Reviews For Hypernova

2007.01.16 - 03:10PM
1: Hypernova Part 1 - Steel and Fire

I havnt even read it yet, but i like to cograts u on ur last story, that i hope u finish soon. And that using The nightmare of Black island as a staring pont 4 diss story was a brill idea. Even if ur story is pants, i will praise u 4 using ma FAVE Doctor Who book!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! When I read the Nightmare of Black Island (my favourite Doctor Who book too!) I thought, I just HAVE to write something about this. So I did. And I put in this nagging little idea about the Nebula that had stuck in my head for ages, and this is what came out. Thank you for reviewing, hope you enjoy the rest!

2006.12.04 - 08:03AM
1: Hypernova Part 1 - Steel and Fire

I love this, you keep the pace going really well, I look forward to the next chapter XXX

Author's Response: Thank you not only for this fabulous comment, but for being such a frequent reviewer. Second chapter almost ready!

2006.12.04 - 12:00AM
1: Hypernova Part 1 - Steel and Fire

This is just terrific! You have a very sharp writing style with many lovely phrases that describe situations and characters perfectly. I'm enjoying the interesting, unique plot, too, and am eager to see just where it is going. I'll look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Gosh, thank you for the amazing review. I can\'t believe all the great comments I\'m getting, especially this one. Thank you for making my day.