Reviews For To Be Human

2007.08.26 - 01:08PM
1: To Be Human

Haha, fun. Going through the rest of your stories now, to get to "The Hidden Well", so expect lots of reviews. XD

Author's Response: I\'m tickled. Hope you enjoy the reading.

2007.07.18 - 10:20PM
1: To Be Human

it always comes down to chips.
(kinda surprised chips haven't saved the universe)

I always enjoy this story. even got it bookmarked.

Author's Response: I think chips have probably saved the universe, even if we don\'t know about it.

2007.05.25 - 11:01PM
1: To Be Human

I probably should have read this ages ago, but I just read it now (I know, for shame.) And it was great, I really loved it. Best part of all, I just had to read a story by Melville for my english class, called "Bartleby, the Scrivener" and now it all makes sense to me; so, thank you!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it :)

2007.03.28 - 07:51PM
1: To Be Human

A very insightful and enjoyable story. I think you did a grade A balancing act between the characters in cannon and the tone of the story - an achievement in itself.
I thought you angled the Doctor's viewpoints very nicely, and couldn't help but notice that you mentioned Albert Camus there in your blah. The Doctor has always been the Stranger or Outsider, even within his own race, and it's nice to see that though he has bitter memories, he is still so full of love and reason.
I also liked Rose's optimism and her steadfastness in her beleifs when next to someone so knowing and travelled and strong-willed as the Doctor.

that's my two pence :)

Author's Response: Worth more than two pence! Thanks.

2006.12.16 - 07:53AM
1: To Be Human

Wonderful topic and very enjoyable to read. I love the geeky stuff, especially when it has a heart.

Author's Response: Much appreciated.

2006.12.16 - 03:38AM
1: To Be Human

I salute your views and the wonderful characterizations you created in this work! Well done! I thought it encompassed the unwritten Time Lord creed, very well (well, except for The Master, of course).

Gave me a pause for thought about my own "life stream"...and that's almost an impossible task this time of the year, whether your'e secular, or not!

So, more please...?

Author's Response: I\'ve come back to this theme in a work in progress, The Calm Before The Storm. Glad it gave you food for thought.

2006.12.15 - 09:16PM
1: To Be Human

Very, very good story. A bit of an unusual topic, but well-written and true to character. I love that you have her picking up the book at the end.

I agree wholeheartedly with your views on the Doctor's beliefs. I don't mean to start a discussion, but I agree with what you have him say (and thoroughly enjoy reading and studying existentialism, myself!) and given what he's seen, done, and lived and for how long he's lived, I don't think he could or would believe in a God. His comments in The Satan Pit help solidify this view.

Thanks very much for such a gorgeous work of fiction!

Author's Response: Thanks. The Doctor seems to me to be very much a law onto himself - very consistent with existential views. As much as he has seen, he really doesn\'t believe in anything outside that experience until it smacks him in the face. Probably multiple times. I appreciate the feedback.