Pink: Rose by elioclya_d

Summary: Her presence in his mind is so strong that he doesn't quite know what to do
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Ninth Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th)
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Series: Colours
Published: 2007.07.31
Updated: 2007.07.31

Pink: Rose by elioclya_d
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: Thanks to Chaimera for encouraging me to take this concept a bit further. :)

The pale pink presence in his mind that was Rose burned brighter when she laughed, he'd noticed. The happier she was, the more vibrantly the pink shone, and the easier it became to ignore the darkness which still filled his head. From the first subtle touch at the edge of his mind, the pink presence had grown to be almost a part of it, in constant contrast to the grey.

Holding her hand gave the colour even more vivacity and strength. When he held her hand, it grew so bright that he almost forgot the grey. It didn't matter whether they were just strolling along or fleeing from danger - which had always happened a lot, of course, but which the jeopardy friendly Rose seemed to ensure occurred even more than usual - somehow, the physical contact enhanced it all.

He remembered that happening in the past, of course. A mental link cemented by corporeal touch. But nevertheless... maybe it was just that his memory wasn't as good as it used to be - it had over 900 years to remember after all - but it seemed to him that there'd never been one single connection quite this strong, never one that shone quite so brightly.

It was a strange sort of telepathic ability to have. No other species, no matter how strong their perception, ever saw things in quite the same way that the Time Lords did. And what was strangest about that was that whilst he remembered strong connections with some of the other Time Lords - Romana was one, of course, and the Master too, although those particular connections and colours had been very different from each other - the connections he'd had with humans had always been... well... milder, somehow. Just not quite on the same level.

He'd considered the possibility that it just seemed that way. She'd been the first person he'd actually felt in his mind in a very long time, and maybe that had made him confuse the relative strength of her presence. Being the last of the Time Lords, he didn't exactly have any way to compare it directly, which made it a very non-scientific sort of experiment. So it made a certain kind of sense.

Except that since Rose, he'd felt others in his mind too; in all honesty, Jackie and Mickey tended to be there a little more than he was really happy with. But the colours, in spite of Jackie's rather loud shade of fuchsia, were so much weaker than the gentle pink. And there'd been Gwyneth - she'd had the strongest telepathic powers he'd seen in a human in ages, but even her determined cinnamon-coloured presence had seemed weak when compared to Rose.

The fact that the other colours seemed so much more peripheral wasn't really a problem - they still did what they should. The fuchsia let him know that Jackie really wasn't someone he wanted to spend too much time around, and the dark green informed him quite clearly that Ricky, or Mickey, or whatever the idiot's name was, wasn't really worth bothering with just now. Pete Tyler's dark blue showed the true dependability that lay underneath the apparently unreliable exterior, and Adam's mauve had still set off the warning bells. The problem was that the pink was so strong, it was very difficult to say no to. Whereas usually Adam wouldn't even have been allowed to see the TARDIS, Rose had somehow managed to persuade him that it would be fine to bring him along, even convincing him that it wasn't a completely insane plan to let him go off on his own. And that sort of thing, he felt, was potentially very dangerous.

Unfortunately, as he wandered along with Rose's hand in his rather larger one, the pink presence lighting up his mind, he found it quite difficult to actually care.

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