One Morning In Bed by herk

Summary: The Bad Wolf and Captain Jack decide the fate of the Oncoming Storm.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: Mixed
Challenges: None
Series: Timelords reborn
Published: 2007.09.06
Updated: 2007.09.06

One Morning In Bed by herk
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes:

"Morning Sunshine."
Rose opened her eyes. The light in their bed room was, warm, bright and friendly. Although the Tardis didn't have any windows, she somehow managed to give the impression of a sunny spring morning. Above her she could see the smiling face of her favourite ex- time agent.
"Mor'n." she replied streching lazily. The bed was big and comfortable and despite it's two occupants empty.

"Where's he?"
"Ah, you know him, darling, always up and about. Not needing as much sleep as us lazy apes."
"So in the console room, huh?"
"Yep. And that's a pretty good idea. We don't want the old girl to get jealous, do we?"
The constant background humming of the Tardis grew a tick louder. Rose could sense the affection of the space ship.
"I don't think that that's a big danger. She's far too happy for us."
She started giggling, because his gently stroking fingers had touched the ticklich spot on her stomach.
"Mmh." Jack purred his agreement. He nuzzled his head against her neck and her fingers automatically started to play with his hair.

"I love this quiet moments. It's a pity that he so seldom joins us then."
Jack smiled. "He didn't want to disturb us and he couldn't hold still any longer. You know how hyperactive he gets - this 'him' that is."
Rose giggled. "Like a four year old, with all those licking things, putting them in his mouth. Can you imagine that he's been a dad once?"

Jack didn't laugh. "Having met his past self, easily enough. He's a thousand years old, Rose, and he can be pretty adult, if he needs to be."
He moved a bit, leaning on his elbow and looking straightly at Rose.
"I think he'd be a wonderful father." he told her in a very serious voice.

She looked at him lovingly, then sighed. "He's the last of his kind, so there's not a big chance of us ever finding out."
His expression startled her.
"What?" she asked.
"Well... actually he isn't, I mean he is... The Doctor's half human, Rose."
"The Master told me. The Doctor never has been a full Gallifreyan. His mother was from earth. For some reason humans and time lords seem to be genetically compatible. And with the Doctor being half human himself it should be even easier."

The silence that followed was deafening. Rose could hardly hear the Tardis humming. She looked into Jack's carefully neutral expression. He had to wait two no three heartbeats until she showed a reaction.
"I could stop taking the pill." she stated in a quiet voice.
"And I could start taking one, so we'd be sure." he offered.
A smile began to grow on Rose's face. "And we won't tell him, not until we're sure that we succeeded."
Jack grinned. "Promise." They kissed deeply.

"I love you, Rose Tyler"
"I certainly hope so."

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