prison will love me and my...well, then I cry baby you know. I’m only 13 I say. Short for 18 or 19 but tall for 13 or 14. Truth is I lied so much I ain’t sure if I ain’t 20, you know. Don’t care worth a shit. Dad was a fat piece of shit who beat my ass and my mom’s ass. She wasn’t worth a shit either. Spawning kid after kid and hoping they would pay for the life, know that fucking good life everyone on TV is always after. Or making you want to go after. Me? I didn’t want no good life. Survival is the only thing. But what for?

Now they gotta feed me, house me, let me work out in the prison yard, teach me, school me...think that’ll work. Fuck no. I’m not going to live in this sucking place. Delicate hands and not a lot of muscle yet but those hands would feel good around a gun. Well, not thinking of jumping one of these pigs so forget that. Deep down I think I’m sensitive which is why I don’t give a shit about anything. Hell, one of these pigs could be one of my brothers or sisters.

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