Reviews For Myfanwy

2008.08.09 - 01:01PM
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this is so cute. i'd happily keep her without the bonus! bonkers like gwen... do you think that entitles me to a job?

2006.11.19 - 09:19PM
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I just want to say that I love how there's a pterodactyl bonus. And Jack's so casual about it, like "Of course there's a bonus for feeding the pterodactyl!"

Author's Response: I can\'t see many people being willing to do it without a bonus.

2006.11.19 - 04:39PM
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Hee hee...very very cute! They're all chicken shites except Gwen...very very cute once again. Please continue!

2006.11.19 - 03:11PM
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*chuckling* I liked it! Very amusing. I particularly liked dry humour in the line in chapter one: "Obviously a female who knew her name was an improvement on a male who didnít know her gender." *chortle*

Author's Response: Thanks!

2006.11.19 - 12:48PM
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I was first wary of this story because of the name; I connected it with little britain. But now I love it. Yours ideas are very good. I love the Bonus. I'm not even going to try and spell it's (sorry) HER breed. Please do update. I've noticed it said your completed with this story but i'm not sure whether you plan to continue. xxx

Author's Response: I haven\'t watched Little Britain in ages, so I didn\'t realise the name was a carry over. It just seemed to be tha name most used in Fanon. And whether I\'ll update or not is debatable, because although I have another idea for a similar thing It might be better as a new story.

2006.11.19 - 12:37PM
1: Myfanwy

;) I really loved this fic! Thank you for cheering me up! =)

2006.11.18 - 12:58AM
1: Myfanwy

That was quite cute. And I imagine that pterodactyls would see human females as reasurringly similar, if not the same. Good story.

2006.11.17 - 05:29PM
1: Myfanwy

That was very smart and sweet. She's right too, a little traning and knowing a name matters. Thanks for writing that!

2006.11.17 - 03:41PM
1: Myfanwy

lol it's funny. i'm really surprised you wrote something all ages, all i can think of is out of a bottle! My God, smut galore!

Author's Response: I do occasionally drag my mind out of the gutter you know, it\'s just not often. Glad you enjoyed it.

2006.11.17 - 01:30PM
1: Myfanwy

I have a deep love for this story, and I am favoriting it. This is great!

2006.11.17 - 01:20PM
1: Myfanwy

I love that! It's such a unique idea! I adore it! ^.^

2006.11.17 - 12:27PM
1: Myfanwy

Lol, had me laughing. Love it!