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Willdew2007.11.27 - 07:04PM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
Beautiful and melancholy. Poor man.

schildkroet2007.07.06 - 05:54PM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
I can't describe how hopelessly in love I am with this story. Though I haven't actually read it that often, because I know it by heart. Every single word.

Baffledking2007.02.06 - 11:31PM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
This was gorgeous. The first section about language absolutely floored me.

warinbabylon2006.11.17 - 11:36AM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
I love this short. Quite succinct and to the point and the language used paints a powerful picture. Excellent!

LilacFree2006.11.17 - 10:49AM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
This was well written, but I like the concept almost better than the actual story. That Gallifrey should have special words for time is as natural an idea as Eskimos having special words for snow.

wildcard2006.11.17 - 10:26AM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
Very nicely done. Liked it and hope youwrite more .

scieppan2006.11.17 - 09:57AM1: The Language of ForeverAnonymous
Created an account just so I could log in and say: brava. Beautifully done.

rutsky2006.11.17 - 09:36AM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
I'm always so pleased when I see new work from you. This is truly lovely. I liked the fourth paragraph, the way in which you paced the sentences.

This sentence caught me as well: "He knows of death then, but doesn't learn it well enough." Right there, you present one of the many essences of the Doctor!

It takes different strengths to write short and long; you have both!

Membio2006.11.17 - 09:09AM1: The Language of ForeverSigned
I like this vignette a lot. Language does say a lot about a culture or race in this case. Very nice introspection.

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