Being Wise by frin tennant

Summary: Time travel, at Christmas? Where would you go?
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: General
Warnings: None
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Series: B.W., Christmas File
Published: 2008.12.17
Updated: 2008.12.17

Being Wise by frin tennant
Chapter 1: Being Wise
Author's Notes: For my BW series.

As they looked out across the night scene from the top of what appeared to be a sort of mud hut, Rose turned to the Doctor.

"Where are we?"

"All I said, Rose, that there is no smoke without fire."

"Yes, I heard you say that and now we're here!"


"But I don't know where here...oh!" As she spoke, her words were interrupted by movement in the dusty lane below them. Three large camels passed by close to them and Rose could just make out the three dark men atop of each one. The star she was using as her light was very bright, but for a girl too used to street lamps, it was barely adequate.


"Keep your mind don't have to believe everything, but surely being with me has taught you that anything could be? Nothing is impossible."

"But," she stammered as he began to clamber down some dirt steps on the side of the hut they were on. She followed quickly.

"Belief cannot be dismissed simply because you have no proof. All I said, was that there probably was a great man. A leader, a pascifist, a man who would lay down his life for mankind."

"Sshh, I can hear someone coming!" said Rose as they reached the darkened lane. They stayed in the shadows as a group of men walked past. They looked weary and one carried what looked like a small bundle of grubby fur. The bundle bleated sadly.

As the group went by they joined the back of them tracing their footfalls. The star above them left a trail of light on the lane. As they walked they said nothing, but the Doctor became aware of Rose's hand linking into his. He squeezed it to reassure her.

It wasn't long before they came to a very tumbledown building. The proud camels stood outside it and the star shone brightly above it. The men stopped and Rose, her eyes now accustomed to the half-light; could now see that their bewildered faces matched hers.

"Do not be afraid," said the Doctor, walking amongst them and towards the meagre entrance. He pulled back a grubby piece of sackcloth and revealed the scene within.

"Doctor! It is so good to see you!" said a bearded man, coming towards him smiling. He drew him into an embrace.

"Just came to make sure you were found the place, then? Good. Listen, Jo, there's a group of sheep herders out here, wanted to pay their respects. If your wife is fine I should let them. More friends you have here the more people will help with that little problem I warned you about!"

"There is plenty of room...the three foreign men you told me about are here." He beckoned to the men, who squeezed themselves inside and looked at the serene woman holding her newborn in the straw.

"Well, if you're okay, I'll be off!"

"See you again?" said the bearded man.

"Oh, yes, I would think that's definitely on the cards."

"God bless you!"

"Merry Christmas to you!" said the Doctor as he took Rose's hand. He didn't answer the question that was called after them.

"Doctor...was that?" Her question was unfinished.

"You believe in werewolves and vampires and witches. You believe in me. Why do you have to close your mind to anything at all?" They climbed the steps back up to the waiting TARDIS.

"Merry Christmas, Doctor," said Rose as they walked back into the familiar glowing surroundings of their home.

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