Reviews For Period Blues

2010.02.08 - 01:59PM
1: Period Blues

i loved it i was in tears at the end it was ssoooo sweet, please keep writting its really good.

2009.01.16 - 10:18PM
1: Period Blues

Love Jack; Owen can be such a prat. Amy Wolf- I think it's onnly a natural reaction for Gwen to cry, because her hormones are running high, Owen's being a jerk, and she's just plain embarrassed at forgetting.=D

2008.02.27 - 06:56PM
1: Period Blues

Love jack owen such a prat.

2007.02.05 - 12:32PM
1: Period Blues

Cute, fave-ing this now! xxxx

2006.12.10 - 09:04AM
1: Period Blues

I like it.
Domestic, yet effective (:

2006.12.09 - 08:32PM
1: Period Blues

What an original idea! And what girl hasn't been there at some time!
Well written.

2006.12.02 - 12:49PM
1: Period Blues

Well, I didn't think it was that implausable - the Torchwood team aren't exactly your average office, and it was a pretty cutting remark from Owen that would make you feel pretty embarrassed and ashamed. Plus her emotions would be all strange round then.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

2006.11.22 - 08:41AM
1: Period Blues

I love that story!!! is there going to be anymore? i would love for Jack to snuggle me when i am feeling blue!!! I love it!!!! please carry on!!!

Author's Response: I wasn\'t planning on doing a second part but you might have inspired me to write one.

2006.11.20 - 08:32AM
1: Period Blues

What a lovely story, i know if i were to have an acident like that, i would want the sexy Jack to be there for me and give me some snuggles......oh yeah lol

2006.11.18 - 12:55AM
1: Period Blues

To be honest, I found it a bit implausible. Gwen's an adult woman, and a professional. Not saying she wouldn't bleed through her clothes, especially if she was working that hard, but she wouldn't burst out crying in the middle of the office over one joke. It's just not done in the workplace. Neither is slapping your colleagues, which would get you in bigger trouble than making obnoxious and tactless jokes. Adult women generally tie a jacket around their waist and go home.

Just my opinion. Sorry.

2006.11.13 - 12:26PM
1: Period Blues

Aww...lovely h/c- sometimes only fluff will do - saving this for my next "Surfin' the crimson tide" time!

2006.11.12 - 10:27PM
1: Period Blues

*sighs* that was sweet and I love Tosh's reaction with Owen. Will there be more? Please tell me there will be more!