2010.04.18 - 11:11AM
6: Chapter 6: The End of the Experiment

Great story but I don't quite get the pun....can you explain it?

Author's Response: Ture sounds like two-Ure, the second Ure; but that only makes sense if you know English. The Reflections _should_ be the only people who know English, so if anyone gets the pun, they\'re in trouble!

2006.12.11 - 11:00PM
16: Epilogue

*sigh* All done. I enjoyed this very much as I've enjoyed all your work.

Author's Response: Thank you! Let me rest up for a bit, then I will see which of my many plot-bunnies is ready to hop up to the plate for the next story.

2006.12.10 - 09:15PM
16: Epilogue

I was really hoping we would get back to see how these two were doing. I met them as Nick and Nora and fell in love with their silly and loving ways. You have to respect an alien that can make Jack H. blush and feel unclean (that was another story of course)-- but I am glad they thought of the consequences of their actions~ and I may well have to go read the next story. But not tonight. Thank you for a wonderful read from front to back.

Author's Response: You\'re welcome! But a word of caution: Tragan alias Nick is an extremely sadistic character in Dr. Who canon, and the first story I wrote about him, \"A Pair of Dice\", reflects this. You may want to start with \"A Roll of the Dice\", in which he is starting to be a reformed character.

2006.12.10 - 11:02AM
15: Chapter 14: Liaison

Wow! How powerful! Forever.
That was an amazingly complex, intricate and well written story. No fluff, but some good humour at times. I know there is one more closing chapter... I don't want this to end! But I will read on :)

Author's Response: Thanks for all the encouragement!

2006.12.09 - 12:22AM
14: Chapter 13: The Unnamed

Cool, I wanted to see how the Security Liaison got into place. Very nice to see thought put into the culture of Skaro. I love to see little details like gender issues explored.

Author's Response: Considering how in the original \'Genesis of the Daleks\' we never see _any_ female Kaleds, any gender issues I go into are virgin territory.

2006.12.08 - 03:57PM
14: Chapter 13: The Unnamed

Yow good for her~ making four men unfit for duty! Poor pathetic fellows not even sure what to do with such a prize~ very sad for their entire race really. I'm all caught up! More, More? Please!

Author's Response: Misinformed boys with guns - that sums up most of the Kaled military. We should feel sad for them. Perhaps the Red Hexagon can find a way to cheer them up!

2006.12.08 - 02:35PM
13: Chapter 12: Future Shock

The bit about the topless pillow fight? Hilarious of them to think of, smart reasons not to do it. They do think of everything donít they?

Author's Response: Security would probably come stumbling in to stare wide-eyed, wondering why this fighting made them feel so...so...so funny.

2006.12.08 - 02:33PM
12: Chapter 11: Reporting for Duty

More and MORE lies! How grand indeed! Now they lie to Supreme Commander Mummy-head~ they are playing the government against him and vice versa. Oh he would just be livid if he had a clue. They are so smart!

Author's Response: Davros brings out the best in them, I think.

2006.12.07 - 03:03PM
11: Chapter 10: The Debutantes

I love it ! How sneaky smart of them! Save some lives then make a lie no one will question. You have woven a wonderful and intricate story of immense detail. I am still playing catch up!

Author's Response: Enjoy as my favourite liars spin some whoppers!

2006.12.05 - 05:34PM
10: Chapter 9: There's No Place Like Home

A very deep examination of the Kaled world and the Dome structure.
I really like what you did with Torc. Very breif but amazingly vivid. It hit home with me.

Author's Response: Every Kaled who dies is a terrible loss to the Reflectionists. Hif, Torc, all of them: they should not be forgotten. I worked very hard on that passage.

2006.12.05 - 11:36AM
9: Chapter 8: Dissection

Somehow I missed many updates- I am giddy with all the chapters ahead of me.

Author's Response: Then giddyup and get reading!

2006.12.05 - 11:23AM
8: Chapter 7.1: Recreation {GSS}

These poor love starved creatures. Imagine Daleks must be insane from lack of affection and touch.

Author's Response: It sounds like I hit exactly the note I intended, then.

2006.12.02 - 01:02AM
9: Chapter 8: Dissection

I do so look forward to updates of this story. Every chapter has been a gem.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope to complete this gem-laden crown (Crown?) in good time.

2006.12.02 - 12:52AM
8: Chapter 7.1: Recreation {GSS}

I find myself more tempted to try and write Nyder/Davros. I'm not even much for slash, really, but they have a fascinating dynamic.

Author's Response: Have you checked out the new audio series \'I, Davros\' from Big Finish? In what I personally consider a bit of revisionism, they say that Davros and Nyder had met before Davros was crippled. Of course under the present circumstances, any exchange of stimulation between them would have to be - indirect.

Author's Response: Response to my response - I was wrong. Davros and Nyder in \'I, Davros\' do not meet until _after_ his wounding. My bad.

2006.11.29 - 02:46PM
7: Chapter 7: Escape!

Nice that she could go at her own will that way. Hope her sister is doing well... I think... Now how does this whole thing relate to the rest of the universe? I think by showing the Daleks the stars she doomed us all...

Author's Response: Remember, she did not tell the Daleks \"All this will be yours\"; she told them \"All this will be a part of you.\" Creation or destruction, what will those dear Daleks choose?