2009.11.06 - 07:03AM
1: Chapter 1: Peace

Oh goodness that was intense. Dramatic and exciting. The Master creates such an evil presence, destroying everything and almost ripping apart the love our two favourite characters share. But it will not be conquered. A brilliant, well written story. I loved it.

2007.09.27 - 10:47PM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

Marvelous story, simply marvelous. You have such a beautiful way with words and I feel lucky that we Nine/Rose shippers out there will always have your stories. The intense emotions you can describe in your fics make them such a fabulous read. Rose or the TARDIS, and our delicious, adorable Nine chose Rose. Ah, glorious happiness. Thanks for another great fic!

2006.12.14 - 09:37AM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

Brilliant, Fantastic ending. I love the whole conundrum the Doctor faces about how much force a situation needs. Beautifully written. This story is so wonderful for me because rather than it just being a Crisis/Resolution/They have sex narrative (not that I don't also enjoy those!), there's a really strong emotional arc you take them through both as individuals and as a unit. Thanks so much, and would it be asking too much to request a sequel where they go and pummel the Master? I'm just violent that way.

Author's Response: Cool. I\'m glad you liked it. I like writing these sort of stories because you can do more with character before you get to the sex. Do you think there\'s a sequel in it? I liked writing his dialogue so maybe.

2006.12.11 - 07:54PM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

So beautifully penned, so wonderfully emotional...so FANTASTIC! :>)

You pegged this one, first time! Congratulate yourself!

Author's Response: Thanks Rainflower. Don\'t need to congratulate myself when you\'ve done it for me. Thanks for reviewing.

2006.12.11 - 07:52PM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

So beautifully penned, so wonderfully emotional...so FANTASTIC! :>)

You pegged this one, first time! Congratulate yourself!

Author's Response: A review so good, you left it twice!

2006.12.11 - 04:58PM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

Now....don't start admonishing me for writing another review. I know what the deal was....but the story is so good....I just can't help myself.

Hands down...the best shower sex I ever read or ever had for that matter!

He had Rose and he didn’t need the TARDIS any more, he could function without it. The unity inside him said that he had no need to travel, no need for constant movement in the search to find himself, he had only to look at her and he knew. And whether they chose to make a life together in one place, or flit on through the stars he would carry that knowledge embedded within him. Her eyes flickered open, full of contentment and he saw the reflection of himself looking back. She had taught him who he was — the man she loved.

And on the serious side...the best paragraph about their relationship...I relish the words. Thanks!

Author's Response: Everbody loves the shower. And you don\'t have to write any more reviews, ever. You\'ve flattered me enough.

2006.12.11 - 11:34AM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

Wow, that was beautifully written smut, absolutely fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

2006.12.11 - 06:36AM
7: Chapter 7: Everything she needed to know

Oh how I've been waiting for this chapter!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

This is the best smut scene I've ever read. You are extremely talented.

Author's Response: Not as talented as you are, sadly.

2006.12.08 - 08:14PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

‘I thought we might understand each other at last, you and I. I wanted to see what kind of a man you’d become. So imagine my surprise to find it wasn’t you controlling the power, but some chit of a girl. A girl you took to your bed. I wanted to see for myself what sort of a prodigy you’d found. Rather neat, don’t you think, take her, force you to declare yourself?’

And you were worried about bringing back the Master? He's more evil here, than he's ever been!

As she left the room she thought that the sound of the Doctor smashing bits off the TARDIS as he finally shut down the projector was one of the saddest things she had ever heard.

Breaks my heart everytime I read this.

This fic has been so good....I really don't want it to end.

Author's Response: Does that count as a free review then, cos it\'s one more than the deal. Thanks loads anyway, and for quoting the bits you liked too. You are truly lovely.

2006.12.08 - 02:28PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

Great exploration of human fragility! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hey Rainflower, I\'m updating the last chapter on Monday. Hope you like the end.

2006.12.08 - 02:12PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

That was just magnificent. I particularly enjoyed the first chapter. Your exploration of the Doctor's emotions and his growing love for Rose was absolutely lovely and very touching.

Author's Response: Hey Darcie, thanks for reading and writing such a great review. I hope you like the end of it, it finishes on Monday.

2006.12.08 - 01:55PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

Yay!! Rose finds her backbone (we all knew it was there!) I like the end line about not needing to be save because she saved herself. I'm glad that you let her have that. Of course, now I'm slavering for the last bit. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

Author's Response: Yeah, she got a bit lost there and then hopefully she found herself again. No prizes for guessing what happens in the last bit.

2006.12.08 - 01:18PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

Going to kill me with Advent Calander and going to make me cry with this, your stories are just too good. Keep up the fantastic work.

Author's Response: Thanks loads and loads. I appreciate you reviewing, honestly.

2006.12.08 - 01:10PM
6: Chapter 6: Rebuilding

The hologram shook its head. ‘Well, I have tasted her, and she is delicious, but really — a human? I would have thought you could do better. And to give up everything you are for her? You disappoint me.’

He's a nasty piece of work that one. Great as ever. (Very excited about tomorrow!)

ps.Need to talk to you Sap! Email, msn whatever... :)

Author's Response: Thanks for writing me a review for a story you\'ve already read, you don\'t need to, but I do like you for it. And I\'ve emailed back.

2006.12.05 - 04:14PM
5: Chapter 5: Rescue

I don't know what would be worse if I were Rose....having the mental image of him with his wife and child (and never being told) or seeing the string of skirts (or loin cloths in Leela's case) that have inhabited the TARDIS for many years and not knowing it was all platonic. This was beautifully written as always!

Author's Response: Thanks. And that counts as your one nice review.