Reviews For Bonfire Night

2019.09.21 - 02:14PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Brilliant! And lovely! And very hot ;)

2009.10.03 - 05:23PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Fantastic!. Sweet aching build up, wonderful description of their already close relationship before their final stage of all consuming burning togetherness. Just lovely.

2007.04.11 - 11:32PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Heee.. very nice :-D

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.

2007.04.05 - 09:25AM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

-shivers- So hawt....

Author's Response: Hey - thanks!

2007.03.18 - 08:57AM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

that was so hot!!!
i love it!!!
rose/9 is so cute!!!!!

Author's Response: Yup - that\'s a cute one. Glad you liked it!

2007.02.09 - 07:48AM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Oh I can't help but like this with Nine very nicely done - thianks.

Author's Response: Ho ho! Glad you enjoyed it.

2007.02.09 - 07:45AM
1: Chapter 1: Sparklers

Great Start and loved the seedy room and a very pouty Rose LOL.

Author's Response: I liked the brown.

2007.02.07 - 03:12PM
1: Chapter 1: Sparklers

Just read it again and it gets better. Genius stuff.

P.S. And yes, it really is my favourite!

Author's Response: It can\'t really be your favourite. It\'s only a baby fic, but thanks for reviewing and reviewing. You\'re great. I think I owe you a story by now.

2007.02.05 - 01:10PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

As ever giving me butterflies and tempting me to the joys of Nine!

Author's Response: I would love you to write some Nine - please,please, please?

2007.02.02 - 03:28PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Nine sex, jelly babies and my very fluffiest blanket - yummmmmy. *love*

I'll leave my puddleised state to speak for itself, and hope someone comes to mop me up soon. :P

Author's Response: I am going to have to buy you a mop, aren\'t I?

2007.02.02 - 03:14PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Fantastic story. I agree with Lillibet - my favourite on the whole site! And what a brilliant last line too!

Wonderful as ever, sap :)

Author's Response: Is it really your favourite? What a nice thing to say, even if it isn\'t. Thanks for all your support Harriet.

2007.02.02 - 01:30PM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

I am completely in love with this story and so giddy to be reading it again. As usual, you have this amazing gift: blending scorching hot sensual sex with brilliant writing. To wit:

After a couple of minutes of pounding silence in which the jigsaw of their relationship seemed to be rearranging itself into a different picture, she remembered that he was her friend, and she smiled against his chest. ‘This isn’t awkward at all, is it?’ she asked, and he squeezed her side in response with an embarrassed chuckle.

‘Nah, I’m always in bed with beautiful women, me,’ he replied.

She felt the throwaway line lodge so deeply in her heart she suspected she would always remember it.

All of it, brilliant. You. Rule.

Also? Hi!

Author's Response: Thanks mate. Hello back at you. I have been really really busy since Xmas so apologies for not being in contact.

2007.02.02 - 11:52AM
2: Chapter 2: Fireworks

Words cannot express how much I love this story -- or how many times I've read it. Love it to bits. In fact it's probably my favourite story on this site. Thanks sap!

Author's Response: Because it was written for you as a present, as you know.

2007.01.30 - 03:54PM
1: Chapter 1: Sparklers

Oh, please go on!
Can't wait

Author's Response: Let me know if you liked it!

2007.01.30 - 03:33PM
1: Chapter 1: Sparklers

As always, your writing blows me away. You are so true, and your set ups are wonderfully realistic to the show and the characters. Please keep updating!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments, although I don\'t deserve them.