2013.05.15 - 10:36PM
1: Revenge of the Reapers

Do a crossover with the Dragon Riders of Pern. Have the Doctor Impress a bronze and a TON of Firelizards. Dragons go between after all...and that's the same as the void. I'll match dragonfire against reapers any day.

2007.02.15 - 04:58AM
4: Revenge of the Reapers 4 - Epilogue

What a brilliant story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

2007.02.15 - 04:57AM
3: Revenge of the Reapers 3

Well done Rose! What a brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah! Well done Rose!

2007.02.15 - 04:51AM
2: Revenge of the Reapers 2

What a brilliant chapter! I can't wait to read the next installment!

Author's Response: Glad you like it!

2007.02.15 - 04:46AM
1: Revenge of the Reapers

It's me again!!What a brilliant story! I can't wait to read the next!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you\'re back!

2007.01.22 - 08:26AM
4: Revenge of the Reapers 4 - Epilogue

Brilliant. You have this way of writing things that normally wouldn't make sense to me but you do it really well in all your stories, I wish I could explain things like you do ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad to find out that my style is original, I was wondering about that!

2007.01.21 - 08:38AM
1: Revenge of the Reapers

Loved it. But didn't Rose hand get cut in chapter 3 how come her hand fine in chapter 4. #shake head# im now confused. Oh well brilliant story enjoyed it fully!!!!

Author's Response: You know, I actually forgot about the hand thing!!! May update with the hand included, soon. Thanks for pointing out, glad you enjoyed it!

2007.01.01 - 06:26AM
1: Revenge of the Reapers

You'll have to post more soon, I'm enjoying this! It's great to have a "Lord of the Reapers." In Father's Day, I got the impression the reapers weren't that intelligent - they were just doing the only thing they knew how to do. Give them a leader, and they become even more deadly.

Author's Response: Wooohooo! Someone reviewed my story!!! *does little dance of excitement* And someone NEW! *does another dance* Thank you so much. I agree about the Reapers and the lord - in Father\'s Day they were kinda dumb (didn\'t they think of smashing the stain-glass windows???) Oh well. I like the Lord idea too - but then I suppose I\'m a little biased. Thank you again!!!