Bobsledding Whoo-hoo! by frin tennant

Summary: Snow again. It must nearly be Christmas?
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Series: B.W., Christmas File
Published: 2009.12.12
Updated: 2009.12.12

Bobsledding Whoo-hoo! by frin tennant
Chapter 1: Bobsledding Whoo-hoo!
Author's Notes: Just caught the BBC advert for Christmas 2009 on telly tonight! It's on youtube for the whole world to see! Nice to see my Doctor looking like himself maybe for the last time ever... Another to add to my BWs!

The weather had taken him by surprise as he trudged up the hill through the snow covered trees to the place where he had left her. It was beautiful. Real snow… even fake snow… gave him so many memories.

Rose. There was his first memory like this. It wasn’t snow then… it was ash. It was still beautiful… tragically beautiful. As were most of his memories, really.

In his old body he had taken her to Cardiff in winter, hadn’t had time to pay attention to it. Woman Wept had been breathtaking too, but in this body, it was the ash falling on them on that grubby council estate that mattered the most.

The Powell Estate had been transformed and there she was… believing in him as she always had. She had been so fantastic then, her eyes only for him. Not him now, though.

He puffed out a steamy breath as he reached the precipice. Where was she? He smiled fondly as he looked, but his face quickly dropped.

The grunt of a reindeer made him startle slightly as he caught sight of her. Half-buried in the snowfall he had got caught in a couple of hours before.

He sighed as he stopped and observed her. He was going to have to dig her out before he could get through the doors. That wasn’t going to be much fun. The grunt of yet another reindeer caused him to turn his head. There were six of them.

This planted a thought. His right eyebrow cocked as the thought took him over. The other quickly joined it.

It wasn’t long before he had harnessed all six of them them up. He always knew those long red reins and harnesses would come in handy. Trans-dimensional pockets were brilliant!

He sat on her roof and called firmly, using the ancient words of long ago and the six beautiful creatures understood and sprang into the air.

The TARDIS glided forward and moved onto its side. His legs dangled down the roof and his converses caught on the lantern.

As his make-shift sled took to the air he shouted joyfully.

“Whoo-hoo!” The Reindeer, the Doctor and the TARDIS shot into the sky, turned a full loop-the-loop and headed off… in the wrong direction.

He turned his ‘sled’ and shot back, turned the same loop again and headed off into the unknown…

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