Reviews For On the Rocks

2010.09.27 - 02:59AM
1: On the Rocks

Oo he chickened out. /pout

2007.06.23 - 02:46PM
1: On the Rocks

Oh God this is great, hehe :-D

Author's Response: Thankyou very much :D

2007.02.04 - 11:55PM
1: On the Rocks

aww, is da widdle time lord embarrased by his stiffy?

Author's Response: hehehe ^_^ just a bit. *stiffy* :meeple!: hehe

2007.01.24 - 02:13AM
1: On the Rocks

["Greedy Time Lord." Rose muttered, shaking her head and trying her best to hide her disappointment at the fact that he wouldn't play along.

The Doctor watched her helplessly as she retreated away from his jacket, and his "precious" banana, and slid off her bed, moving towards the door.]

...ok, I've now officially fallen off the chair, laughing! (tee-hee!)

Author's Response: It\'s comments like this that make me SQUEEE! xxx

2006.12.23 - 06:20PM
1: On the Rocks

Ah the teasing and a Banana in the pocket - yeah as if Rose was going to believe that one LOL Funny and can't wait for the next bit. Or maybe Rose could tease the doctor whith her own Pear!

Author's Response: Thankyouuuu ^_^ Heehehe. Loving the pun ;) The next few instalments should be a game of \"Spot the Innuendo\".