Reviews For Dumbstruck

2007.01.08 - 05:00PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

Wonderful beginning. You are so good at helping us visualize Nine. I can actually see the tension dripping off these two. Love it-please update soon!

Author's Response: Update on Friday - which reminds me that I owe you a review. *kicks self for being slow*

2007.01.08 - 04:46PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

Wow. Love the atmosphere here. I could actually 'hear' the silence as I was reading it. More, please, ASAP! :P

Author's Response: Than you for your kindness, as ever. More on Friday.

2007.01.08 - 03:37PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

How evocative this chapter is! Can hardly wait for chapter it on the way?

Author's Response: Yeah, its coming on Friday. There isn\'t any secret to it - I had already written a load of stories before I started posting here so pretty much everything is already written and I just put up each part as I get to it. Mondays and Fridays usually.

2007.01.08 - 03:33PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

No cliffhanger? Balderdash! Of course, we know the Doctor can speak English -- a well as hundreds of thousands of other languages -- (or the companions would be stuffed before they entered the TARDIS) but it's a great plot device. Please continue!

Author's Response: Ahh - you have spotted the horrible hole in my plot. Still, I am only messing around, and in any case, he is quite clearly doing it on purpose so I\'m letting him off. I just wanted to see what I could write with no dialogue at all and this was the easiest way.

2007.01.08 - 02:07PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

He reached over, tapped the picture, tapped himself, looking at her with his eyebrows raised. She shot him a grin, shook her head, deliberately adding a large pair of ears and a big nose to the drawing before handing him the pad and nodding. He screwed up his face into a mock smile, pretending to hold his sides in silent laughter. But the jewel bright look he threw her as he walked to the other side of the room showed that he was not annoyed.

Oh this is so lovely!

Author's Response: Yeah, yeah.

2007.01.08 - 01:32PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

I'm so thrilled to see this up here! I adore this story. Have a good holiday?

Author's Response: Thanks - I finally got round to posting it. I had a nice break and did nothing. You?

2007.01.08 - 01:10PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

So original and really atmospheric - feel stifled.. in a good way LOL.

Author's Response: Oooh - I hope you like the bit in the cinema then.

2007.01.08 - 12:53PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

EEE!! Need more of this! Please. Damn, you're good.

Author's Response: Have to say that I have been laughing about the summary of your latest post all day. Haven\'t had a chance to read it yet, but I thought the summary was a work of genius.

2007.01.08 - 12:43PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

oh oh oh part two! I think that was a very suitable cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Part two on Friday as usual, now I have recovered from Advent Calendar and got my life back!