Reviews For Green Blobby Thing

2009.05.09 - 11:28AM
1: .::The Strange Noise::.

cool story n everything.
one problem...

WHERE WAS IANTO?????????????

2007.02.08 - 01:58PM
1: .::The Strange Noise::.

I have to reveal my secret...I am the Bleghika, and Gwen tasted like chocolate! Yum! Heh, only kidding. What a brill chapter! Go Myfanwy!

Author's Response: lol Mmmmmmm chocolate!!! Myfanway!!!!! =D

2007.02.02 - 05:46AM
5: .::A Certain Pet::.

Myfanwey! Yay!
I have now read all five chapters in one sitting and I want to read more!

Author's Response: More will come soon ... hopefully??? lol! =D

Author's Response: More will come soon ... hopefully??? lol! =D

2007.02.02 - 05:44AM
4: .::Ice Powers::.

Come on Jack! Do something! :O

Author's Response: You can count on Jack!!!!!!!!!!! =D

2007.02.02 - 04:56AM
3: .::Slime and Shooting::.

Go Jack!
I'm still laughing. This is such a fun story :)

Author's Response: He he!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! =D

2007.02.02 - 04:54AM
2: .::The Bleghika::.

I hope Gwen is saved.... if she's not I'll terrible for laughing!

Author's Response: Hey, Gwen aint eva gonna die in a FanFic I rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

2007.02.02 - 04:52AM
1: .::The Strange Noise::.

Ha! Funny alien and I really shouldn't laugh but funny that it ate Gwen!

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks!!!!!! =D

2007.01.11 - 02:34PM
5: .::A Certain Pet::.

Yay! You finally did it!!!!! *doing a happpy dance across the room as my mum looks at me like i'm insane* Go Myfanwy, Go Myfanwy, Go Myfanwy!!! Yay!!! Yipee! Good you finally updated. Great chapter, and can't wit for the next one

Author's Response: Y am I not supprised that ur mum thinks ur insane?? =D NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... I\'ve just realised ... I cant threat u with not calling it Myfanwy!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! lol =D C ya 2 moz ... or not ... uve got that Poetry Live thing havnt u ... HA!! U cnt borrow Slow Decay 2morrow ... ull have 2 wait till Mon ... HA!!! =D

Author's Response: Just had 2 say it again HA!!

2007.01.10 - 05:21PM
1: .::The Strange Noise::.

I think he tastes like...Bubble Gum...and Tree....

Update soon!

Author's Response: I can understand the bubble gum ... but tree?????? =D

2007.01.09 - 07:37PM
1: .::The Strange Noise::.

AHAHAHAHAAA! This had me almost falling off my chair. This is very very funny. Heh, Gwen tastes like chicken, what does Jack taste like? Tehehe!

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you liked it. I have no idea what Jack could taste like ... hmmm ... u decide ... =D

2006.12.20 - 12:16PM
4: .::Ice Powers::.

Ha Ha! You went with the ice powers. Yay! And the whole 'this IS real' bit was hilarious. Now all it needs is a certain pterodactyl called "Myfanwy"....(hint, hint!)

Author's Response: I KNOW!! The things you can come up with in a P.E. lesson!! =D AND NO NO NO NO!!!! The pterodactyl will come into it ... but i am NOT CALLING IT MYFANWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

2006.12.15 - 02:01PM
3: .::Slime and Shooting::.

Yeah! for Jack! Good thinking. Bet they are all covered with slime!

Author's Response: Yup. They are all green, slimey and sticky!!! EUGH!! hehe =D

2006.12.15 - 10:50AM
2: .::The Bleghika::.

Verrrrry silly :) If I were Gwen I'd be very unhappy that I tasted like chicken....

Author's Response: he he I couldnt help it! I just had to use that quote!! =D

2006.12.15 - 06:27AM
2: .::The Bleghika::.

This is so funny!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I\'m going to post the next chapter soon! =D

2006.12.15 - 02:39AM
2: .::The Bleghika::.

...Oh, the trouble with Jell-o! You are off to a good start, though!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad people like my story! *doing a happy dance* =D