A Simple Question by wurdsmythe

Summary: One simple question. A not-so-simple answer. Could be any Companion asking. I consider it Doctor 10 or 11 answering.
Rating: All Ages
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Published: 2011.05.12
Updated: 2011.05.12

A Simple Question by wurdsmythe
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: I thought of this while listening to "Life Among the Distant Stars" on the Series 4 soundtrack.

"But doesn't it get lonely out there, floating in cold black space?"

"Never," said the Doctor. "Up there it's huge and magnificent and wonderful. It's like... it's like touching the greatest soul there is, nameless and limitless and eternal... the raw power of all creation as it ebbs and flows... the powers of Life and Space and Time, so pure as to be beyond purpose or even meaning because it IS purpose and meaning. The greatest forces of the universe combining and recombining all around me, bringing all that was, all that is, all that will ever be into existence and out again, pushing and pulling over and over in infinite combinations, stars and planets and life in all of its glorious forms, the very cosmic soul inventing itself over and over, and I get to watch it all... the birth of stars in the blackness of nothing... Can you imagine it? Nothing, absolutely nothing, and then, suddenly, light. Nothing, and then, suddenly, life. I can hear the cosmos around me all the time. It sounds like... breathing..." He tilted his head as if listening. "Very soft. Very quiet. A flow of energy so sweet, so gentle and yet so full of power, creation and destruction both..." He shook his head in awe. "How can I keep my feet on the ground of any planet with all that calling to me?"

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