2009.12.31 - 07:37PM
14: Epilogue: The Last Time Lady

I know I've already written a review, but I just re-read PG and I'm begging you, Please put up the next one. Please!

2009.07.10 - 01:55PM
14: Epilogue: The Last Time Lady

YAY! Great fic! Update soon please Can't wait for the next fic! Brilliant job with Iris anyway!

2008.08.25 - 01:03AM
14: Epilogue: The Last Time Lady

That was awesome! My only experiance of Iris is from the book 'the scarlet empress' and the audio 'excelis dawns' but I have to say I love her! You did a good job of everyone I think, and the story was interesting and twisty and awesome too! I can't wait for the third part of this, hopefully with an explanation for who the man in charge of the thugs from the first story was. Although I wouldn't be suprized if I'm supossed to already know, and I'm just being stupid..... Anyway, keep on writing!

2008.03.11 - 01:39AM
14: Epilogue: The Last Time Lady

Just curious... any progress on part 3? I should be one to talk... my updating series record is bad, bad, bad.


Asking does no harm right?

2007.07.21 - 05:03PM
4: Chapter 2: Whispers from the Past

Iriiiiis! Love Iris Wildthyme. Must hear more of her. Quite sad, this part - you got my hopes up for a second.
Only discovered this the other day, very glad to see there's a second part to the series :o) Will give a more coherent review at some later point once I've read more and when I'm not half-asleep :o)

Author's Response: I look forward to more reviews! lol. But this story gets better after this chapter, trust me. I hate sad endings.

2007.05.11 - 12:33AM
14: Epilogue: The Last Time Lady

But the weirdness and brain scrambling is the best part!

“And for once, there wasn’t one of your homicidal handbags involved.”

She cracked a grin at that, and giggled. “Yeah.”

He grinned. “It seemed like every time I ran into you, some evil cult was after your handbag.”

I need to know what book or audio that's from so I can listen/read it. It sounds very awesome.

I love the comparisons between Ten and Seven (they are getting more and more alike aren't they? I've got a pet theory that Ten's Scottish accent will eventually over-ride the Cockney one and the show will come up with some strange excuse for it. Like pigment dispersal, except that's for eyes...)

And the part at the end where Iris was talking about repopulating the species and Jack added his own two cents to the conversation was just lol lol lol. And it's good to know that the old bus survived after all. There's something incredibly morose about fics that kill off TARDISes, characters okay, but not TARDISes, they're just special somehow. Anyway, I'm totally psyched for the next installment and more brain-twisty goodness.

Author's Response: Trust me, every single incident in which the Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme, it always seems like the root of the troubles is one of her handbags. Read the book Verdigris, or listen to the audio adventure Excelis Dawns; those are my two favorites. And that end was surprisingly difficult to word properly, lol. I\'m not the best flirtatious!Jack writer in the world. I\'m extremely pleased you enjoyed this fic. I shall try to live up to it and make the next even better.

2007.05.10 - 12:09AM
13: Chapter 11: Volcano Day

Did Iris hypnotize the Doctor at the beginning of chapter ten? That gains definite lol points. The fall of Arcadia conversation was just as amazing as you made it out to be in the summary, guess I should thank your beta for that *waves at Emery* thank you. That daisiest daisy bit in the eleven was a great Three ref. (little Three fanatic over here bouncing up and down with joy). And gosh if the action isn't stepping up a notch. I nearly cried when Iris had to leave her bus, and again when it seemed like she was gone. And all of these pieces of the Key to Time. This is so exciting. One more chapter left *shivers*

Author's Response: Iris? Hypnotise? Doctor? When? *rereads, in case she put something in she forgot about*

2007.05.08 - 03:01AM
11: Chapter 9: In Which Plans Are Made

I dunno what makes my brain melt more: the continued awesomeness of this story or the strangeness of Emery's reviews. Just what *IS* she doing to the Doctor??

Author's Response: Well I suppose I did ask for it when I gave her leeway to be insane as she liked. XD

2007.05.07 - 11:47PM
7: Chapter 5: Bubble Burst

Doctor: *stumbling around all dismembered and odd* you know, it's at times like this that a deux ex machina becomes well-nigh irresistible.

Random Plot Device: Talk in a Scottish accent, and I will free you!

Doctor: *shrugs* Okay. Yon wee lassie, wilt y' not untie me before I bash ye over the head wit' me claymore?

Random Plot Device: *melts into a puddle of squee*

Doctor: Hello? Aren't you going to fix me now? Please?

2007.05.07 - 11:44PM
6: Chapter 4: Backlash

*freakish ball of very convenient lightning strikes the Doctor's corpse*

Doctor: Oww, my head . . . hey, who stuck my legs to my chest! And why can't I see properly?

All three girls: Life! Give me creation life! Whah, ha, ha!

*the Doctor keels over and dies again. There is a very long silence*

Emery: Doctor?

Emma: *pokes with stick* you know, this Doctor isn't much fun anymore.

Emery: I'm bo-ored again.

Emma: Wanna go freak out the Master?

Emery: Awesome! Bagsie me first!

Doctor: X_X

2007.05.07 - 11:40PM
5: Chapter 3: The Orion Mission

Emma: So, how do you reckon we should stick him back together?

Emery: *surveying the various bits and pieces that used to be the Doctor* Umm . . .band-aids and glue?

Ace: Works for me!

Emma: You know, you're really not supposed to be here.

Ace: You wanna argue with a can of hairspray that registers 9 on the Richter scale?

Emery: Good point. So, what's the long pointy bit?

Emma: *giggles*

Emery: I think it's his middle finger.

Emma: I hope so.

Ace: Wouldn't it be fun if we put one eye on the back of his head?

Emery: Oh, very shiny!

Emma: And give him a dog's head! Or stick his legs to the middle of his chest!

Emery: That'll teach me to let her watch ER late at night . . .


Ace: Well, it's alien all right.

Emma: Good thing they gave us all these extra parts.

Emery: Yeah. Who'd have thought the guy had three lungs and one heart? *chucks away surplus pieces of the Doctor*


Emma: You know, I think something's wrong.

Emery: Yeah, the Doctor's usually more talkative.

Ace: And he hasn't rolled a single 'R' since we fixed him.

Emma: Oh, that was just your Doctor. Ours is Cockney.

Ace: Oh, okay then. My mistake.

Emery: Do you think there might be something wrong?

*long silence*

All: Naah.

Author's Response: You are more frightening then Torchwood, and Jack just staple-gunned an alien tapeworm to a desk and proclaimed his doing so in a highly gleeful tone.

2007.05.06 - 06:59PM
10: Chapter 8: Meeting Miss Wildthyme

Oh, It's not the story that's confusing; it's the temporal paradoxes - they always make my head hurt. Now what are Jack and Martha up too? Can't wait for the update, and you're welcome for the fluffy love lol.

Author's Response: Ahh, then you\'d better find a bottle of asprin. X3 I adore using temporal and predestined paradoxes - this entire series is interwoven into one big Predestined Paradox. And you\'ll soon find out!

2007.05.05 - 07:08PM
9: Chapter 7: Enter The Matrix, Neo

Shame on people for not reviewing then 'cause this stuff is brillant. It's got all those cool fabric of the universe is warped sureal twists and awesome time monsters that... not sure where I was going with that, but this is good stuff, though slightly confusing.

Author's Response: Hey, anything you get confused on, you let me know. I would be HAPPY to explain it to you...unless it\'s a part of the current or upcoming plot, otherwise I\'d be giving the game away. X3 Thank you so much for the fluffy love.

2007.05.04 - 11:46PM
9: Chapter 7: Enter The Matrix, Neo

Jack heaved a sigh, leaving through the pages of an original hardcover copy of some 21st century novel. He wasn’t quite sure how vampires on another planet in a branch dimension related to the 1930’s Chicago scene

Which book is that? I've GOT to read it! Or is it just something you made up?

Author's Response: It\'s Blood Harvest! X3 Absolutely BRILLIANT Seven/Ace wonderfulness, with Benny and Romana to boot, and the Doc gets to play gangster. It\'s awesome. Full of alien!Doctorness.

2007.05.02 - 04:30AM
5: Chapter 3: The Orion Mission



Erm, let me try that again.

Bit speechless. Just whipped through Glitz and Glamour and up to, well, this chapter, but now I'm about to be kicked off the library computer. Grrr.

It's all fantastic. Really. And when the Doctor said it was the Key to Time at the end of G&G I shivered. And your alt!Martha is so much better than the real one (well, what I've seen of the real one, which doesn't include last week's episode, grrrr) But really, fantastic! You've got a way of weaving plots, and your descriptions are so creative. Everything is so easy to visualize. It's not like reading. It's like a movie (or a cheap but wonderful and witty TV show) that just plays while my brain slithers out an ear and applauds.

Then there's this Iris person. Never heard of her, and she was confusing me. So. Wiki to the rescue! Which was even more confusing and led me to… her official fan website! Which was more confusing and slightly scary. So, erm, she's like a cross between the Doctor and Miss Frizzle with a few drunken orgies thrown in? Interesting… she makes my brain hurt. Very good.

Anyway, it's all fantastic (might've said that already, but just so you know) and will be watching for updates (and you had better have lots of them!)

Author's Response: A cross between The Doctor and Miss Frizzle with drunken orgies...Very intriguing combination there. I like it. It\'s a very good description for Iris. XD If you want to really get a feel for her, listen to the audio Excelis Dawns, or read the book Verdigris. She\'s awesome, really. If you like the weaving on the last plot and this one, you\'re gonna flip for what I do with the following stories. X3 I update daily, and there are 12 chapters in total not including the epilogue, so you\'ve got time to catch up! ^^ Also, I LOVE YOU. You\'re my only reviewer apart from Emery, and she was my beta.