"I deserve it" by Akane

Summary: My idea of a missing scene almost type thing.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness
Genres: Angst, General
Warnings: None
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Published: 2007.10.04
Updated: 2007.10.04

"I deserve it" by Akane
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: Random inspiration just is amazinng oui?

'Ianto.' Jack called, beckoning the younger man into his office. Everyone else had left. Tosh uneasy about leaving the two alone since what had happened but nonetheless left. Ianto looked at Jack who nodded his head backward. Ianto nodded and walked up the steps to the office as Jack walked back in.
Ianto finally entered as Jack was holding his gun. Ianto's muscles tensed.
'Sir?' he asked uneasily.
'Don't worry. I'm not going to use it on you.' He said throwing the gun to his desk. Ianto sighed in relief. 'You're going to use it on me.' His eyes met with Jack's.
'Sir?!' Ianto asked alarmingly, his body tensing once again.
'I seem to remember you want to “watch me suffer and die”. Well. Now's you're chance.'
'Jack?' Ianto asked nervously. He eyes searching for signs of humour in his face but there were none. Just lines and circles of tiredness. Physically, mentally.
'I can't let this happen to us Yan. I'll die. But I'll wake up. And I'll keep doing it until you feel better. I deserve whatever you throw at me.'
'Jack. Please don't-'
'Ianto. You have this chance. I won't offer it again. You want to watch me suffer. Then make me.'
Ianto stood for a minute. Studying Jack. His face, body language anything to hint that he was joking,
'You're not kidding are you?'
'Yan. Do this for me please. I need you to forgive me.'
'I do!'
'Just. Pull the trigger. Let me hurt.'
'No Jack! I won't!' He said moving toward Jack, a tear escaping his eye.
'Ianto. I want to do this for you. And for Lisa's memory. If I know that this will help you even the tiniest bit I'll do it.'
'And if it won't?'
'It will help. Just if you kill me once.'
'No! I-'
'Ianto. I order you to kill me!'
'Ianto-' he said grabbing the gun and thrusting it into Ianto's hands. 'Please?'
Ianto stared at the gun. Then back at Jack. He brought the gun up, cocked it, gulped then murmured 'I'm sorry' before pulling the trigger.
Jack smiled as he watched Ianto's actions. The bullet tore through his heart and he fell to the floor heavily.
10 minutes past before Jack regained consciousness. He gasped for breath, coughing and spluttering before he felt where he was. Cradled in Ianto's arms.
'Thank you' Ianto whispered as he pick himself off of the floor of Jack's office.
Jack nodded as he watched the younger man leave.
He turned on his side and lifted himself up before looking to the floor.
All the blood had been cleaned away.

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