Reviews For Not Anymore

2006.12.09 - 01:42PM
1: Chapter One

Great story, you HAVE to do a second chapter! I look forward to reading it! XX

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks for the review!

2006.12.09 - 11:47AM
1: Chapter One

I was having the same thoughts this past little bit myself- Rose having the same immortality thing as Jack. I was trying to think on how to make it possible, so it would be interesting to see how you make it happen. I also really like how you made it so that Rose is still the optimistic one (searching for Jack), and Jack and the Doctor have either given up or are nowhere to be seen.
My one problem- how does Rose go about even trying to find someone not even born for another 3000 years in another universe? How could she even suspect that she might find him? Why would she even think that he might be alive?

Author's Response: Ah. Got me there. I promise to explain everything in the next chapter but I\'m glad you liked it. I don\'t think that Rose is searching in one specific place, just anywhere that\'s most likely... I\'ll promise I\'ll explain it better later on.

2006.12.09 - 11:05AM
1: Chapter One

Lovely story, please do write a second chapter. I like seeing Rose with the same 'condition' as Jack, it would be interesting to see them meet up.

Author's Response: You\'re a bit ahead of me on that. I\'m not sure if they\'re going to be meeting up or not yet! Brilliant review, though... and now you\'ve got me thinking! Thanks so much!