Reviews For Dumbstruck

2007.02.03 - 04:06AM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

That's brilliant writing - I think the plot is awesome too

Author's Response: Thanks Harriet, and for all your reviews.

2007.02.03 - 04:06AM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

Yet another fantastic fantastic fantastic story, sap. It was hot and full of tension and it was very clever too.

My favourite part was when they were sitting together when the film was on, I just thought your writing conjured up a perfect image.

Thank you for the amazing read. I miss Nine too - he was so beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you kindly.

2007.01.13 - 09:41AM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

You have a wonderful way with words. I miss Nine dreadfully too. Hope you are going to post your other story you mentioned " Mouthful".

Author's Response: I just put it up, my dear. Hope the dog is better.

2007.01.13 - 08:53AM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

I'm little lost for words... that was unbelieveable... the tension was so palpable. HOT!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!

2007.01.13 - 01:19AM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

Wow... hot and marvelous. You are amazing. Keep writing.

Beautiful, sexy work.

Author's Response: I love your work too! Hurray.

2007.01.12 - 08:38PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

Thank you for the update. Please keep writing, you're too good at this!

Author's Response: And I\'m still reading yours as well.

2007.01.12 - 04:34PM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

Aw, that was hot and sweet. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.01.12 - 03:57PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

I love you. And as soon as I manage to pick my jaw up off the floor I will need to mop up the puddle of drool. You are just... wow. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful... and... I don't think I know enough adjectives.

Author's Response: Ho ho - what a great review. Thanks!

2007.01.12 - 03:50PM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

Oh Jesus! You're fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And terribly dangerous. The "squeeing" this caused almost got me caught reading this by my dad! o.O Meep!
You're an inspiration!

Author's Response: Ha ha! Dads are best avoided when smut is on the screen.

2007.01.12 - 03:08PM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

I love your writing it's fantastic! Are you going to post 'The Mouthful'?

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'ve just put it up.

2007.01.12 - 01:50PM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

Sigh. Oh, how I love this story.

She gave him a little squeeze, feeling him tense and relax against her, shift his legs slightly further apart so she could fit her fingers over the hard curve of this thigh, into the warmth where his legs pressed together. She didnít look at him. He didnít look at her.

Love the tension, and of course the sex in this was beautifully written and very hot.

god, I miss Nine.

Author's Response: Sometimes I miss him so much it hurts.

2007.01.12 - 01:29PM
2: Chapter 2:Our feature presentation

She didnít bother with his jumper, went straight for the button of his jeans. She wanted him, was desperate for him, feeling his hands smooth over her breasts on their way down to the ache between her legs. The pace of their kiss increased as he touched her through her jeans, his hand pushing her legs apart, the sodden fabric forced against her warmth making her tremble. He moaned in his throat, fumbling as he undid the button, cracked down the zip, and she raised herself up off the seat to let him pull her trousers away. Impatient with her efforts for him, his fingers closed over hers, releasing the fastening of his jeans and guiding her hand until she closed it around him.

You really have no idea what your writing does to me. You are the most gifted smut writer I've ever read. Thank you.

Author's Response: Dear oh dear. That is just outrageous flattery.

2007.01.12 - 07:08AM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

Oh this is just ..... lovely. Silent communication - something I'm useless at but this is really good. I owe you reviews for your Advent Story but want to re read it all as I missed a lot when my dog got so sick. Cheers and off to find the nextpart.

Author's Response: Sorry to hear about your dog - that must have been a nightmare.

2007.01.09 - 12:42AM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

This is adorable. I'm really enjoying the cute and playful, and you're doing an excellent job of describing their communications through other mediums. I especially like the point where Rose draws the banana.

Author's Response: Just a bit of fluff I\'m afraid. I tried to think of every way I could to talk without speech. The mime is the best.

2007.01.08 - 05:03PM
1: Chapter 1: Trailer

I'm so glad you're back. Missed your stories so much. You created quite a monster with Advent Calendar that I can't quite get enough. This was brilliant as always...and no dialogue...*winks*

Author's Response: Thanks. I feel a bit better now. There is no dialogue in this one at all, a bit of talking but not an actual conversation. Thans for the review.