Reviews For Hypernova

2008.11.08 - 01:06PM
3: Hypernova Part 3 - Hypernova

Again, I don't care if you don't read this. It shall not stop me from reviewing, because it is a nice thing to do. And I am a nice person, obviously 8)

I agree with Jo and yourself, though I'm not sure it's my favourite. Nightmare of Black Island was, however, my first DW book, so it is made of win for that. And I am glad you stole the idea of the thoughts creating the creatures because it is a good one. Well done for being clever.

Also, huzzah for Ligmant! I like Ligmant. he is made of awesome sauce 8D Have a cookie drizzled with awesome sauce.

I shall go read the rest of this series nao >.

2007.01.16 - 04:07PM
3: Hypernova Part 3 - Hypernova

I LOVED IT!!! I could see how it inspired to Nightmare of Black Island. 'Ere wat i see was used: the monsters been pulled from Rose's mind, and the fact that the monsters made by the childrem of the village all made them via dreams. LOVED IT!!!!! 5/5 u are truley born 2 write about Doctor Who. Woo, all hail the best writer of Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh my god, I really don\'t know how to respond to this, apart from saying \'thank you\' about a million times, which a) wouldn\'t fit in the respond box and b) would probably get the tiniest bit boring. So I\'ll restrict it to three - thank you, thank you, thank you. There we go, cleared my systems a bit. Ah, all is revealed about Nightmare inspirations. And thank you... *stops self* for these fantastic comments. I\'ll probably make them into a poster and hang them up on the wall above my bed. Just kidding. I\'m not that dumb XXX

2006.12.07 - 10:31AM
3: Hypernova Part 3 - Hypernova

That was one big battle! Nicely written and well paced, I liked the ending to, really cool story XX

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Now that I\'ve got the crazy battle scenes out of the way I can settle down to Turn of the Earth. Glad you liked it. PHEW.