Wherein Jackie Tyler Meets the Tenth Doctor by Jeanne

Summary: Exactly as the title says: Jackie meets the Tenth Doctor.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: Humor
Warnings: None
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Published: 2005.06.27
Updated: 2005.06.27

Wherein Jackie Tyler Meets the Tenth Doctor by Jeanne
Chapter 1: Wherein Jackie Tyler Meets the Tenth Doctor
Author's Notes:

"Well, who are you, then," Jackie asks suspiciously as she looks up and down his body. "That new one Mickey was going on about, what's his name, Jack?"

A flash of sadness crosses his face before he quickly buries it. "I'm the Doctor," he tells her as he leans against the TARDIS. "Don't you recognize me?"

"What?" Jackie asks disbelievingly. "You're not the Doctor! He's got big ears and a funny face--you don't look anything like him!"

"Don't know what you're talking about, I've always been the Doctor," he says with a bright smile. "You're probably just misremembering me, I've heard it happens with old age. Not that I'd know, really, 'cos we aliens, we don't grow old, not like you humans do."

"Doctor!" Rose says, popping her head out of the TARDIS's door and giving him a frown. "Stop that!"

The Doctor winks at her. "Just having a bit of fun," he says, then flinches a bit when Rose punches him on the arm. "That hurt!"

"Wimp," Rose says with a good-natured grin.

"Who is this man?" Jackie interrupts as she shoulders her way past the Doctor to give her daughter a hug. "And where's that Doctor of yours?"

Rose returns the hug, blowing out an exasperated breath as she does so. "He is the Doctor, mum," she says. "He's just--changed, is all."

"Like what, plastic surgery?" Jackie turns her head to examine the Doctor again. "I have to say, it's definitely an improvement. Who'd you get to do it, someone from the future or another planet? Can't get work like that done yet, let me tell you. You know that one actress, the one on that one show you like so much, Rose? She got her nose done and it was horrible, I'll show you the picture at home, it's so funny!"

Rose rolls her eyes as her mum keeps on talking, then motions for the Doctor to explain. He merely grins at her and bounces on the balls of his feet, clearly enjoying the moment. "'s not plastic surgery, mum," Rose finally says, interrupting Jackie's flow of words. "It's this thing that his people do. Regeneration. Means his old body dies and he gets a new one."

Jackie looks askance at the Doctor. "How's that work, then?"

"Quite painfully," the Doctor says cheerfully. "Like your body's being torn apart, then sewn back together again."

"Doctor!" Rose yells after one look at Jackie's horror-stricken face.

"Ahh, so sorry," the Doctor says in a sheepish tone. "Shouldn't have said that, should I?"

"I swear, you had more tact in your last incarnation," Rose mumbles. She grabs Jackie's hand and starts to drag her away from the TARDIS, calling back, "I'll be back later, yeah? Call me if you need me!"

The Doctor waves his hand, then cheerfully heads back into the TARDIS, content at having found yet another way to stay away from Jackie Tyler's company.

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