2016.11.08 - 08:04AM
1: Chapter 1 - One little change...

This was super cute and fulfilling for the ten/rose relationship (:

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

2010.07.26 - 08:14PM
1: Chapter 1 - One little change...

I really am very, very bad at remembering to review sometimes, although in my defence it's often because I'm a puddle after reading. Having read this for, I think, the third time now, I just had to say I love it. Beautifully written, thank you for sharing it.

Author's Response: My pleasure and thank YOU for taking the time to let me know. Very much appreciated. Sorry if it left you a puddle. I seem to be quite good at that!!!

2009.11.05 - 07:26AM
1: Chapter 1 - One little change...

Thank you for writing this brilliant story. It had everything, so sweet, funny, angst and of course their beautiful coupling, the joining of body and minds. I just love these two.

Author's Response: Me too! Luckily, just because they\'re out of the show doesn\'t mean we have to stop writing about them. The great thing about fanfic is it lets the fan groups focus on the aspects they enjoyed rather than what the suits think is best for the show as a whole. Glad you loved it and hope you enjoy the rest of my offerings!

2008.10.22 - 07:44PM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

That was absolutly wonderfully! I loved it, thanks. That's what should have happened after Doomsday, deffinately! *sigh* I think the world would have been a much happier place if that had happened instead. lol. Great work!

Author's Response: Can\'t wait to see how you do with Mephistopheles if you haven\'t read it already. Thanks for all the reviews. REALLY appreciated.

2008.10.22 - 07:26PM
3: Chapter 3 - The nightmare within

This just gets better and better. Loved the way he had to fight off his previous incarnations, that was hilarious! >.< lol The whole thing is brilliant really. His affection for her is so earnest and true to the character it seems completely real. :)

Author's Response: Can\'t be deadly serious all the time. Shakespear taught us that one!

2008.10.22 - 07:08PM
2: Chapter 2 - To be a Time Lord

Aww poor Doctor, he was only trying to explain the fact that he wants to mate like rabbits to keep the time lords going. LOL I'm really enjoying this story, it's great! You've got the Doctor and Rose perfectly in character. :)

Author's Response: Character is supreme. If I didn\'t get that right nothing would work. Delighted you think I succeeded. Cheers!

2008.10.22 - 06:50PM
1: Chapter 1 - One little change...

Great first chapter. I love the change to the Doomsday story. Now that's how it should have really have went! lol Also I love the Doctor's distance to Rose while also his love of her is still there, it seems so much more realistic.

Author's Response: There are things we can do in fanfic that cannot be done for a pre-watershed series. More realistic emotions are one of them, though the present series isn\'t doing that badly these days.

2008.06.05 - 04:13PM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

Beautifully written, well-paced, rich with emotion. I haven't taken the time to read a great deal of Ten/Rose (being a fairly strong Nine/Rose fiend), but somehow I started reading this and simply didn't stop. So compelling. Love the telepathy sequences, with the other incantations nosing about and the Oncoming Storm, all fire and threat. Love the last line, a nice full circle fix on Doomsday - very satisfying. Genuinely enjoyed the character voices, as well, the hallmark of a strong fic in my book. They sound so very much like themselves. Great romp, lovely story. Thanks for writing and sharing!

Author's Response: Now THAT\'S a compliment. Means a lot to me when people say they can\'t stop reading and I\'ve got the character voices right. Hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff and thanks for taking the time to review.

2007.10.16 - 03:08AM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

[loved it]

It's just wonderful and the last chapter was worth the rewrite.

Author's Response: I don\'t write at all unless a story is banging around inside my head demanding release, but as often happens there\'s the initial rush, then the moment of sitting down, re-reading it and wondering what you were trying to say! Glad I got it right.

2007.10.16 - 02:24AM
1: Chapter 1 - One little change...

I always wondered how the TARDIS avoided getting sucked into the void. Of course, at the time I was more concerned with how Pete knew to be there at that moment, arms out, y'know... so I let it slide. But now it's going to bug me.
I prefer your version overall I think.

Author's Response: You know what? So do I, but then I\'m an old fashioned romantic.

2007.02.11 - 11:19AM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

I LIKE it, especially the way you used the real Doomsday ending.

Author's Response: I would hope that if they ever do bring back Rose, something like that replay of Doomsday would be done. It would make sense and would delight this little shipper\'s heart. Thanks for looking at my other stuff. Hope you enjoy it all as much as the first two.

2007.01.22 - 12:18PM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

That was a lovely, tender scene at the end, a beautiful finish to the fic.

Author's Response: Thank you. Took a while to get there, but worth it in the end. I think they did deserve longer than they got (like at least 20 years), but at least they get it in fanfic. Cheers for reviewing. It\'s always appreciated.

2006.12.19 - 06:56AM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

WOW. Loved the ending, must, admit I had a slight giggle about the way you used the real ending of Doomsday. Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Had to. Just had to. Let\'s face it, every single one of us shippers was yelling at the screen \"say it, you damned fool!\" but it really took all that before the Doctor in my head would finally admit surrender. He\'s a tough old sod.

2006.12.18 - 09:29PM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

That was fan-bloody-tastic. Infact, I'm a half hour late for work and I don't care lol. It was great from the start how you've switched things so beleiveably from the orignal ended and kept lines that were in slightly different contexts, like The Doctor's admittance that he loves her at the end there. It was the nail in the coffin.
Also the inner mindedness was great. Really well done. I like the idea of the desperation and doom in the Doctor's head, and each version of him a sort of mask that he wears out into the world. Really, i don't have enough good things to say about this story, except, keep writing! hehe.

Jamie - who has no regrets about being so late for work.

Author's Response: Don\'t think I\'ve ever actually made someone late for work before, although I gather I have managed to keep a few up long past their bedtime. Thanks... I think. As for salting in the lines, \'I love you\' is a phrase the Doctor seems to take VERY seriously. He doesn\'t just toss it out there, so I won\'t ever have him flinging it around like confetti but right at the end instead of the gut-wrenching scene we saw it seemed right. Took until then for the Doctor in my head to finally force them out, though. Glad you enjoyed it. I\'m 30 odd pages into the next one so brace yourselves. It\'s a monster.

2006.12.18 - 06:17PM
4: Chapter 4 - An end to loneliness

Instead of reviewng each chapter, I thoughts I'd review at the end. Its such a fantastic story overall! It truly is, I really love all the emotion ou ut into it. The understanding between them. That it can't last, can't necessarily be whats right even if they want it. And the mind thing! That was pure genius! I think you'e done an amazing job with this story! Truly! I really love it. A perfet balance of all that is good and holy!

Author's Response: I\'ve had a bit of practice at telepathic stuff as a result of writing for the Babylon 5 universe and I find I rather like it. In the Doctor\'s case the darkness he must carry around with him added an extra element I wanted to explore. The inherent tragedy of the Doctor and Rose\'s position adds another factor that I can\'t seem to ignore. Sooner or later they were always going to pulled apart, but as Heideggar points out, it\'s only when we realise we\'re going to die that we actually start to live. Being with the Doctor and seeing his own loss as well as losing people during their adventures together (Jack, Lynda, her alt mum, her dad, etc.) would drive that home to Rose so that, even at 21, she\'d be more mature than many twice her age. She knows one way or another they will be parted, I just didn\'t want it to happen quite yet. And it was such a silly thing. If the Doctor had been thinking (and BP hadn\'t wanted out) he would have put a rope around Rose\'s waist and tied her down just in case, but I wanted that extra little bit that came from sheer chance keeping her safe. Her life\'s on a knife-edge and she knows it.