Reviews For Stardust

2007.01.24 - 02:41AM
1: Stardust

(Sigh!) So very lovely! When you can, please continue...;>)

Author's Response: Next part\'s in the process. Damn college and whatnot. It\'ll be up soon. xxx ;)

2007.01.12 - 05:27PM
1: Stardust

I can't wait for the next part. I love the way you are portraying the doctor.

Author's Response: Thankyou muchly ^_^ The next installment\'s a bugger to write; mainly because this is my first piece of proper whofic, and I\'ve been bogged down with college. I\'m writing it as I speak. ;)

2007.01.03 - 11:00AM
1: Stardust

This series is so lovely. Can't wait to read the next one. I Love Nine/Rose!

Author's Response: Ehehe. I do too ^_^ And thankyou again again again! God! I sound like a teletubbie. o.O

2007.01.02 - 04:10PM
1: Stardust

I am thoroughly enjoying your series! But the teasing has to stop! This was a beautiful prelude to what is coming in the next chapter. Wonderful foreplay with stars in the room as well as in their eyes. Gorgeous!

Author's Response: Sorry. I\'m a tease through and through. hehehe I\'ve already started the next chapter, but I start back at college tomorrow. *sobs uncontrollably* Next installment ASAP! Thankyou so much ^_^ I\'m utterly thrilled to the bones that you like it. :D