Reviews For "It's RED!"

2010.09.27 - 02:52AM
1: "It's RED!"

Lol cute

2007.06.23 - 03:09PM
1: "It's RED!"

*laughs insanely*
"It's Red!!!" - oh, that's classic!

Author's Response: hehe Glad you think so :D

Author's Response: hehe Glad you think so :D

2007.06.23 - 02:04PM
1: "It's RED!"

Haha, It's RED!!! :-D

Author's Response: \'Tis indeed! hehehe ;)

2007.01.24 - 01:56AM
1: "It's RED!"

LOL! Loved it! :>)

Author's Response: <3 Thankyouuuuuuuuuu!

2007.01.15 - 04:02PM
1: "It's RED!"

eep..please don't send me to floor 500, but somewhere waaaaaay back I read the Doctors blood is a tad on the orange-y side...?...( ducks for cover) funny funny story though!!!!!

Author's Response: lol. Doesn\'t matter if it is...she\'s drunk. Can\'t trust everything she sees.

2007.01.12 - 10:00AM
1: "It's RED!"

What a brilliant story!

Author's Response: Thankyou very much XD

2006.12.07 - 05:11PM
1: "It's RED!"

Fun. Poor Doctor's nose! I think there was something strange with your cut and paste.. a lot of words are stuck together wheretheyneed a space... you know like that!

Author's Response: Aye. Idiotic space bar. My keyboard\'s over 12 years old, so it\'s pretty dodgy at times.

2006.12.07 - 04:38PM
1: "It's RED!"

Another great slice of life....but you're killing me with the romantic tension!!!!

Author's Response: Heheheheeee. I have another LONG college break assured, there\'ll be more to look forward to tomorrow ^_^

2006.12.07 - 04:18PM
1: "It's RED!"

Very cute

Author's Response: It passes the time in boring classes. ;)