Reviews For Outsider

2007.09.05 - 12:43PM
1: Isolation

How many times have I said this on your stories?

Write. More. Now.

Author's Response: lol and I shall.

2007.01.26 - 04:09AM
1: Isolation

What a brilliant story! I feel sorry for Ianto

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m glad other people feel bad for him because he doesn\'t really have a very big part on tv and his really kool... Lol i\'m mad i know.

2007.01.22 - 04:28PM
1: Isolation

Very nice tone to this, I can completely understand where he is coming from, though expecting thanks from the crew is probably too much to ask. He is not from a service family- or he would be used to such treatment. Some proofing would help, but a nice story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'m bad at proofing but i do try, lol I geuss I just need more practice.