Reviews For Advent Calendar

2013.07.25 - 10:59AM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

This is amazing!

2013.05.26 - 05:22AM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

That was absolutely fantastic... happy hapy sighs here. Just wonderful...

2012.02.23 - 03:35PM
5: Chapter 5: December 5th

Forks of the pitch variety. *snicker* Don't get me wrong, the sex is brilliant, and I'm reading my way through the days with the greatest enjoyment, but that little phrase coming from Rose's disgruntled brain is what elevated this to Art in my opinion.

2009.11.28 - 06:08PM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

Yay, I'm the 350th review - that's an astounding number of people loving your work. What a brilliant series of stories - I loved the way their relationship progresses, I loved the last squidgy chapter, I loved the last line, and the smut... well my oh my!

2009.10.03 - 11:52PM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

Well that was something. I loved each and every chapter, always something new and surprising or something to melt the insides but I love the ending most of all. To hear the Doctor finally admit in words what he's been trying to show her in his actions melted my heart as was their dance on the brink of Christmas day. The imagery was just beautiful and I cried a little tear of happiness for the two wonderful characters. Thank you for the excellent all consuming story

2009.10.03 - 10:43PM
17: Chapter 17: December 17th

I've been reading all the rest and they are fantastic but this chapter I just had to review. Gawd if poetry was like this in school reckon I might have got top marks. Brilliant sexy and funny all at once. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your story. YOu really are very talented.

2008.12.11 - 06:07PM
12: Chapter 12: December 12th

And I decided to revisit this in 2008 and it's just as fantastic!

2007.11.12 - 07:00PM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

I absolutely adored this series! What great holiday fun! Insanely hot and very creative, you have a real flair for writing. And I'm so glad you've used it for us Nine/Rose fans. We're so lucky! Great series, supremely well done!

2007.10.17 - 04:08PM
14: Chapter 14: December 14th

Whew! I just found this, and can I say, hot, Hot, HOT!!!

2007.10.13 - 08:34PM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

I was determined, determined I tell you, to wait until the last chapter before I reviewed. I almost caved at 17 as that was just more than fantastic!

I LOVELOVELOVE this story! Muchly so! who knew Christmas could be so fun =P lol!

Brilliant. Fantastic. Although one question: What happened on Christmas day? =P

And now I'm going to bed. It's 2:30 in the morning, and I started reading and after every chapter I went "I'll stop here and finish it later" and after every chapter I read the next one, and now I'm completly knackered.

But thanks for this! Awesomeness! Fantabulous! *favourites and goes to read your other stories*

2007.08.30 - 12:23AM
17: Chapter 17: December 17th

What a brilliant spin on smut! I loved it! Half tempted to memorise it like I did Jabberwocky....and quote it at random in public.... The rhymes were perfect as was the meter, all things considered! Thank you for writing this!

2007.06.11 - 02:10AM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th

That was amazing! You've turned me into a giant mass of melting goo. But don't worry, that's a good thing. A very good thing. Just bloody brilliant, every bit of it!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly. Sorry about the goo.

2007.06.09 - 01:26AM
8: Chapter 8: December 8th

Awesome, and yes it was 100 words, Teaspoon was indeed lying.

Author's Response: Ah, the drabble one. I panicked when I saw the word count.

2007.05.16 - 05:47PM
24: Chapter 24: December 24th


I don't know what to say. This whole series of fics has been an absolute pleasure to read. The smut was fantastic, but it goes beyond's so much more than the smut. It's the love, the friendship, the give and the take. It's the Doctor and Rose.

I love the way you ended it like you began it...with the dancing and the church. A complete circle. And the snow and the Doctor finally giving in and telling Rose he loved her. It was beautiful.

If the rest of your stuff is like this, then I'm going to be one happy gal for the next week or so. *hugs* Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing a story that is six months old now. I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Not everything I write is like this - I think of this one as a pick and mix so some parts people like and some parts they hate.

2007.05.16 - 03:48PM
9: Chapter 9: December 9th

This chapter is The image of the Doctor just taking her back to the dancefloor, kissing her and then proceeding to strip her was just amazing. So amazing that I actually created an account here so I could leave this review.

I'm going to read the rest of this fic, and then I'm going to work my way through the rest of the fics you have here. And then I'm going on to your friend Lillibet's, because she too is an awesome writer.

*runs off to read the rest*

Author's Response: That\'s a very flattering thing to do, thanks so much and I am very touched that you opened an account just because of Advent Calendar. Lilli is great, I agree.