2007.03.24 - 02:19PM
1: full story

It is a clever little story which answer the questions about the backstory of Mary and the Star Poet.

2007.03.08 - 12:30PM
1: full story

Star Poet - Lovely and fitting for Ms. Sarah Jane Smith.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and great to hear from you, Riana. I look forward to the conclusion to Haunted when it comes.

2007.01.20 - 03:41AM
1: full story

What a brilliant story!

2007.01.17 - 07:34AM
1: full story

I like the way it goes from the cosmic to the specific, like one of those shots where you do the long perspective from space down to earth.

2007.01.16 - 09:03PM
1: full story

Niiice, a connective story to explain the reuse of the alien lifeform. ^-^ awesome.

Author's Response: Well, you have to admit, they are very similar.

2007.01.16 - 05:31PM
1: full story

Very nice. I got a pleasant surprise with your ending - thanks

2007.01.16 - 04:21PM
1: full story

I had no idea where you were taking this and the end was a pleasant surprise! (I won't spoil it here) I do wonder how the Earth will fair if ever there is alien incursion... will humanity draw together? Thanks for a fun read.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. It was a challenge to write, and the ending seems to have caught a few people on the back foot.