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Summary: 2 little girls get involved with torchwood
Rating: All Ages
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Published: 2007.04.16
Updated: 2007.04.16

urm no title yet by doctor_torchwood_22
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: tbc

Elizabeth (more comely known as Zebu she and her friend Jennifer (jenny) were stood talking to Jack. Captain Jack Harkness, former companion of the doctor and leader of torchwood. They had just been chasing a weevil through Cardiff and used all their weevil spray up! They were goners, he and Gwen. Well not jack, he would have survived but Gwen wouldn’t have. And that scared the shit out of him, he had never known himself to be s protective of someone in his life, when all of a sudden a big net dropped from above, from a balcony, dropped by a girl called Zebu (aged 13) and her friend Jenny (12). Jack and Gwen were thanking them for saving their lives.
"So were did you get the net" asked jack
"Its a fishing net, my dads a fisherman" said Jenny
"We thought it was a bear, why we dropped it,” said Zebu
"Is it an alien!" asked Jenny
"Well yer" said Gwen
"Wait you said it was your job catching this thing, so you’re an alien catcher?"

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