Reviews For The Picture

2007.02.23 - 10:58AM
6: .::Hugs::.

rly gd CONTINUE!!!! lol :D

Author's Response: I will soon ... hopefully!!!!!!!!! =D

2007.02.01 - 04:29AM
5: .::Scars::.

Poor Gwen! What a brilliant chapter! Is there going to be another chapter to this story?

Author's Response: Yes ... there will be another chapter but i had writers block 4 a while but im good now & writing the nxt chapter now!! =D

2007.02.01 - 04:28AM
4: .::Weevils::.

Why won't he tell her! What a brilliant chapter! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I dunno why he wont tell her ... well not yet anyway . . .

2007.02.01 - 04:28AM
3: .::Dreams::.

What a brilliant chapter! I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: Why I thank you! =D

2007.01.30 - 01:54PM
5: .::Scars::.

Awww, great chapter (even if I have already read it! lol) Completely sweet! Post the next one quick, pretty please!! PS. *Jellybabies + Cookies* hint hint (-.-)

Author's Response: HEY WOH WOH WOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 I only said about Jelly babies ... no cookies 4 u!!! =D C ya 2moz in Art ... bye bye =D

2007.01.29 - 01:17PM
5: .::Scars::.

its brilliant i want to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Glad you like!! The next chapter will be up soon ... either tonight or tomorrow!! =D

2007.01.27 - 03:41AM
2: .::Hearts::.

What a brilliant chapter! Jack should tell Gwen that he loves her!

Author's Response: He might do ... he might not ... u\'ll find out sooner or later ... =D

2007.01.27 - 03:40AM
1: .::Paperwork::.

What a brilliant story!

Author's Response: Why, I thank thee! =D

2007.01.24 - 03:11PM
2: .::Hearts::.

Awww well he is her boss-- that could be a bit touchy even if she would go out with him... he could try asking... I was always pretty put off that Gwen went out with Owen... He is such a messed up guy :P More please!

Author's Response: I AGREE TOTALLY!!! I don\'t know what Gwen (or ne1 for that matter) saw in Owen ... what a \'messed up guy\'! Next chapter will be up VERY soon ... hopefully over the weekend ... keep an eye open for it ... =D

2007.01.24 - 03:03PM
1: .::Paperwork::.

I do like Jack /Gwen fic too-- will keep reading :)

Author's Response: I LOVE Jack/Gwen fics ... hence the writing of this 1 ... Glad you like it!! =D

2007.01.18 - 03:08PM
1: .::Paperwork::.

ooooo i love jack/gwen fic!!! Can't wait till the next chapter *squee* roughly how long will it be?!?!?

Author's Response: Glad u like! =D Not sure how long it\'ll b ... depends on skool + stuff ... i\'ll try + post it soon tho!! =D

2007.01.12 - 10:29AM
1: .::Paperwork::.

What a brilliant story! I can't wait to read the next installment!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! The next chapter will be up soon ... hopefully b4 Monday!! =D Glad u like it!!! =D

2007.01.10 - 05:17PM
1: .::Paperwork::.

Ohh this is good! Why does he have her picture on his it cause he LUUUUURVES her?

haha XD

Author's Response: Maybe *taps nose*!! =D Glad you like it!!