2010.09.27 - 02:49AM
1: The White Jafruschti

Very creative. I bet swapping would be am experience and a half :)

2010.04.05 - 04:38PM
1: The White Jafruschti

What a great story! I loved it, it was great for a change to have an interesting story not involving monsters or something going wrong. :)

Author's Response: :) Why thankyou very much

2007.06.23 - 03:08PM
1: The White Jafruschti

I love it...*hugs fic*

Author's Response: *fic hugs back, graciously* :D hehehe

Author's Response: *fic hugs back, graciously* :D hehehe

2007.03.23 - 10:41PM
1: The White Jafruschti

Rose is adorable, and the Doctor is adorably dorky. Just as they should be.

Author's Response: :D Thankyou ^_^

2007.01.25 - 07:39PM
1: The White Jafruschti

LOL very cute.

Author's Response: Thanks muchly ^_^

2006.12.10 - 02:00AM
1: The White Jafruschti

Utterly charming! I'm dying to read more...there is more coming, right?

Author's Response: Hell yeah! There\'s =\"It\'s Red!\"= That\'s part of the same caper...then I\'ve got another I\'m typing up today at some point.

2006.12.05 - 11:09PM
1: The White Jafruschti

Very funny and very spot on for Nine and Rose.

Author's Response: Thankyou ^_^ <3

2006.12.05 - 08:38PM
1: The White Jafruschti

This was a colorful and beautifully written slice of life piece. Nine/Rose characterizations were perfect. What I wouldn't give to be sitting next to them in that bar and tasting that drink! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thankyou <3 Once I\'ve edited it all, I\'ve got a 3/4-way written finished story to post up, the prequel to this. ^_^