Reviews For Scrapings

2006.11.14 - 11:10PM
1: Scrapings

Well, you just managed to redeem what I thought was the weakest episode by FAR. This is now canon to me. Thank you for that. Beautifully done and probably a lot better than the episode itself deserved.

Author's Response: Wow, high praise indeed! Thank you! The thing I found most frustrating about \"Cyberwoman\" was that it had so much *potential* to be good, if only Chibnall let go of the two-by-four and learned some subtlety. It\'s that perfect combination of potential and failure to live up which drove me to write. I\'m glad you think I\'ve succeeded at my goal.

2006.11.09 - 11:18PM
1: Scrapings

Totally unexpected and great! Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad I could shed new light on the situation.

2006.11.09 - 04:52PM
1: Scrapings

Wow. Simply. wow.

Since "Cyberwoman" ended I've been waiting at the edge of my seat for someone to write a fic like this. (Had resolved if no one did by today to write one herself, actually!) BUt I wasn't exspecting half as touching a one than this achieved.

Wonderful writing, great character portrayal. Nice little humor bits at the end. Truly lovely.

And, I was looking at your author responces- ten extra points for saying "Magical Sparklies." Gold star for yoooou!

Author's Response: *g* Thanks!

2006.11.09 - 02:30PM
1: Scrapings

That was brilliant! Really helped to end that episode!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2006.11.09 - 11:46AM
1: Scrapings

I'd say mouth-to-mouth rescusitation, not CPR - CPR is actually heart massage ;) Jack wasn't doing any of that. I think, though, that the kiss was a little ambiguous, and deliberately so. It's not at all clear what state Ianto was in when Jack kissed him. Though I do hope that Jack's not going to turn out to have some sort of mystical 'raise you from the dead' powers... :(

Author's Response: Yes, that. Lily needs to a) watch what she types, and b) check her sources. Thanks! As for the rescusitation, I kind of figured it was more of a \'raise from the dead\' in a first season of Buffy sense (if you\'ve seen that). Besides, Jack didn\'t glow, and life and death powers come with magical sparklies. *g*

2006.11.09 - 11:36AM
1: Scrapings

This was great and very well written. Like your take on what happened next after Lisa's death. I love Torchwood but get frustrated as it moves along at such a speed adn with no audio descriptions I rely on stories like yours to help me out. Thanks. So did Jack really snog him? I didn't know that but got the jist of the Gwen and Owen snogging LOL.

Author's Response: Well, the \'snog\' was actually CPR, but it was filmed parallel to the Gwen/Owen kissage. I\'ll take what I can get, but I really do hope for more. Glad to have provided both help and enjoyment!

2006.11.09 - 11:27AM
1: Scrapings

Oh, I like this. I really wanted to know what happened between Lisa's final death and Ianto reporting for work as normal. Why did Jack even keep him on, for one thing? One minute Jack's threatening to shoot him for disobeying orders and betraying the team; the next, he's accepting him back pretty much as normal routine.

Really liked this 'what if', showing that Jack still does have something of a heart.

Author's Response: I think what happened was Jack not liking what he saw of *himself* in that episode. Yes, Ianto betrayed the team, but Jack\'s intense reaction was personal rather than professional. Think about it - the last trusted co-worker to point a gun at Jack didn\'t just point. She fired. So Jack lost it. I get the impression he gets himself under control really quickly after that. So Ianto\'s still on professional probation, but the personal\'s been forgiven, if that makes any sense. And yes. I believe Jack\'s heart is in the right place. There\'s a world of difference between \'nice\' and \'good\' after all. Glad you liked!